Wednesday 26 November 2014

Wax Coated Skinny Jeans

Over on the Avenue 57 Facebook discussion group we're all in need of some wax coated skinny jeans. They are the perfect piece to take you from day to night, to wear in the day with a simple casual knit and then for the evening with heels and a smarter top.

I bought some in Oasis about 14 months ago and I have to say they are THE BEST item I own. I've worn SO many times and in SO many ways. I am on the hunt for a different colour (mine are black) because I feel so good in them and my husband REALLY likes me in them :-)!

The first time I wore them for my 40th birthday lunch - I felt really good in them.

And then again for a few more nights out ... (seeing my hair long makes me miss it SO much but the reality is it only ever look ok for 2 days a year and for the other 363 days it was crap)

Here is the pair I have and I cannot cannot cannot recommend them highly enough

Oasis - £45 (the best £45 you will EVER spend)!
John Lewis have some (limited sizes) from Oasis at only £36

Here are some more available online (seems to be only black though for under £100).

ASOS - £32 (good waist on them and FAB price)

Mint Velvet via John Lewis - £79 (LOVE the zips)

John Lewis - £59

Mango - £34.99

River Island - £45

Karen Millen via ASOS - £99

Phase Eight - £69 (love these in dark grey)

Fan of the wax coated skinny? Do you own any? Where from?
PLEASE let me know if you find any for under £50 that are not black! I need more in my life.



  1. Update! Warehouse have a pair at £42

  2. I think they are fab, fiona, and I am the same as you. I see old photos, when the hair looks ok, but it is true the reality is so far from the pictures we take. xx

  3. I have burgundy (sadly no longer coated as I chuck them in the dryer and goldy-pewter which I love and will get out before Christmas. God Fiona you look good in yours x

  4. Coated skinnies are such a wardrobe staple!! I bought a pair in Zara a couple of years ago and they are still going strong!! Perfect for a dressier alternative to jeans for occasions where you want to dress up! Xx

  5. They look stunning on you, Fiona! Can't blame your husband for liking you in them (I'd buy a backup pair if I were you ;)). Never ever had anything from Oasis, may give these a go as I'm also on the hunt for the wax coated jeans (and actually do want these in black) so thanks for the heads up! Irina x

  6. I just bought some brown M&S ones which I love. You look stunning in them, Fiona. Lynne xx

  7. They look amazing on you, they do tread a perfect balance between leather trousers and jeans. You have styled them so well xxx

  8. I have a black pair from the Only brand which I love and wear all the time on nights out! You look fab in them Fiona:)

  9. I adore coated jeans but sadly mine got ruined last year so thank you! I shall head straight to Oasis. I also got a gorgeous pair in olive green earlier this year, in your favourite store ... TK Maxx! And let me join the chorus ... you look fab in yours xx