Monday 18 January 2016

Not sure what to do

UPDATE: I have decided to focus on the shop now. Come on over to see all new stock:

I haven't blogged in a while and I don't think I miss it ... why? For me, there are a number of reasons.

I think I am easily satisfied by style/what others wear on Instagram.
Avenue 57 on Facebook (contact me if you want an invite) is popular
I have no spending budget
I'm working now

Instagram has, in my opinion, killed off some blogging traffic. It hasn't killed it off completely though. I haven't blogged (or read any - sorry!) for a long time and I still get traffic. Should I carry on? I have a feeling that I can't add anything more that other established 40+ mummy bloggers do. I have no real style, I just cobble a bunch of outfits together and I don't buy anything really.

Avenue 57 on Facebook is going really well. Such a shame I can't do that full time and make a living out of it but it's a great hobby and I love it. I get from there all that I need. I get to see stylish women dressing every day and I get to ask questions about fashion or style.

I have very little disposable income. Last year was a really tough one financially for me. I was working very part time, the shop was doing ok but not great and I loafed a lot. In November I was 'let go' from my very part time job and I cried, even though I hated it beyond hatred I cried! Then a week later I got another job and I stopped crying. I was very lucky, I know that. I am now working every day 9-3 and I suddenly don't have that much time to loaf, read, post, think. I'm enjoying work and "work" is now in a work box (before "work" was 24x7 for me). I'm still doing the shop too so I'm kind of busy and the family and house have to fit in somehow too! Oh and the husband!!

I'm waffling I know. I don't know what to do with the blog. Let it go naturally and not make a song and dance of it? Post daily outfit video's like the one below?

I've seen a few other bloggers successfully diversify their blog and it's worked for them but I'm not that great at cooking (I cook from scratch most nights but it's just boring stuff), I bloody hate exercise and I'm not doing my house up.

I wouldn't be overly sad if I never blogged again and I do know when something comes to a natural end. I started blogging in October 2011, I can't believe it that was long ago if I'm honest.

What do you think? Give up? Carry on? Do something different? Is there anything more I can add other than what I show off on Instagram and Facebook?

Here's that daily outfit video I was on about. I OBVIOUSLY need to work on quality!