Wednesday 27 February 2013

The Day I Met My Virtual Friends

I keep putting this blog post off because I'm embarrassed that I have NO PHOTO'S to show at all - not even one! I'll start at the beginning.

I posted previously about what to wear when you are going to meet some fantastic bloggers in real life. I woke up early on Saturday after a heavy night Friday but felt ok.  I had already decided what to wear in my head so it was just a case of getting ready, checking where I was going and getting a lift to the station.  Mission accomplished.  Train journey whizzed by and before I knew it I was in London.  Mixed messages of where to get off (restaurant website and my seasoned traveller husband saying 2 different things). So, as per usual in the life of Fiona travelling in London, I got lost .. very lost! I was late, very late and I was hot and bothered and flustered when I finally arrived.

OH - MY - GOD .. how freakin weird is it walking into a room full of ladies you know by sight because you follow their blogs but you don't know really .. I can't actually describe it it's that weird.

Within 5 minutes the wine was in hand and away we went through 10 hours, yes that's right 10 hours of non stop chat and laughter.  I wish I could share with you some of the things we discussed but as agreed in unity - what goes on on tour, stays on tour.

I am eternally grateful to Avril for ensuring we were walking in the right direction to catch our train home to Reading together and from there on in (train from Reading to Newbury and then taxi home) I really can't remember that much!  It took me ALL of Sunday to recover and I actually went back to bed at 10am as I couldn't do anything but lie down!

So, back to the lack of photos ... I took 4.  One was very blurred but I had to show willing as everyone else was taking photos of each other and I thought I'd better join in - didn't check what the actual photo was like and then I thought I'd get some later on but it was too dark and again the camera was wobbling (not me, the camera I tell you!).  And then an epic fail on my part as I just deleted them all yesterday for no sane reason and now I'm kicking myself because whilst on the train (this is SOOO bad) there was this really nice looking man and I took his photo!  But I don't even have that to show you - sob.

So if you do want to see what we all wore, what we did and all that jazz then check out these more professional bloggers who have posted lots of nice photos:

School Gate Style 
Poppys Style 
The Flaky Fashionista 
Susie So So
Glam Rosie 
Chocolate, Cookies and Candies 
Style Guile

Oh and what did I wear?  An outfit that is 'very me'.  I added another massive wool scarf and denim jacket on too as it was snowing when I left at 10am


Monday 18 February 2013

What to wear when you meet ..

.. other fashion bloggers? As I am new to all this blogging malarkey it's filling me with slight dread.

I am, however, also very excited to be meeting some great online friends who also happen to be fashion bloggers. I met them all via the internet so that either makes me sound weird or pretty normal if you have met friends this way too.

So, who am I meeting?

School Gate Style     Poppy's Style     Does My Bum Look 40     Susie So So
Style At Every Age     The Flaky Fashionista     Ash Rural Mum Style     GlamRosie 

I always ask myself 'what shall I wear' no matter who I am meeting but because these ladies blog all the time about fashion I am suddenly feeling the pressure a bit.

What I need to remember (and we all have to do this) is that I am me .... I am not her and I'm not that one over there, I'm just me.  If I try and dress like someone I'm not then it will show.  If I feel uncomfortable in clothes then it will show too. And if I feel at all uncomfortable then I will drink too much and make a dick of myself!!!

I will be travelling on the train to London, tube, lunch, drinks, shopping and more drinking and eating - a WHOLE day of all my favourite things - I am very excited.

So, what have been some of my favourite outfits that I could possibly wear? I need to make this decision soon so that I can worry about real things like my actual full day time job!  I also don't want to be delaying my start on Saturday as I stand in front of my wardrobe shouting "I've got nothing to wear"

I think this first one is my favourite out of all the outfits.

The other variety is something around my leather trousers and a blazer with simple grey T and animal print scarf .. but the trousers require heels or shoe boots - both of which are uncomfortable.  I could wear converse for travelling and then put heels on just before I get there?  But will I look like Sue Perkins if I wear this ensemble?

You'd think I have nothing else to fulfill my life the way I obsess at times with 'what shall I wear' - I promise you that with a full time job, a house, 2 children and a husband that works away a lot, I have plenty to do.

So what would YOU wear if you were meeting all the lovely ladies mentioned above?


