Friday 29 August 2014

My favourite picks from ...

Esprit. There have been lots of blogger posts recently on the brand Esprit and it's renewed my love for them. Whenever I go to London it's the one store I head to first. I ADORE the way they display their clothes in bright colour combo's and the last time I went in there I had to struggle to just walk away with what I did. Oversized pea green clutch, orange skinny jeans and a pea green jumper (hasten to add I have not and will  not ever wear all items together)!

Here I am sporting my orange jeans (they are so soft and the cut is fantastic)

Here's what is on my wish list for the season ahead (they also offer free delivery so what's not to like about that)? I love their styling online too - oh to be 20 years younger and have long blonde hair .... #dreaming

Slim fit stretch jeans - £39

Metalic effect leggings - £27.95

Black and white stripey top - £25

Black dress - £59

Grey slouchy sweatshirt - £29

Military style jacket - £99

Do you buy from Esprit? Like Esprit? Love Esprit? I'm in the latter camp for sure.


Thursday 28 August 2014

Shall I cut it off?

I have hated my hair for the past 7+ years. I had it cut into a bob way back when and ever since I've hated it. I've over coloured it, I've cut it short to get rid of the dye. I've over coloured it again (because I'm stupid like  that) and I've had frizz and nonsense to battle since. I once had long gorgeous locks (never thick hair because I don't have thick hair, but there has always been lots of it). Not now. Since turning 40 I have realised that I'll never have the hair I want. It won't grow nicely and instead is just a mass of frizz and so for 90% of the time I clip the fringe up and scrape it back to a messy up do at the back with no style.

This is how it seems to look every day and I am sick of it. What's the point of spending time drying it (every other day) if all I do is end up looking like this

It went nice for half a day only around 4 months ago. If I could make it do this every day I'd be keeping it a bit longer but the truth is that within 2 hrs this was frizzy and all tied up because it was bugging me

So ... should I do an "Avril" and cut it off into a neat bob? I have started to use organic hair dye (it's not that great in covering up the grey, but it's kinder for my hair) and only washing and styling every other day. I also use a heat protector when I blow dry and use a hot air stylish brush instead of a hair dryer.

Here is what I'm thinking

My absolute favourite in terms of style and colour has to be this (but then I'm only just a little bit in love with the Minogue they call Dannii).

Shall I or shan't I? I regretted it when I had it done all those years ago but I was young then! I have tried to make a longer style work for me but it just isn't happening.


Wednesday 27 August 2014

Cable knit sweater

I love a good chunky knit sweater and I am in need of a new cream one (the one I have is slightly off grey/white now) and a grey one. I have an amazing one I bought from TK Maxx last winter. In fact, TK Maxx is one of the best places for amazing knitwear. I bought the most gorgeous cashmere cardigan from there a few years ago. The RRP was £300 and I snapped it up for £80. It's beautiful and I adore it!

Here is me in my navy chunky knit jumper

Here's a round up of where to buy online today

Matalan - £16

ASOS - £24

River Island - £30

Mango - £34.99

Topshop - £34

Debenhams - £35

John Lewis - £75

Marks & Spencer - £35

I adore this last one and might just have to pop it in my basket (comes in pink too)

Fan of the chunky knit or not?

There has been a distinct lack of my own outfits because I've been housebound since Saturday due to my little one breaking his arm - sigh.


Tuesday 26 August 2014

All things red

A friend is after a red coat and has asked me to help with the search.

The Emmy's last night had a gaggle of women dressed in red.

Anna Wintour was at the U.S. Open yesterday in red.

Suffice to say, red is 'on trend' for now and the season ahead.

Here are some of the red items I own and how I wear them

Here are some beauty desirable red items I would love to buy. I adore red, it makes me feel more confident, what about you?

New look - £17.99

ASOS - £45

Mango - £19.99

Marks & Spencer - £29.50

Are you a fan of red?


Thursday 21 August 2014

Spending ban is broken

Back at the beginning of the year I had a stupid tax bill to pay so I had to make the money come from somewhere fast. I stopped buying clothes. It was hard at first but then became stupidly easy to continue on with. Since Jan 2014 I have bought:

1 x pink tshirt - £5 from Tesco (bought when I was doing some bread and milk shopping so it doesn't REALLY count)
1 x green top - £15
1 x white jumper - £16
1 x grey shorts - £10
1 x blue shorts - £10
The last 4 items also had £10 off the final bill and I bought with some cash my good old Dad shoved in my hand (this is not my money I spent, therefore the ban wasn't really broken)

This month I have bought (well I say *I*, Avenue 57 business account bought because I'll use them for future blog and styling post - I am laughing at what a genius I am):
1 x Stan Smith Originals (yet to arrive)

But today, this morning, I spent my own real money on some New Balance trainers. I am blaming Joanna from Poppy's Style for the break as she showed off her new purchase and I NEEDED them. The desire to have them was too strong. I bought from J Crew. But ... I ordered from the US site and have had them delivered to my sister in the US because they worked out to be £38 if I did it that way vs £85 if I ordered via the J Crew UK site.

