Tuesday 30 September 2014


I am currently sat in my day job office drying out. The husband and I went to Barcelona on Friday. We arrived at 9.30pm and were in our first bar for 10pm! I need to tell you something that this (now) 41 yr old needs to take note of ... MIXING YOUR DRINKS ON AN EMPTY STOMACH IS NOT BIG AND IT'S NOT CLEVER.

Here is a pictorial round up of what went on. We're already looking forward to next year when we will return.

The start, pub lunch near airport

Tiny bit of culture

What I wore (well some of what I wore as I didn't take photos of everything .. bad blogger)

The booze and the handsome most amazing barman in the world #fact

The out takes

Have you been to Barcelona? I absolutely love it and is one of my favourite places in the world.


Tuesday 23 September 2014

Tartan scarf

Need, want, lust and desire - I have to have one. Ever since I bought my Topshop checked shirt last week I've been in love with all things tartan (or checked).

F&F (Tesco) - £15

Nice in this colour too - £15

ASOS Oversized Grey Tartan Scarf - £18

ASOS Oversized Checked Scarf - £18

ASOS Checked Scarf - £16 (this is my favourite)

What I'm wearing today - keeping it VERY simple (and dare I say it a bit mumsy)? I'm off out tonight for pre-birthday drinks so I'll try and make more of an effort then!

Are you going to embrace the tartan/check scarf/blanket trend?


Monday 22 September 2014

What I bought this weekend

The family headed to our local town this Saturday for coffee and afterwards I went to Mint Velvet to spend the rest of my birthday gift card given to me by my girlfriends.

I bought this bad boy

I also bought another pair of their leggings because at £15 they are brilliant value for money and they are amazing! I'll hopefully get to wear one day this week.

I then went to TK Maxx and tried on some hats. I really want one for the drizzly days to protect my hair from the wet but I am not sure they suit. Husband said I'd never wear one so a waste of money. I quite fancy one but I suspect he's right!

I am actually KICKING myself hard that I didn't buy these furry animal print slipper shoes. My size, gorgeous style and only £39.99. What are the chances they're still there today if I nip back?

Or shall I order these tan brogues - at only £39.99 that's what I call a bargain.

Also, what do you think about these faux fur coats  (can be bought online)? They were SO SOFT and I liked them, they were only £24.99 but when I sent this pic to my friend and she replied saying she was unsure. I was already questioning me in a fur jacket and so her indecision made me put them back on the shelf.

Friday - coffee with friends and a lazy day doing nothing
Saturday - coffee with family and lazy day doing nothing
Sunday - lunch with family and lazy afternoon doing nothing
Monday - ready for work

Should I buy a hat? Should I go back for those furry shoes? Should I buy tan loafers? HELP ME!


Thursday 18 September 2014

Denim dress

I will never tire of loving this dress. Picked up in a charity shop for £8 a few years ago. Weird weather we're having at the moment. It's cold first thing, boiling during the day (not for me though as I work in an air conditioned office) and cold at night.

Legs out, false tan on (I use Cocoa Brown 1 hr instant tan which is AMAZING because it's quick to dry, even colour (if you apply correctly) and the best part is - IT DOESN'T SMELL OF RICH TEA BISCUITS)!

Here is what I wore yesterday. I asked if it was mutton, mmm or meh - I got mmmm from most who replied on my Facebook Page - thank you!

Oooh Dorothy Perkins are selling a 'tall' range denim dress for only £17.60 - it's gorgeous don't you think? If you're not tall then they're selling in standard height size too (also £17.60)

My grey cashmere cardigan was a TK Maxx bargain. £300 down to £80. This isn't a bad one from Mint Velvet at £79.

My boots were CHEAP £10 ones from Deichmann I think or Peacocks. I love these ones from Next - £60

Are you a fan of the dress and ankle boot? Denim shift dress?


Monday 15 September 2014

OOTD round up

Week days go slow, weekends go faster - FACT. I am trying to blog most days but struggling. I sometimes aim to write more at the weekend but that always goes out of the window as we often have a lot going on (socialising). This Saturday we had NOTHING planned and it was a totally lazy day of doing a big bag of nothing. I managed 13 minutes in my new home gym (one day I will show you and you will laugh). 5 mins rowing and 8 mins on the power plates.

