Friday 21 October 2011

What is Avenue 57?

Avenue 57 - What to wear? Look good, feel good

When you don’t have your girlfriends close by you can rely on Avenue 57 to help you choose what to wear, tell you that you look good or help find items in shops that you need.

Here at Avenue 57, women of all styles, ages and sizes post photos of what they wear, whether it’s every day or for a special occasion. If you love showing off your style, have lost your way or need help finding a particular outfit for an occasion, you’ll find like-minded, and like sized, women right here.

Avenue 57 was launched in 2012 and is a free online community site for real women in real clothes –it might be high street or high end designer, we love seeing your photos and outfit ideas.

How can Avenue 57 help you?

You may have the knack of looking good every day and by posting your outfits, you can inspire others how to dress according to similar body shape and size.

You may need inspiration from others on how to wear new trends, mix and match old favourites in your wardrobe or you might need a total overhaul in what you are wearing every day. If you’re stuck in a certain look and want help getting out of your comfort zone then come and join the crowd that are helping each other every day.
  • Upload your photo – ask for comments or simply to show off what you are wearing
  • Ask for help and advice on what to wear – either daily or for a special occasion
  • Share your latest loves with others
  • Ask where items are online or in store – if you can’t get to the shops then let the women on the site help you locate an item
Avenue 57 is a FREE service for anyone who is interested in style and is looking for inspiration on what to wear according to occasion, style or body shape. We all admire those around us who look good, who are able to add a little bag or scarf to really make an outfit, we so often want to ask ‘where did you get your dress’ but nearly always don’t. Avenue 57 will bring you what your online friends are wearing.

A note from the site creator – Fiona Blake

I want women everywhere to start taking small steps to think about what they are wearing and to feel great because of the way they are dressing.

As women we come in all shapes and sizes (which can change a LOT!) and yet we all have one thing in common – we have to buy clothes to wear on a daily basis! It’s great when we see someone who shares the same body shape in a really good dress, stylish coat or fab shoes. We don’t often have the confidence to ask where they got their outfit from so Avenue 57 is bringing you that information on a daily basis. Registered users can upload their photos and tag their image with the brands they are wearing. The can share the brands that help cater for certain problem areas – ie wide feet, slim calves, big boobs, broad shoulders – there are so many body variations that it’s great when we do ‘meet’ someone just like us.

I believe that dressing well can make you feel great – when we look good we feel good. Everyone around you sees it also and comments, which further make us, feel great!

Try it today – upload a photo and invite the audience to tell you how good you look!