Wednesday 13 February 2013

Season Fatigue – I have it

Is anyone else just sick to the back teeth of layers, boots and trying to keep warm?  I get like this at the end of each season.  I remember last September sick of my flip flops and ballet shoes, I was craving my winter knee high boots and skinny jeans .. and yet here we are at the (near) end of Winter and I want my ballet pumps please.

Here are some of my favourite winter outfits

And here are some from last summer – I am dreaming of wearing all these again and with Avenue 57 I can look back at all my posts and get instant inspiration again.

Are you in the season fatigue camp with me?


Monday 11 February 2013

Do you like scarves?

I love scarves.  Scarves love me.  I cannot get enough of them. They are the one item I have bought many of in the past 18 months since starting Avenue 57.  To me, they can transform an outfit from drab to fab (I really did just write that didn't I?!!)

So with my love of scarves in mind I have a little competition for you - it's easy, it'll take less than 30 seconds to enter and the prize is a scarf of your choice from Scarf Envy.

I recently received the Card Suits Scarf and I love it - what I am not so good at is tying the scarf in many ways - are you any good at scarf tying?  There is a cute video on Scarf Envy if you need some inspiration.

Right, onto the competition.  It's simple, I can't be bothered with too many rules.

1 - Like or Follow Scarf Envy 
2 - Subscribe to the newsletter (bottom of home page, left hand side)
3 - Post a link to your favourite scarf from Scarf Envy on I Love This on Avenue 57 ( I just posted one!)

Competition is open to everyone and anyone so please remember to share/forward/RT etc.  Only ONE entry per person.  My decision is final as to who the winner is and it will be at random.  Competition ends on Monday 18th February at midnight.

There is also a special discount code if you like what you see and can't wait for the competition to end - exclusively for Avenue 57 ladies - 20% off if you use SCARF57 at the checkout.

Here I am in the cards scarf - I really do need inspiration on how to tie a scarf - if you're able then please do show and tell on Avenue 57!

Oh and here are all my scarves - told you I had a few!

If you have any questions please email me -

Good luck!


Friday 8 February 2013

Gok Wan's Spring 2013 Collection

I'm a MASSIVE fan of Gok Wan. I love his TV personality, the way he makes women feel good about themselves and (some of)  his collections for Sainsbury's. I think his Autumn/Winter 2012 collection was his best to date.

I was VERY excited to take some time off work yesterday to speed shop at my local store - I was limited on time but with my credit card in hand I knew I would be ok to buy, come home and show and tell in the comfort of my home.  It took me 30 minutes to whizz around the store and I spent £235 - not bad!  It wasn't all on Gok's stuff because I'm going to be honest, I didn't like half of it.  I'm sad that there are some really weird pieces he's put into this collection. He has said that he's taken inspiration from the 90s to create this collection and it shows.

I was immediately drawn towards this top when I looked at the lookbook online and for £25 I thought it would be a brilliant day/night piece if styled correctly.  My local store only had the pink version so I bought it anyway to 'see' if the style and size were good.

But I have NO IDEA how to wear it - I tried off the shoulder but it wouldn't sit right, neither would the cowl neck - I tried, I played, I faffed, I pulled one side, I pulled the other but all the time it just didn't look right .. and don't get me started on the near neon pink colour!  The sleeves were really tight too and felt uncomfortable.

 So then I tried on the black dress which I saw straight away and with the drop waist it had a touch of the Victoria Beckham's design to it - instant love. It's simple and elegant in design. So I couldn't wait to try this on - I don't need another black dress but I would make an exception for this. That is, if I could get it on - it's SMALL .. I picked a size 10 and I struggled to get it on ...

When I did get it on and eventually do up the zip I felt it held me in but also I was having to suck in every part of my lumps n bumps to make it look ok - I managed this for 30 seconds, I could not do this for a whole night - so I will go back and try the size 12 as it really is a gorgeous dress.

This style of top is 'not me' - it's a colour I rarely wear and a baggy style that I don't think does justice for my shape. But I thought I would buy and try anyway. I was very disappointed that the heavy zip feature was too heavy for the delicate material and immediately I could see the zip altered the shape of the top - it kind of sunk into my cleavage .. so I then decided perhaps I should leave the zip open .. but I don't think anyone needs to see my cleavage at my age!