Friday night we had dinner here with our good friends. My husband is an amazing cook. I wish I wish I wish I'd taken photos because his skills at presenting amazing food are 'up there' for an amateur. We started with roasted butternut squash soup, then had steak on a bed of polenta with a salsa verde topping, thrice cooked YES THRICE COOKED) chunky chips and spinach. To finish I made a very simple, really easy to make in advance Creme Brulee. A fantastic night was had by all. If you haven't ever played this game then I can't tell you how much fun you will have. If you like totally ridiculous and totally inappropriate games then you have to buy this - Cards Against Humanity (link here). If you do not laugh your arse off at some point whilst playing then contact me. I need to know if you are alive if so because only the dead would not laugh.
I want to prove a big point here about why I always take my own photograph. I felt really nice on Friday night and I wore a top from my shop, new skinny jeans and super high sexy heels - everything was great but the lighting in my bedroom not so good so I asked James to take a photograph. He clicked 3 times and I swear this is the best of the 3

And so here I am back to Sunday and taking my own photo! This top is Primark and was something silly like £8 - I love the breton front and chambray back.

FYI I have new stock in the shop - some of my favourite items are

I always put items on Facebook first, so be sure to hop on over and give my shop page a like!

OH and I've started selling little homeware stuff. Focusing on Christmas things for now!

End of epic long blog post!


Friday 12 September 2014

How to wear chelsea boots

I remember wearing these when I was about 17. I didn't think I would want to wear them again but the more I see them the more I'm going to be a sheep about them.

Firstly, Queen VB rocks in hers

Other gorgeous ladies rock in theirs (source Pinterest)

Where to buy?

ASOS - £40 (comes in tan as well).

Gap - £79.95

Topshop - £55

Clarks - £79.99 (also in tan)

Mango - £69.99

Marks and Spencer - £185 (coughing at price)

Oh and check out this tartan scarf which I love. Inspired by this amazing ensemble via Pinterest. I'll do a style steal on this look very soon - I think she looks amazing.

Are Chelsea Boots for you? I'm thinking they are for me now (discounted this trend earlier on the year so now I am eating my words)!


Thursday 11 September 2014

Daily outfit

It seems I'm stuck in a casual rut. I have an informal meeting at work today that I COULD dress up for but I just don't want to. Maybe it's the weather (it's cold here today) or maybe it's that I prefer casual to smart?

Simply does it with a favourite breton top, skinny jeans, Adidas trainers, scarf and denim jacket.

What's your fall back comfort zone style?


Tuesday 9 September 2014

Trainers and wide leg trousers

I've seen this look a few times on Pinterest and wondered if I could pull it off. What do you think? I have to say I like it but I'm not 100% convinced by it .. I can't work out why.

The key to  making this work is a tighter top half to compensate for the baggy bottom. I wonder if black trousers would look better?

Trainers, I told you I wouldn't be able to take them off once I bought them are so comfy (and stylish, even if I do say so myself).

Where to buy white linen trousers?

Next - £30

Marks & Spencer - £32 (was £99)

Topshop - £45

Don't just to white though (what with it being Autumn already). I've got some black trousers and will see if I can make the look work again in the near future

ASOS - £25

Mango - £49.99

Wide leg trousers and trainers - yes or no for you?


Wallis Style Adviser - update

Back in July I was approached by Wallis to try out their style adviser app (can be used online too). I have to say that after 3 months I continue to be impressed with the weekly email suggesting clothing/accessories to suit my profile (took 3 mins to fill in).

I cannot fault their selection of tops for me - perfect styles and colour for the season ahead - good job Wallis. Now which one to go for?

From last month I chose the jumpsuit to review because I have 2 x 40th birthday parties to go to over the next few weeks and I thought that this one outfit could serve both events.

It feels good, silky smooth on and I was concerned that the open neck would hang incorrectly around my flat chest and expose the nothing space I have there and/or my bra strap wouldn't be covered. Not a problem, the fit is just perfect.

The jumpsuit came up shorter in the leg for me but I'm 5ft 9 without heels so it's going to take a LONG jumpsuit to suit. My only gripe in the design is the loose bottom leg, I'd have loved it to perfection if it were more tapered/jersey bottom that I could have hitched up to make more of harem pant look. Even still, I *think* I can get away with it?

Wallis is a good shop for me, on trend but not overly trendy and clothes built for a proper woman's body with shape.

Like? Love? Loathe?