Monday 31 March 2014

40's Fashion for Women

Not 40s' as in this (although that's a mighty fine looking tailored coat)

But fashion as in these lovely ladies who post frequently on the Avenue 57 outfit sharing website.  I am inspired daily by their looks. Not ALL women are 40, some are approaching but I think what the below shows, we are getting more stylish the older we get - HOORAH TO THAT!

Dorset Fashionista


Mrs W

Is That Really From There

Fashion 40ish

Mrs Sludge

When was the last time you popped over to Avenue 57 for a bit of daily inspiration?


Wednesday 26 March 2014

I really want some Adidas trainers but ....

Back in the days of the naughty 90's I sported a pair of Adidas trainers - I LOVED THEM!  I bought them from Debenhams, they were men's and I can't find them now to buy again (urm that's because 15 years have gone by Fiona). They were kind of a bit like the Stan Smith, a bit like the Gazelle and a bit like the Samba - but they weren't any of these! They were white leather with navy blue stripes and I wore them to death for over 10 years!

And now I want some more but I'm not sure I want Stan Smith's or Gazelle's or the Samba. I kind of want one of each and all elements of each of them rolled into one WHICH IS WHAT I HAD WAY BACK THEN!

Inspired originally by Frances over at School Run Style

And then over on Pinterest

Here is my shortlist

Honey Stripe Low Shoe £47 - this is the closest in style to my originals that I can find. I'm REALLY tempted.

Decisions decisions - these or those above?

What trainers do you have? I can't quite get into the proper full on training shoe that looks like I should be at the gym or running like these (which I just love for the colour)


Tuesday 25 March 2014

A simple skirt

I love skirts but not just any kind of skirt! I can't wear pencil skirts, I've tried and failed and each one I have bought in the past has ended up in the charity shop bin.

Here is some inspiration from Pinterest

Here is a collection of how I wear my 2 favourite skirts. Floral one is from Whistle & Wolf and the black one is Matalan.

Here I am today in my favourite New Look one. I was inspired by this look yesterday on Avenue 57.

Other skirts that I am lusting after:

River Island - £25

Topshop - £28

River Island - £25

ASOS - £14

New Look - £14.99

Do you like? Do you own? Show me!


Monday 24 March 2014

So behind the times - Harem Pants

I know harem pants have been around for a long time and I have avoided them like the plague because they are 'not me' but I'm starting to wonder what is 'me' these days. There are days I don't want to wear jeans, I don't want to wear leggings and a dress some days just doesn't cut it for comfort. I want a pair of trousers/pants I can just sling on and somehow make them look like I'm not wearing my pyjama's.

Joanna from Poppy's Style looks GREAT in hers. I know hers is a jump suit and I will be blogging about those next week.

As always, Pinterest is GREAT for inspiration. The women below look amazing and I am truly inspired to dip my toe into this super casual comfortable item of clothing.

River Island - £30

Hush - £45

ASOS - £16

New Look - £14.99

Next - £20

Marks & Spencer - £18

I think the Hush ones are my favourite but not at £45. Will go and try on some more reasonably priced ones in Next.

Here I am today - 

Have a goo weekend and hope you have some exciting plans. We're off out tomorrow night for a grown up night out and sleepover - whoop!


Friday 21 March 2014

Lulu Winter Jewellery - A Review

I was very pleased to be asked last week if I would like to review a piece of jewellery from Lulu Winter. I love bracelets and necklaces (never wear earrings, I have funny holes in my ears). I was like a kid in a sweetie shop but I wanted to review something I knew I would wear again and/or my friends would wear too.

Lulu Winter: a premium online jewellery boutique, dedicated to bringing you the most exciting designer jewellery brands around. It was set up in 2011.

I chose a piece from the Kleshna rangeIt arrived in a cute pocket purse and wrapped in tissue paper. 

My two boys LOVED it and declared it 'beautiful'. I agree, it's very cute.  What I love most is you can twist it around so the coloured hearts match the outfit you are wearing - brilliant!

Kleshna Rainbow Candy Heart Bracelet - £30 - Mouthwatering Candy Hearts bracelet from the Kleshna collection. Features an array of twinkling Swarovski crystal hearts in all the colours of the rainbow, set against glossy rhodium-plated silver beads for contrast and shine. Elasticated fit - one size fits all.

What do you think? It's super comfortable to wear and totally cute. I'm in love with it! It also reminds me of those sweet bracelets I used to have as a child, apart from on this occasion, I'd best not try to eat it!


Thursday 20 March 2014

Spotty Shirts

Inspired by this gorgeous look over on Avenue 57 yesterday ...

... I decided to check out some spotty shirts! I bought one from Tesco recently, loved it but then decided I didn't need it so returned it. I did take a photograph to show and tell but then accidentally deleted it - d'oh! I guess that's a good thing in hindsight because I'm offskie to buy the Matalan one on Friday!

Pinterest Interest

Matalan - £12

Tesco - £16 - black, white or blue

River Island - £35

River Island - £18

New Look - £17.99

Next - £38

ASOS American Apparel Polka Dot Blouse - £56

Wallis - £33

Here I am today, inspired by short denim yesterday I dug my denim mini skirt out. I've never worn with ankle boots before - I think I like! (I have no idea why my photos are so grainy, sorry!)

I'll do some show and telling on Friday with the Matalan and Next one if my local store has them in stock.

I am amazed at how many are on the market - I didn't even search hard for them either!

Do you own a polka dot shirt?


Wednesday 19 March 2014

Denim shorts for a 40 yr old ...

I don't normally question what I wear and how old I am but today I am. Can a 40 year old wear denim cut off shorts?

I LOVE the look of them ...

This is as good as it got last summer with my home made ones but they look just that - HOME MADE! I am not happy!

Here is my pick of the best online buys available today. I'll order some and do a little show and tell with a fingers crossed this show and tell is better than my previous fails!

Next - £20

Matalan - £14

Topshop - £32
River Island - £25

No blog post of mine is ever complete without a mention of my two favourite online stores - Mango and ASOS!

Mango - £24.99

ASOS - £24

Now on to keeping my legs brown and fuzz free, this is the part of Summer I HATE! I also need saggy skin knee lift surgery - I'm sure I can't be the only one who has TERRIBLE knees?!

Will you be wearing denim cut offs soon? Tell me, what do you wear on your feet? In my show and tell I'll try and work trainers, flip flops, heels (YIKES) etc etc