So then I went on to the perfect skinny jean - or so the label claims. They come in a lovely dark denim or black. They looked and felt perfect that's for sure so I picked up a 10 long.  As you can see - I can't do them up (yes those are my pants!) and I couldn't even get them over my feet - EPIC FAIL and not at all perfect for me!

So whilst I was there I thought I'd have a little look at the other Sainsbury's things .. I do love a bit of careful supermarket chic and I have bought a lot of items in the past from them.

This is a cream jumper with a lace front to it - I like it for an every day throw it on kind of jumper and it felt nice.  I will not be put off by the fact that ahead of me in the queue was an 80+yr old with a blue rinse also buying it ...... I won't I won't I won't (wonder what she's wearing with hers today?)!  Jumper is £25 so I'm actually going to return this and buy again when they have their 25% off - that's how tight I've become when shopping for clothes in supermarkets!

This sloppy grey marl tshirt/top is gorgeous and for £10 I'm just going to keep it because it's everything I love about a casual top.  Gorgeous colour, shape and £10 - what's not to love?!  I can wear it all year round too so that wins extra brownie points from me.

Now I do love this jumper and I make EVERY apology for the shocking bra shot (I really couldn't be bothered to change bra's - sorry)! But it does highlight the fine knit of the sweater.  It's cream and gold and stretchy - I think it makes my boobs look big so for that reason ONLY I am keeping it!  It was from Gok's last collection and in the sale and a bargain £12!

So from sheer excitement to a bit of disappointment .. this saddens me because I wanted to REALLY love Gok Wan's Spring 2013 collection.  I will go back and try the dress in a bigger size although that in itself is soul destroying - who wants to be buying clothes a dress size up?

Have you been/seen/tried some of the stuff?  What did you think?  Am I alone in being a bit sad and disappointed?


Thursday 7 February 2013

7 Days, 7 Looks - ME!

Wow, doesn't a week fly past these days!  I thought I'd update the blog with my outfits from the past 7 days.  I have totally mixed up my looks I think from casual to smart, to not making an effort to making one ..

Hair cut and coloured tomorrow and about time too - there is nothing I can do with it, it's frizzy, limp and just pathetic really - if wigs were fashionable and ok to wear then I would have lots and wear a different colour and style every day!

Today I am wearing this H&M knitted dress.  Off to check out Gok Wan's new collection so want something I can easily take on and off.  H&M scarf and Peacocks boots

 Was going for the student look below with jeans that are too big for me and a jumper that is too small - fortunately I did nothing but the school run and work from home - phew, think I just about got away with it!
Where's Wally I hear you cry?  I love this Sainsbury's tunic but someone's small child said to them when they wore their's - 'where's wally mummy'?  I've never been able to wear it again without thinking of this but I do love it for ease and comfort

One of my favourite outfits of the week.  Was meeting some old friends and the sun was shining so I got out the white jeans.  I love white/grey and tan.  I felt very happy in this outfit and my hair JUST about played ball that day - super large quiff it was!

Met with my Mum for a day of shopping and lunch (epic fail, only bought on navy striped tunic from M&S).  I love these tan high boots - I've had them stashed at the back of the wardrobe for too long - I've always been so conscious of being VERY tall when wearing them but recently I've learnt to love and embrace my height .. only taken 39 years!

Went to friends for lunch and had to wrap up warm, it was a cold day and I needed baggy top to hide over eating!  I love my TK Maxx cardigan (James Lakeland brand)


Last week was Rock Up In Red and this is what I wore to mark the occasion.  Found the necklace at the back of the cupboard - it will come out again, I love the colours.

I would love to see what you've been wearing, don't forget you can easily post your looks to Avenue 57 every day or just on special occasions!

Right, off to check out Gok's collection!  I'll be back ......


Friday 1 February 2013

7 days, 7 looks - Avenue 57 ladies

Every day women post on Avenue 57 and every day I love seeing what women are wearing around the world.  I am inspired by at least one photo every day.  I know I am not the only one!  It doesn't take much to be inspired or to inspire - everyone should post a pic whenever they can!

Here are some of my favourite looks from the past week.  As my 8 yr old son would say 'epic' or 'awesome'!

Which is your favourite look?  Have you uploaded recently to Avenue 57 - go on, I would love to see you!

My looks over the past few weeks/months can be found under my profile.