Wednesday 28 May 2014

Meeting with a funky agency

Last night I went to bed at 10pm as I always do, started to read and then switched off my Kindle at 11.00. I wanted to sleep, I needed to sleep, I have the busiest Wednesday ahead of me and sleep would (and will)make or break me today.

Here's my list of things to do today:
Get ready and dressed for a job interview
Get the kids ready for school/breakfast/break up fighting
School run, leave house at 8am
Job Interview at 9am
Start work at 10am until 3pm
School run number 1 for Oliver who finishes at 3.45pm
Lady coming to the shop at 4.15pm
School run number 2 for Alex who finishes today at 5.50pm
Tea for children and I might remember to eat myself
Pack up shop to take out later
Babysitter arrives at 6.45pm
Clothes party in local area from 7pm through 10pm

Even by my standards that's a bloody busy day! So with all that on my mind you can imagine my frustration at STILL BEING AWAKE AT SODDING 2.30am - yes you heard me 2.30am! When the alarm woke me at 5.50am you can only imagine how I felt. I looked in the mirror and looked like I'd been on a bender, my eyes were RED!

Anyway, onward and upward, I got the job! It's working very part time for a Digital Media Agency and I'm looking forward to helping them with their social media on a daily basis.

I had no idea what to wear this morning so went for casual skinny coated jeans with a softer top, boots because it was raining and a gilet because it's cold. Did I pull off the 'I am trying to look young and funky to fit in and I hope you think I'm old enough to do what I know I can do'.

Yesterday I did a show and tell of some new things I've added to the shop in prep for a party later and another one next week.

I need to lie down, it's only 13.03pm, I've forgotten my lunch (lie .. there was no bread at home), I can't be arsed to go out to get some so coffee and water until I get home in a few hours. I know that's naughty but it's kind of the 2:5 diet right?!


Friday 23 May 2014

Pretty Scarves - how many?

How many scarves do you own? I own 24!!!

When do I wear a scarf:
When it's cold to keep my neck warm
When it's hot - I use to protect me (burnt chest anyone?!)
When I'm cool, I wrap around my shoulders to take the chill off in the day/evening

Where to wear a scarf:
Around your neck
Around your waist as a sarong
Around your body as a cover up
Around your head as a headscarf when in a convertible car!!!!

There are so many ways to tie a scarf and I'm still working out how to do a crib sheet of simple diagrams to teach you new ways. We ALL get stuck in a scarf styling rut and I bet we only ever use 1 of 3 ways regularly.

I also sell scarves which makes my addition to the collection too easy. I can't stop stealing them!

Here are some of my favourite ones. Click HERE to buy online. I'm currently offering free delivery so just select 'local pick up' at the checkout.


Here I am in some of my favourite scarves

Go on, count how many scarves you have and tell me you have more than 24 (I actually thought I had a lot more, 24 is sheer amateur stuff)!


Monday 19 May 2014

Still loving TK Maxx

I have written about TK Maxx lots of times in the past. Why? Because I love them! One of my first stores I go to when I'm out and about on the hunt for something new. 80% of my bags and 90% of my sunglasses are bought from them there. Why? Because they are good at what they sell. They offer a huge variety of sunglasses and bags at a fraction of the RRP. I am a total bargain hunter and so this is a shopping match made in heaven.

I often visit their stores as the stock varies so much from what is available online. But shopping online is easy too. I narrow down my search always by size. For my feet that's a size 7 and for my clothes it's a 10. If you don't narrow down your search you'll be forever browsing and potentially disappointed when the shoes/clothes you want are not in your size.

I have spent far too long drooling online today and have picked out my best buys. What do you think?

Tan Leather Tote Bag - £69.99

Orange Leather Tote Bag - £99.99

Black Leather Bag - £69.99

Black Sunglasses - £29.99

Grey Dress - £49.99

Red and White Striped Blazer - £129.99

Sandals - £24.99 (sold in black patent or white leather)

Sandals - £19.99

With free delivery on orders over £50 and free returns in-store what's stopping you?!

Are you a TK Maxx fan?


Sunday 18 May 2014

Olsen - My Review

Olsen got in touch recently and asked if I would like to review an item from their online store. They originated in Germany are growing rapidly in the UK. I can see why too.

The philosophy behind their collection centers around the following 5 key words

  • Self-assured
  • Sexy
  • High-quality
  • Modern
  • Dependable

Tick tick tick on all of the above with the item I chose.

Who is a typical Olsen customer? Well, they could be describing me!

The typical Olsen customer is a woman in the prime of life who is very active. She loves her family, her job and her friends. She loves having fun with fashion, always knows what the latest trends are and wants to dress age-appropriately but in the latest styles, colours and shapes. When she buys clothes she expects good quality and fair prices, clothes that fit well and harmonious colours.

I actually had trouble choosing because there were some AMAZING pieces, I wanted something that would be versatile, dress up/dress down and was totally in keeping with my style. It wasn't long before I came across this navy cardigan. I fell in love because it's a cardigan, it looks like a jacket but it's not - it's a cardigan - and a funky one with the frayed edges.

Let's crack on with some photos of how EASY IT IS to dress it up or dress it down. I also have about 100 other ways I could style it. If you're going to buy a navy cardigan that will last and can be worn with anything then here it is.

