Friday 28 November 2014

Clothes shopping in Stratford

On Thursday I took the car up to Stratford Upon Avon because I'd been invited by Gemini Fashion to come and try on some party clothes they have in their shop, have my hair & make up done and have some professional photographs taken. Like the keenest kid at the front of the class with 2 hands in the air I was there like a shot (actually that's a lie because the traffic on the A34/M40 was not good in rush hour).

It was my first trip to Stratford and I knew NOTHING about it apart from the obvious Shakespeare historical reference. What an amazing town! Each of the stores (lots of independents) are housed in original 800yrs+ buildings and it absolutely adds to the feel of the market town.

Gemini is a VERY LARGE shop in Stratford. I was amazed at how big it is (3 shops knocked into one huge space). It is home to over 30 fashion brands covering formal and casual wear, accessories for you and for the home.

25% off at F&F at Tesco

Earlier in the week Tesco were offering 25% off (site wide) AND there was another 25% code floating around that you could also use! So all of the below was super cheap. They still have the 25% site wide offer running.

Here's what I bought and the finer detail of did I keep or return?!

Satin swing cami - £10 (I paid £5.25 for each with the double stacking code)
I was dithering over which colour to keep but for £5 each I'll keep them all thank you!

Wednesday 26 November 2014

Wax Coated Skinny Jeans

Over on the Avenue 57 Facebook discussion group we're all in need of some wax coated skinny jeans. They are the perfect piece to take you from day to night, to wear in the day with a simple casual knit and then for the evening with heels and a smarter top.

I bought some in Oasis about 14 months ago and I have to say they are THE BEST item I own. I've worn SO many times and in SO many ways. I am on the hunt for a different colour (mine are black) because I feel so good in them and my husband REALLY likes me in them :-)!

Wednesday 19 November 2014

What to wear

What to wear when you have too many clothes to choose from nothing to wear? A simple t-shirt that tells the world of your #firstworld problem!

Tuesday 18 November 2014

Whistle and Wolf

In January of this year I discovered a new brand - Whistle & Wolf. I was sent a skirt to style and I absolutely loved it. See here for how I wore their amazing floral skirt. I've worn it a few times since too. It's very versatile. So when they got in touch again to ask if I would like to style a dress from their range I jumped at the chance!

It took me forever to choose because there are so many really fab dresses online. I wanted one I could dress up or dress down and this one looked like the perfect one to suit my needs.

Here's how they style it

Friday 14 November 2014

Khaki jeans

I got my first pair from Sainsbury's a few years ago. I'd seen a fantastic pair from Ralph Lauren and with a price tag of over £100 they were never going to be mine. So imagine my delight when I stumbled into Sainsbury's way back then and found these skinny cargo pants - love love love! I have worn them to almost death and now they're on their last legs (faded/worn/go baggy very quickly).

A quick search online brings back a ton of khaki jeans. I LOVE them with tan/grey/navy/any colour and they make a change from the usual skinny jeans.

Topshop - £38 (these are technically green but still, they would look great with tan)!

Jack Wills via ASOS - £49.50 (green again but you get the gist)!

New Look - £22.99

New Look again - £22.99

Oasis via John Lewis - £32

Mango via House of Fraser - £39.99

I'd team with a fluffy cream jumper (perfect one from Miss Selfridge here), denim jacket from Next, tan knee high boots from Dorothy Perkins and a good scarf from my shop!

Fan of the khaki? How do you wear yours? Hop on over to the Avenue 57 group (closed) on Facebook to show off your daily outfits.


Wednesday 12 November 2014

Dorothy Perkins discounts

Dorothy Perkins are one of those online retailers who frequently have offers running. Today they launch their 30% off site wide offer. They are also offering FREE delivery and returns:

 Free standard delivery on orders £30 - enter code STDEL30
 Free express delivery on orders  orders of £50 or more - enter code EXDEL50

I don't normally focus on just retailer but this is a FAB offer.

My top picks are:

Tan LEATHER knee high boots - £59.50

Oversized Tartan Scarf - £10.80

Red Lace Dress - £46.80

Grey Waterfall Coat - £58.50

Checked Shirt - £18

Cream Jumper - £25.20

Stag Jumper - £25.20

Seriously don't know how I am NOT going to buy all of the above. What are your tips and tricks to NOT spend when you WANT to spend but CAN'T spend due to finances?!


Tuesday 11 November 2014

Are you trendy?

I can honestly say, hand on heart, I am not trendy. I don't really follow trends, I just buy what I like. I wear clothes that are 15+ years old and I don't buy that often. I wish I could say I just bought lots of timeless classics that were expensive and built to last but I don't! I shop anywhere and ALWAYS as cheaply as possible. This year has been tragic for me (financially) and my wardrobe has not been filled with many new things.

I don't even think I have a 'style' - as you can see, I wear what I want, it's not 'trendy' or 'fashionable' - it's just what I like to wear! I make an effort for sure but I don't think it's overly funky/trendy/inspirational.

Do you consider yourself 'on trend'? Do you have a 'style' you stick to? Do you make an effort more times than not?


Friday 7 November 2014

Tan knee high boots

This type of boot has been like rocking horse sh** in past few years but we are in luck this year! There are a few around and I cannot tell you how many times I wear mine (only started wearing them in the past few weeks and already you can see I've worn them LOTS)! I have one flat pair and one heeled pair - I love them both equally.

Where can I buy tan knee high boots today (I fancy a pair of over the knee boots):

Next - £85

Next - £48 - BARGAIN

Carvela via John Lewis - £200

J by Jasper Conran via Debenhams - £89.25

Gabor via John Lewis - £135 (LOVE the tan suede)

Dune via Debenhams - £159 My favourite yet (if I had the funds to spend right now)

I am getting desperate that the only tan knee high boots I can find are all flat/low heels .. however .. check out these beauties. Now you could argue they're more brown than tan but I'm just taking the fact I've found a tan (ish) boot with a heel!

 Dune via John Lewis - £149

House of Fraser - £149

Steve Madden via House of Fraser - £135

John Lewis - £159

Do you have tan knee high boots? Where did you get them from?


Thursday 6 November 2014

Poncho loving

Sainsbury's had 25% off clothing in-store last week. I skipped there the other afternoon but couldn't find anything (much)! Don't you HATE it when you are able to buy (financially) and yet you can't find things to buy. I was literally crying that nothing jumped out at me when I hit the back of my local store and here it was .. just waiting for me to pick it up. Hello, welcome and thank you to my new chunky knit poncho! Prepare to see this OFTEN.

Where else to buy a poncho then?

Wallis - £30

The White Company - £88 (was £110)

Next - £25 BARGAIN!

River Island - £35

ASOS - £69.99

Next - £35

Phase Eight (via John Lewis) - £68

Wallis (via House of Fraser) - £30

I'd love to see how you wear your poncho. Hop on over to the (closed) group on Facebook to show hundreds of other women what you wear and how you wear it.