Wednesday 28 August 2013

How to wear tartan

I heard that tartan was back and I was immediately thinking NO NO NO NO NO - I had images of women all over the world dressed like this
But then I did notice a very nice pic of Victoria Beckham wearing a tartan mini skirt and my faith was restored - tartan can look good if worn/styled correctly.

Source: Daily Mail

The photo of VB is uncanny (to me) because in 1993/94 I had a red tartan mini kilt that I used to wear with black heels and a slouchy jumper - just call me a fashionista why don't you ?!

How to wear tartan? My one piece of advice is "do not over do it"! I would treat tartan as I do animal print - LESS IS MORE. So pick one statement item of tartan and the rest is plain/normal.

I am kicking myself that I got rid of the little red skirt I had 20 years but here is a little collection of things that have cuaght my eye in the high street today.

ASOS Tartan Dress £22

New Look £17.99 

ASOS Skater Skirt in Tartan Check £16

Own The Runway Tartan Dress £14.99

I would wear all of these with simple light round or v-neck jumper, tights or tanned legs and shoe boots as VB has done here - I love the look so much - I think I might be the last navy skirt, it's gorgeous!

What do you think? Will you embrace the tartan trend? How will you wear it?


Monday 26 August 2013

Katie Holmes - ankle socks and shoes


I really couldn't just look at this and not write about it. It's not right - on any level (according to me). I would LOVE to see if you have pulled off the ankle sock/shoe look with style - please email me if you have -

Source: Daily Mail

EDIT - one day later - she was wearing this whilst filming, this is not her usual style - phew!

I have had an amazing weekend! On Friday my family (husband and 2 boys) left at lunch to go and see family in Torquay. I decided that I really couldn't be bothered to work so I just literally lay on the sofa watching crap TV - I NEVER WATCH TV let alone crap TV! I thoroughly enjoyed, Home & Away, Neighbours and The Millionaire Matchmaker - seriously - all 3 were CRAP EPIC.

On Saturday I went to see my friends from my University years - I love seeing them so much. One now lives in Qatar so to have her back was just amazing. 5 girls in a barn, no children, no men and 10 bottles of fizz. We all met 1pm and had drunk ourselves sober by 7pm!

Top - H&M (old)
Skirt- New Look £9 (current sale)
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins £20 Sale

Got home Sunday to more time alone as family didn't arrive back for a few more hours (watched Come Dine With Me - that is seriously crap!) and enjoyed a cool beer on my own.

Jumper - one from my shop that has sold out now
Jeans - Sainsbury's
Shoes - Converse (old)

Monday, what a fab day! Just one of those perfect days. I was relaxed because I hadn't seen them all w/end. Husband was relaxed because I was back on hand to help out if needed. Children were relaxed because we were relaxed and everything was on their terms. Golfing range, lunch, park, good food and happy times!

So, what is your guilty pleasure on the box? Please tell me someone remembers Toady from Neightbours (he's still in it!) and Irene from Home & Away (she's still in it!!)


Thursday 22 August 2013

RAG & BONE Harrow leather biker boots

I want some - I just saw Cindy Crawford in a pair and now I want some. BUT. How do I even begin to afford over £300 on A SINGLE PAIR OF BOOTS? I know this post is pretty similar to my last post about expensive boots I cannot afford, but these ones are different.

Source: Daily Mail
Boots: Rag & Bone Harrow Leather Biker Boots

My top 3 cheaper alternatives to the Rag & Bone Harrow Boots are:
Ok quick additional boot - check these out! OH MY GOD I NEED THESE!





Ok, so that's 1 curve ball couldn't help but add it in because it was so gorgeous (the River Island black one) and here's another that I just found that I want (and nothing like the R&B one I know but I still love them!)


I've been wearing some really rubbish outfits lately - I am blaming the children. I am SO OVER these school holidays I cannot tell you - roll on September 4th when they both go back!  All outfits (and lots of other women post too) can be found on my website Avenue 57


Tuesday 20 August 2013

What to wear to a wedding in October

I am so excited to be invited to a friends wedding in October - wahoo!!!  I thought all my days of attending weddings were over (we've not been to one for years now). I love a good wedding. Not only because you get to celebrate with the couple who are getting married, or the fact that you think back to your own wedding day and look dreamily into your husbands eyes and you both remember your own wedding day (ok, so perhaps that just us smug marrieds that do that) but most importantly YOU GET TO BUY A NEW OUTFIT! Even if you bring out an old dress you already own, you KNOW you will be buying something new on some level for part of the outfit.

