Monday 5 May 2014

A simple cocoon dress

Inspired by VB (again) in a simple black dress and heels walking through JFK I am excited for the summer ahead and wearing this look a lot. Forget the heels (I mean really, does she REALLY walk around the airport in those or do you think she gets a buggy/cart thing? - I suspect the latter).

Here she is in hers looking tip top amazing

Here are my top picks

ASOS - £18 (was £30)

Mango - £34.99

Miss Selfridge - £25 (was £39)

River Island - £45

Gap - £36.99 (was £44.95

What have I been wearing?

Out of my comfort zone in harem pants but I LOVE THEM. The husband HATES them more than I can tell you!

And then I dropped a bottle of wine on my foot (bottle was full and it hurt - A LOT, even today (3 days later) I cannot walk properly or wear shoes well. These ballet pumps were the only pair I could squeeze my foot into and it was only because we were out for lunch that I HAD to put something on. They came off at every opportunity and I walk bare foot to our friends house for dinner that evening - classy.

Hope everyone is having a good bank holiday


picture of said damaged toes - OUCH OUCH OUCH


  1. Still sore Fiona? You need fuglies. That necklace looks fab by the way x

    1. Still so ruddy sore I can't tell you!!!! Fuglies I have but will cut right across the naughty piggies :-(

  2. I love a Cocoon dress they are perfect for my body shape. Oh your poor toe although I did laugh when I read it on FB but it was more the way you said it and the way I visualised you walking dragging your foot! Hope it heals soon. Have a lovely Bank Holiday! xx

  3. Love all of the above dresses! Have you seen the bunions on VBs feet?! Check them out next time you see her in sandals! Lol! I feel so bad for your poor toes! Have you been to have them looked at yet?! Love the blue necklace with the green top! Ax

  4. Ouch! Suggest you drink the wine next time. Great looks, I like the harem pants, love the necklace too.
    Sue x

  5. Ouch that toe looks sore Fiona, hope it feels better soon!
    I love that Mango dress.
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  6. How I would love to dress in this VB look everyday!! I just wish I had the lifestyle....she looks so amazing in that little black number!! Some great pickc....I really love the Mango one!!
    Do hope that toe gets better's making me wince just thinking about it!! xx

  7. Youch ... that looks sore! You poor thing (hope the bottle didn't smash?!) I think the Asos dress looks closest to Mrs B's look. I've also been admiring some lovely cocoon crepe dresses in Mango at the moment.

  8. Heck Fiona was it a magnum you dropped ? Your toes look seriously bruised !!
    It must be a male thing in general with harem pants.
    Love the necklace - thats cool !

  9. Ow Fiona!!! That looks super sore! I love the harems on you - both you and Avril have finally taken the plunge! I've bought the top version of the Mango dress - I love it - I have so many dresses though from Asos I need to wear them before ordering more! The cocoon shift that I bought at Xmas is still going strong and it is super easy to wear xx

  10. Hi there!! You poor thing, I do so hope you're feeling somewhat better ;-( love your harem pants outfit and I'm on the look out for a chic summer lbd maybe with a touch of broderie anglaise. Hope you're having a good weekend xxxx

  11. Oh Fiona, your poor foot. It looks so sore xx
    I love VB's outfit. Maybe you need a trolley cart thing until the foot is better! Xxx

  12. Ouch Again!!! Makes me wince every time I see your' poor tootsies. I like VB in her dress because it isn't too voluminous. I think this Asos one is pretty close. I don't think any man likes harem pants. H xx