Friday 9 August 2013

Jackets for A/W 13 - The Parka

Yesterday I focused on The Biker Jacket, today I'm all over the Parka. I have THE MOST AMAZING one ever from River Island, I bought it 2 years ago and I love it so much. It's khaki in colour because to me that is what colour a parka should be. However, I have eye spied a few navy and black ones that I am liking. I also see a trend for waxed parkas - on paper sounds vile and weird and trying to copy Barbour but the truth is the River Island one looks amazing - I've given it my heart of appoval badge!

My top picks are

Parka 1: Warehouse Faux Fur Hooded Parka (via ASOS) - £85
Parka 2: Next - £75
Parka 3: Dorothy Perkins - £55

Parka 4: Marks and Spencer - £89
Parka 5: River Island - £70
Parka 6: Tesco - £35

Parka 7: Matalan - £45
Parka 8: New Look - £49.99
Parka 9: Oasis - £69

Tomorrow I'll do a denim jacket round up - I am LOVING researching winter coats. I think I have every type already but there is always room for more .. yes?

What coat style is your signature style, or, like me, you have too many to name just one?



  1. After handbags and shoes, my hubby says coats are the next obsession! You don't need to go to the changing room to try them on - how lazy, oops! In need of a new parka, holding out a little while longer though x

  2. I own parka three and I adoree it. Love your blog. New follower here x

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