Wedding invites stress me out too because I don't want to turn up in a Phase Eight or Coast dress as I know at least one other person will! I very often go to our local John Lewis because it has lots of concessions within the one store and I like that - one shop but lots of little shops :-)

When I mention the next brand please hang on in there with me ok. Jacques Vert. I know I know I know you are all laughing and trust me I was at first but seriously, they don't just do fuddy duddy skirts for 70 year olds, they actually do some stunning tailored dresses that are going to be perfect for my wedding in October.

What do you think?
Outfit 1:
Jacques Vert Embroidered Dress, Blue
Jacques Vert Satin Clutch, Iris
Dune Aviator Suede Pointed Toe Court Shoes

Outfit 2
Jacques Vert Petal Dress, Navy
Dune Aviator Suede Pointed Toe Court Shoes

Off to check more outfits for my October wedding invite! Have you got any weddings to go to this year? Do you get as excited as I do when it comes to planning YOUR outift?


This is a sponsored post. All the choices of the outfits are my own and I do genuinely love them and they are contenders for my October wedding outfit.

Wednesday 14 August 2013

Cheaper Alternative - Ash and Isabel Marant boots

I love boots, I have every style, shape, colour and size going. I also never pay a lot because I have so many! Last year I got into ankle boots, I'd only ever warn them previously when I was 13.

I totally loved both the Ash and Isabel Marant ones last year and they have them both back around again for A/W 13 - I do not love the price and my budget would never stretch either.

Isabel Marant Dicker suede boots - £340

Ash Jalouse Suede Ankle Boot - £149

So, being a total magpie and bargain hunter I have found some cheaper alternatives that suit my budget. I know they are not going to be a patch on the above but this is what suits my budget and ever changing taste in boots!

Peacocks - £25

Deichmann - £19.99

Oasis via ASOS - £69

Tesco - £15

Next - £65

And here I am in my Deichmann ones today! Can't wait to wear them with my boyfriend jeans.

Do you have the real ones or fake ones like me?


Tuesday 13 August 2013

The staple sweatshirt

My biggest surprise new love for 2013 is the sweatshirt! It started when H&M did one of their crazy sale items for £2. Yes, £2 is all this jumper cost me! I could kick myself that I didn't buy it in every colour they had going at the time.

I was in TK Maxx last week and at the front of the store was this beauty for £12 - it's a stunning colour with diamonte shoulders!! It's not available online but I have seen it in 2 TK Maxx stores locally.

And so, I am now on the hunt for more sweaters like this because they are so easy to wear all year round. Grey is the next colour I'm going to buy. Here is my round up of grey sweaters to buy from the high street.

Starting with on of my favourite stores on the high street - Matalan

Jumper on the left: Matalan Lace Detail - £12
Jumper on the right: Matalan Spots - £12

Jumper on the right: New Look Grey Sweatshirt - £12.99

Jumper on the right: Topshop (navy) £18
Jumper on the left: Topshop (grey) £18

And since I was on the Topshop website (which I never normally do, and since someone showed me this last night on Twitter) I couldn't resist adding in these - HOW GORGEOUS?

Do you wear sweatshirts? I didn't until this year and now I'm a convert!


Friday 9 August 2013

Jackets for A/W 13 - The Parka

Yesterday I focused on The Biker Jacket, today I'm all over the Parka. I have THE MOST AMAZING one ever from River Island, I bought it 2 years ago and I love it so much. It's khaki in colour because to me that is what colour a parka should be. However, I have eye spied a few navy and black ones that I am liking. I also see a trend for waxed parkas - on paper sounds vile and weird and trying to copy Barbour but the truth is the River Island one looks amazing - I've given it my heart of appoval badge!

My top picks are

Parka 1: Warehouse Faux Fur Hooded Parka (via ASOS) - £85
Parka 2: Next - £75
Parka 3: Dorothy Perkins - £55

Parka 4: Marks and Spencer - £89
Parka 5: River Island - £70
Parka 6: Tesco - £35

Parka 7: Matalan - £45
Parka 8: New Look - £49.99
Parka 9: Oasis - £69

Tomorrow I'll do a denim jacket round up - I am LOVING researching winter coats. I think I have every type already but there is always room for more .. yes?