The cardigan is available online but I can't find it in the navy I have - only black, white, pink and green.

If you have a smart lunch/wedding then this EASILY fits the bill I think.

What about if you want to wear in a less formal way and with jeans/trousers?

And then the ultimate double denim casual relaxed look (this is my favourite)

Thank you to Olsen for allowing me to review this and adding a classic to my wardrobe.

Oh and you ALL KNOW how much I hate my hair .. it's never played ball in the past 5 years but today, just today it was the best behaved head of hair EVER. So happy :-)


Friday 16 May 2014

Roller coaster week ...

DISCLAIMER: This should really be 10 blog posts split out but I can't do it .. for reasons which become clear if you read I don't have it in me to create 10 blog posts therefore you have it all in one - job done!


Last week I was called into the meeting room by my current boss. I work part time for a web development company. He told me that unfortunately a big job he thought was going to nicely assist the business for 12 months hadn't come about and that there was a big delay on it. Obviously when this happens you look at your over heads. I'm a part time contractor (albeit I've worked with him for 15 years over 3 other businesses) and so I'm the first to be sent on my merry way and I get that. BUT. Urm I need to work and it's a job that pays ok for what I do and it's VERY FLEXIBLE! I can work from home if I want to (I choose to go to the office), if the kids are sick then they're sick, he has children he understands all of this - he's a good boss. So I spent a day looking for a job - a proper grown up full time job where I am employed by a company and I'm not a contractor ................... there were LOTS of really interesting things about  .. IN LONDON .. and I am not going there (have lost my husband to London for 10 years and 14 hrs of the day).

So, I put on Facebook that I was maybe looking for a little part time marketing/social media/business development something to assist me on my way and fill what could be a gap (I have the shop that works for me but it's not going to pay any retirement bills if I lose my other main part time income.

I'm boring myself with the waffle so let's cut to the chase ... I NOW HAVE 7 PART TIME ROLES TO CONSIDER - all of this through a little 'can anyone give me a part time job please'! I am flattered, genuinely flattered and I am thinking about a dozen possible ways to accept them all!

I also need to apologise because this blog is the first thing to go in terms of my priorities and so is Avenue 57. I will post daily of course because I set it up to make myself (and others) get dressed in the morning and I still maintain we need an incentive but I can't do it all - I've said before I have no cleaner, gardener, the husband is out 14 hrs of every day and I now have 7 jobs to consider! I'm doing 4 immediately - I can do that. But I need to work out how to fit in the other 3 ... scratches head!

Tonight, it's Friday, I have my girlfriends over in 2 hrs, I'm one child down and just me (the husband has taken the big child to see family as we have had a minor bereavement in the family). Can I just clarify what that means? My father in law (80) had a girlfriend (92) and she just died after a totally bloody amazing life. So it's a bereavement but it's a minor one (to me). Equally the husband needs to go and support his father. I get that. The small one and I have had tickets booked for the Pet Show in London for ages - we are still going!

Here's what I've been wearing through my roller coaster week - CHECK ME OUT BACK IN HEELS - HOORAH! First time in 2 weeks - YAY!

I also have new stock in the shop but it's only available on Facebook for now. Later I'll be offering buy one get one half price on all new scarves - currently drowning in 100 of the buggers! Get on FB and like my page - I do most of my stuff there before it goes on the main store or sold locally via parties.

Enjoy your weekend and sorry for the out pour of really boring information - I needed to get it down!


Tuesday 13 May 2014

Grey skinny jeans - 6 ways

I've always loved grey skinny jeans. One of my best friends has been wearing them for years and I've always envied her because I could never find any. Last year I was in LA (as one is daaaarrrling) and I found a pair in Marshalls. They were ridiculously cheap - something like $20.

I have worn them a lot over the past 6 months:

Here I am wearing them today!

Here are where you can find grey jeans online today:

Topshop Grey Skinny Jeans £38

River Island Super Skinny Grey Jeans £40

New Look High Rise Stone Wash Grey Skinny Jeans £22.99

Mango Grey Skinny Jeans £39.99

Dorothy Perkins (called Blake!) £24

French Connection via John Lewis £69

I could go on, there are endless places to buy grey skinny jeans.  
Do you own/wear grey jeans?


Friday 9 May 2014

Obsessed with yellow

Prompted by a 'help me choose' post on Avenue 57 this morning from a lovely lady who doesn't know what to wear to an informal wedding I'm reminded of my love for all things yellow!

I've been known to wear a bit of yellow recently but I now want ALL THINGS YELLOW!

Things I would like to buy today if I could

ASOS Yellow Shoes - £32

ASOS Chunky Heel Yellow Shoes - £30

River Island Yellow Swing Dress - £30 (it says lime, I see yellowish)!

River Island Yellow Shorts - £30

Mango Yellow Jacket - £44.99

Clarks Yellow Sandals - £44.99 (again they say lime, I say yellowish)

Boden Yellow Bag - £89.40 (in the sale, was £149)

Marks and Spencer Yellow Top - £22.50 (what a shocking image - looks dirty)!

Do you love yellow? It's a hard colour to wear but I love the feeling it gives me when I wear it :-)