Tuesday 10 November 2015

Gorgeous wrap bracelets

Christmas is coming up and I have the perfect gift for you, your friends/family members.

I sell these fabulous wrap bracelets. They have a press stud fastening and are easy to put on, comfortable to wear and look amazing on ANY wrist I've seen them on.

They are only £10, they come with a free gift pouch and I'm offering free UK delivery as standard on all my orders.

Seriously, you won't regret purchasing one as a gift for you or for someone else!

CLICK HERE to buy now!

It's a wrap folks! Perfect gifts and stocking fillers.


Monday 9 November 2015

A brand we're loving right now - Fat Face

Avenue 57 grows strong on Facebook and we are all very much in love with a high street staple - Fat Face.

(Contact me if you want 'in'. It's a secret group so you won't find us by searching. This is because this summer we were plagued by some trolls. Can you believe that they were all females, mostly mothers too! It's unbelievable what makes these people tick. Anyway, we are 900+ women posting daily looks, getting inspiration and asking questions about health/beauty/clothes etc. My email is fiona@avenue57.com) 

My husband and children wear a lot of Fat Face stuff. I've never really looked if I'm honest. We go in, we go to the back where the mens section is, we pick up, we buy, we walk out. That's the entire experience of a man shopping.

I was thrilled to be sent these amazing jeans and hoody by Fat Face so I can now join in with the family favourite brand! I'm not alone either .. check out myself and other woman who love Fat Face