What coat style is your signature style, or, like me, you have too many to name just one?


Thursday 8 August 2013

Jackets for A/W 13 - The Biker Jacket

The biker jacket is back in for A/W 13 which is good news for me because I missed it in 2012. I have always admired a friend who has one and when she wears it I want to rip it off her! I don't have the budget for a real leather one and not sure I want to buy real leather either. The good news is that high street is FULL of faux and real leather biker jackets and they come in a whole host of colours and prices.  I think I shall take the plunge this Autumn and buy one (if it's as versatile as my trusty denim jacket then it will get LOTS of wear).

My favourite picks are below

Do you have a biker jacket?  Should I buy the Dorothy Perkins black one or the Mango Tan (do not say both even though my heart is saying I should!)

Anyone for tennis? Why does this outfit remind me of a US Mom about to pretend to play tennis at the tennis club?

PS - Since saying I am beat/done in/exhausted I seem to have found my blogging mojo - sometimes all it takes is to admit defeat and before you know it you're back on form!

Wednesday 7 August 2013

It's all about shoes

I have a few pairs of shoes (cough cough) that when I wear them I get so many lovely compliments. They are 99.9% always from TK Maxx and nearly always years old. Don't you hate it when someone says not only 'TK Maxx' but also 'years old'!

So if I were in the market of buying nice shoes today from TK Maxx, here's what I'd choose and DAMN RESEARCH because now I want them all .. but I am awaiting 4 pairs from Deichmann tomorrow - if they are as cheap in looks as they are in price I will return and head to the Maxx!

I appreciate that some people love shoes/spend money on shoes - I do not. I wear anything/any material/any price (but not expensive - unless a bargain via TK Maxx!!

Just whilst I have your attention .. this is not a sponsored post, I have received nothing for this and yet my gushing love for the brand would make you think that. Sometimes, just sometimes you fall in love, head over heels and I did that with them a few years ago.

Pic 6: SPM - Grey Leather Ankle Boots - £29.99 (ok so not a heel but I couldn't resist!)

Here's what I wore today, in some old TK Maxx shoes, which was the inspiration behind this post today!

What are your favourite pair of shoes? Where from? How much? Do you wear them?


Tuesday 6 August 2013

If you see it can you tell me ...

My blogging mojo that is! I am absolutely done in with multi tasking. I do so much that something has to give. As you may or may not know I don't blog full time (who does?). Here is a list of what I do regularly/daily:

Work 15 hrs a week in an office selling software services for a web company
Work 1 hr per day managing some small European company software sales 
Manage Avenue 57
Run a little shop online
Manage the A57 Facebook Fan Page
I'm a wife (husband out 14 hrs of the day)
I'm a mother to 2 boys (who are on a 9 week summer holiday)
I tweet
I pin
I create
I don't have a cleaner
I don't have a gardener
I don't have anyone iron my clothes

So after that woe is me list here's what I also do regularly/daily:

Drink - well who wouldn't after all that above?!!
Party - never one to act her age (photos are coming of my karaoke episode on Saturday)
Have fun - life is given to us just the once, enjoy it
Treasure what I have, not what I don't have (oh god that is such horse shit, I can't believe I wrote it! I want a bigger garden, I want a sports car, I want a holiday, I want to buy everything I see).

Right, let's get this back on track - here's what I've been wearing over the past week (fortunately I left the Wonder Woman pants off whilst going about my daily chores!)

Top - Sainsbury's
Jeans - Sainsbury's
Necklace - Avenue 57 (still available)
Boots - Peacocks (still available) 

Top - Mint Velvet (still available)
Skirt - Matalan (still available)
Necklace - Zara
Shoes - TK Maxx
Bag - H&M

Jumper - Avenue 57 (white sold out, other colours available)
Jeans - Sainsbury's
Shoes - TK Maxx
Shades - TK Maxx (required, SEVERLY HUNG OVER)

Outfit on the right
Top - Avenue 57 (still available)
Skirt - H&M
Flip Flops - Next (still available)

Outfit on the left
Dress - Avenue 57 (still available)
Necklace - Avenue 57 (1 left)

Have fun and sorry for the self indulgent rant! Feel free to reply with what you do, it's actually really therapeutic!