I'm not going to go back to spending money on clothes at the rate I used to because next year I have 2 lots of friends who are celebrating their 40th birthdays abroad and so I need some funds for those mini breaks plus we'll do a family holiday and I am HOPING to get out to California to see my sister in October.

How is everyone else doing with their spending bans? I've seen a few bloggers try (and fail).


Wednesday 20 August 2014

Outfit of the day

Today I had a meeting at 9am with my boss in the local area. We were meeting a potential new client. I always struggle with how to look smart but not stuffy. I was going to wear a dress but three things stopped me:

1: White legs
2: Hairy legs

3: It's freezing

I know I could have put on some tights to help with the three points above but I didn't fancy wearing tights. I actually really hate wearing tights and they make my bum cheeks itch when I sit on my chair in the office.

I have had these trousers for a very long time. I actually think they are 12 or 13 years old from Zara. Zara is good for me because the cut works (low waist and long lines) and I never have an issue with length. I know lots do but I struggle in most other high street stores. I have an inside leg measurement of 34" so bog standard cut jeans and trousers don't work for me sadly.

I adore this shirt from TM Lewin. I didn't know how 'soft' a shirt could feel when normally I feel really stuffy and 'stiff' in them.

Necklace is from my shop but has sold out now. Shoes from Deichmann.

What's your smart outfit for a meeting if you have to have one? This was day job work work so I couldn't get away with my staple jeans/heels/blazer look I'd wear for a more relaxed meeting I might have for Avenue 57.


Tuesday 19 August 2014

Is this a fashion blog?

There was an interesting thread on Mumsnet this afternoon about fashion blogs. I jumped in with my big mouth and then I had to issue an apology!!!! It was mainly a thread where some women were being really bitchy about some fashion bloggers and their style - I mean REALLY catty and uncalled for comments. I issued my apology because I only read the first page of nasty comments and then called them all a bunch of bitches and then realised there were 5 more pages of comments and some of those were actually really nice and complimentary! I always jump in and then think 'shit'!

Anyway, it has me thinking. Is what I do fashion blogging? I guess in a loose term it is. It's a blog and it's about clothes so therefore it must be a fashion blog right? Urm not to me (and this has ONLY just occurred to me) - it's an outfit blog. I don't know anything about fashion, what is trendy, what most designers design, who they are or what's where and how to buy etc.

Thursday 14 August 2014

Flat T Bar Shoes

Apparently my good blogging friend Sue from Susie So So read in the September edition of Red Magazine that T Bar shoes are going to be all the rage for the season ahead. I have ALWAYS loved a T Bar Sandal (heel) but I'm considering a flat pair for the Autumn ahead.

Here is Susie in hers pic via her Instagram account. Apparently from Primark - I kid you not! When I asked Sue if she was ok if I used her image she said in addition to 'yes' "They also do the shoes in black with a pewter trim, cream with a silver trim - perfect for weddings(?) and are £8 from Primark - current season"

Monday 11 August 2014

Simple navy dress

Today it was sunny but I knew it's going to rain. Today it was warm but it was windy.  Today I wore a winter dress, scarf and no tights - it was just one of those topsy turvy contradictory days!

Here I bring you my top 5 navy office wear dresses that are available to buy today.

Wallis - £33.60 (reduced from £42)

Marks and Spencer - £45

Mango - £17.99 (reduced from £44.99)

Y.A.S Choki Dress via ASOS - £42 (reduced from £100)

Dorothy Perkins via House of Fraser - £20 (reduced from £35)

Here I am in my topsy turvy can't make up my mind along with the weather kind of dress

Do you love the ease of a dress and heels?


Sunday 10 August 2014

Coats for Winter 2014 - Pea Coat

I arrived back from my holiday on Thursday and I've been struggling to get back into real life ever since. We spent a week in Majorca with family and TOTALLY and UTTERLY had a brilliant time. We didn't do anything other than lie down and drink Cava! I took a week off from posting on Avenue 57, from blogging and I rarely touched Instagram. I took a week off from caring about getting dressed. There was certainly no need for heels or anything fancy. Each evening I showered, pinned my hair back, put on a hat and a dress/flip flops and went out. I didn't realise how useful a hat could be to cover up!

I've woken today to torrential rain and wind. This is the perfect time for me to be looking for my winter coat. I've wanted a pea coat for a long long time. Here is a summary of what I've found available today.

Super Dry via House of Fraser - £114.99

LK Bennet via John Lewis - was £295, now £110

Lands End - £59.95

ASOS - £55

Here I am in post holiday blues outfits trying to show off my tan before the weather turns:
Left (Friday) Mooching around doing 6 loads of washing
Right (Saturday) Ironing and then shopping with a friend

What coat style are you missing? I'm going to focus on the trench coat next as I don't have one of those.