Wednesday, 19 November 2014

What to wear

What to wear when you have too many clothes to choose from nothing to wear? A simple t-shirt that tells the world of your #firstworld problem!

New Look £7.99

Here's how I wear mine, including dreadful photos from the 10 yr old photographer!

Are you fan of the slogan t-shirt? I have never been a fan but I think that just changed!


Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Whistle and Wolf

In January of this year I discovered a new brand - Whistle & Wolf. I was sent a skirt to style and I absolutely loved it. See here for how I wore their amazing floral skirt. I've worn it a few times since too. It's very versatile. So when they got in touch again to ask if I would like to style a dress from their range I jumped at the chance!

It took me forever to choose because there are so many really fab dresses online. I wanted one I could dress up or dress down and this one looked like the perfect one to suit my needs.

Here's how they style it

It has the most fabulous fitted waist and tulip style skirt which is perfect for me as it gives me a waist (I'm straight up and down like a plank in reality)!

Here's how I styled it. I ran out of time and energy but figure there are a ton more ways to dress this up and down.

 And then the photographers ran out of steam so it was back to my comfort zone of taking them myself!

Think this is too heavy for such a pretty dress? Might have been better with black heels. tights and a blazer for the office?

Last but not least, totally dressed down and it's these that I love the most because it's my comfort zone of casual with a smart (dress) twist.

What do you think of the dress? Told you it was versatile!


Friday, 14 November 2014

Khaki jeans

I got my first pair from Sainsbury's a few years ago. I'd seen a fantastic pair from Ralph Lauren and with a price tag of over £100 they were never going to be mine. So imagine my delight when I stumbled into Sainsbury's way back then and found these skinny cargo pants - love love love! I have worn them to almost death and now they're on their last legs (faded/worn/go baggy very quickly).

A quick search online brings back a ton of khaki jeans. I LOVE them with tan/grey/navy/any colour and they make a change from the usual skinny jeans.

Topshop - £38 (these are technically green but still, they would look great with tan)!

Jack Wills via ASOS - £49.50 (green again but you get the gist)!

New Look - £22.99

New Look again - £22.99

Oasis via John Lewis - £32

Mango via House of Fraser - £39.99

I'd team with a fluffy cream jumper (perfect one from Miss Selfridge here), denim jacket from Next, tan knee high boots from Dorothy Perkins and a good scarf from my shop!

Fan of the khaki? How do you wear yours? Hop on over to the Avenue 57 group (closed) on Facebook to show off your daily outfits.


Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Dorothy Perkins discounts

Dorothy Perkins are one of those online retailers who frequently have offers running. Today they launch their 30% off site wide offer. They are also offering FREE delivery and returns:

 Free standard delivery on orders £30 - enter code STDEL30
 Free express delivery on orders  orders of £50 or more - enter code EXDEL50

I don't normally focus on just retailer but this is a FAB offer.

My top picks are:

Tan LEATHER knee high boots - £59.50

Oversized Tartan Scarf - £10.80

Red Lace Dress - £46.80

Grey Waterfall Coat - £58.50

Checked Shirt - £18

Cream Jumper - £25.20

Stag Jumper - £25.20

Seriously don't know how I am NOT going to buy all of the above. What are your tips and tricks to NOT spend when you WANT to spend but CAN'T spend due to finances?!