Wednesday 25 March 2015

New Look shoes review

Last week I was perusing the New Look sale and then I read Sue's blog and she was raving about some gold sandals. I adore Sue and when she says something is good I know she means it. So off I went to find the sandals she was talking about.

I couldn't order just 1 pair so I ordered 4 - well you would wouldn't' you?

Top right - Espadrilles - £9.99
They promised to be so good with the lovely colour and price but they didn't live up to that. They were too low on the sides and didn't feel secure on my foot at all. You could also see my feet poking up. GOING BACK.

Below you can see the shape of my feet - yuk

So on to the ones Sue raved about - Gold open toe lace sandals - £22.99
I really wanted to love these and they looked good at first ...

But then I started walking and not only were they really flat and making me then walk like a flat footed person from Flatsville but my foot slipped back and hung over the back and almost sliding out at the front. This is not a good look.

I was doubtful about these real leather gold sandals - £24.99 but I love them! They are soft because they are real leather, they felt amazing on my feet and I could walk in them without looking weird. I'm keeping these for sure.

Every online order needs a curve ball item - Neon sandals (wide fit) - £12.99
For this price I think I'm going to keep - my only concern is that my foot seems wider than the wide foot sandal - what do you think?


Did I make the right choices in keeps? Are you a fan of the gold sandal?


Tuesday 24 March 2015

#WIWLT and a video

Such a a lazy blogger! I have ideas coming out of my head all the time but putting fingers to keyboard is a different matter. So much going on right now:
Avenue 57 Shop
Avenue 57 Closed Outfit Sharing Group on Facebook
Avenue 57 Preloved shop (sharing unwanted clothes/bags/shoes etc)
Day job at Performance Web
Rep for Instantly Ageless
Looking after 2 children

Keep the husband happy
Ignoring the house (it takes a lot of guilt to see the dust piling up and to just walk on by)

So what did I wear last week? I actually like these pictorial round ups because it shows what I've worn, the colours and the styles.

Coming up on the blog over the next few weeks:
Review of a Whistle & Wolf dress
Review of a Closet London dress
Review of 4 pairs of shoes from New Look
Review of hair extensions (I'm having some put in in April)
Review of Instantly Ageless
Showing off shop stock

Here's me being stupid (as I am) with the boys in some trousers (that were faulty) from the shop. Do you think I will make it as a vlogger?

Do you wear lots of colour? Do you think I'll be the next Zoella with my style of vlogging?


Friday 13 March 2015

Denim shirt dress and WIWTW

I was inspired by Sue over at Best Friend Style when she posted this week her in a denim shirt dress. How cool does she look?

I now want one. I don't want a denim dress, I have one already, I want a denim shirt dress.

Here's a round up of where to buy online today:

Oasis - £45

New Look - £19.99 (saw similar on someone last summer with tan gladiator sandals - swoon)

River Island - £40 (love the heavier denim)

New Look TALL range - £24.99 (perfect for me - I've ordered) comes in petite

Oasis via ASOS - £36

I'll report back on the New Look one next week.

In the meantime, taking home made acronyms to a new level (thank you Sue) - WIWTW (what I wore this week):


Thursday 12 March 2015

You are what you eat

EDITED: Didn't know where I was going with this post and it's not fashion related at all but it's my blog so I can choose what to write about! It's not even really interesting to read but it's helped me get it all down!

You are what you eat ...

There is so much truth in this! I seriously mean it. With medical conditions aside you truly are the shape you are due to what you put down your throat and no excuses are going to make that any different. You're kidding yourself if you think it's anything else.

I have always been stick thin, painfully so at school and during my early 20's. I looked unwell and weighed  around 8 stone (I'm 5ft 9). I couldn't gain weight at all and used to (at Uni) eat and eat and eat and eat and eat and not gain a single pound. Don't hate me, being super thin is as bad for your self esteem as being super fat. I also used to go 'clubbing' for hours on end a couple of nights a week so while I wasn't doing traditional exercise, I was at least moving and working out in the way I loved.

Tuesday 10 March 2015

Marks and Spencer Sale

It seems more and more high street stores are having more and more sales. I'm not complaining! Marks & Spencer currently have up to 50% off. I've spied a few great items. In fact, M&S right now are totally back to what they once were - great on trend fashion at affordable prices. Have they have a change in management on the fashion side of things?

Here are some other wonderful ladies from Avenue 57 wearing their favourite M&S bits.

Natalie looks amazing in her faux leather skirt from Sainsbury's but M&S have one very similar here. Currently only £26 (down from £45).

Monday 9 March 2015

Flares - epic fail

Michelle (from My Fashionable 40s) and Helen (from Fashion 40ish) look amazing in their flares.


Tuesday 3 March 2015

Instantly longer hair

SQUEAL! I have long hair! It happened in a nano second this morning after I'd received my Halo Hair Extensions hair piece in the post.

I have hated my hair for the past 5+ years. It's never been right since I overly bleached it blonde to please the husband (who still goes on to this day about how much he loved it lighter). I've had it cut, I've badly home dyed it and I've grown older. I've always thought it would be so nice if wigs and hair pieces were 'in' and now they are - hoo-bloody-rah!

There is a really good video on the website of how to make the halo hair piece work and it really couldn't be easier - seriously SO easy.

First you put it on like a halo and then you pick your hair out and lay over the invisible plastic halo wire. It's not uncomfortable at all but .............. I need to work on how to secure it properly as it did feel as if I'd just put it on and it didn't feel tight or secure - a gust of wind would expose my the hair piece. But I was short of time this morning and haven't yet mastered the art - I will!

It comes beautifully wrapped with a comb, clip, shampoo and conditioner to care for it.

Here she is lying flat

I was worried about the colour match but I didn't need to. The ladies at Halo are amazing. You send them a picture of you/your hair and they totally know what colour to choose for you (and what length). I got sent a 12" hair piece in dark brown - the match was PERFECT.

So what do I look like?