Tuesday, 30 September 2014


I am currently sat in my day job office drying out. The husband and I went to Barcelona on Friday. We arrived at 9.30pm and were in our first bar for 10pm! I need to tell you something that this (now) 41 yr old needs to take note of ... MIXING YOUR DRINKS ON AN EMPTY STOMACH IS NOT BIG AND IT'S NOT CLEVER.

Here is a pictorial round up of what went on. We're already looking forward to next year when we will return.

The start, pub lunch near airport

Tiny bit of culture

What I wore (well some of what I wore as I didn't take photos of everything .. bad blogger)

The booze and the handsome most amazing barman in the world #fact

The out takes

Have you been to Barcelona? I absolutely love it and is one of my favourite places in the world.


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Tartan scarf

Need, want, lust and desire - I have to have one. Ever since I bought my Topshop checked shirt last week I've been in love with all things tartan (or checked).

F&F (Tesco) - £15

Nice in this colour too - £15

ASOS Oversized Grey Tartan Scarf - £18

ASOS Oversized Checked Scarf - £18

ASOS Checked Scarf - £16 (this is my favourite)

What I'm wearing today - keeping it VERY simple (and dare I say it a bit mumsy)? I'm off out tonight for pre-birthday drinks so I'll try and make more of an effort then!

Are you going to embrace the tartan/check scarf/blanket trend?


Monday, 22 September 2014

What I bought this weekend

The family headed to our local town this Saturday for coffee and afterwards I went to Mint Velvet to spend the rest of my birthday gift card given to me by my girlfriends.

I bought this bad boy

I also bought another pair of their leggings because at £15 they are brilliant value for money and they are amazing! I'll hopefully get to wear one day this week.

I then went to TK Maxx and tried on some hats. I really want one for the drizzly days to protect my hair from the wet but I am not sure they suit. Husband said I'd never wear one so a waste of money. I quite fancy one but I suspect he's right!

I am actually KICKING myself hard that I didn't buy these furry animal print slipper shoes. My size, gorgeous style and only £39.99. What are the chances they're still there today if I nip back?

Or shall I order these tan brogues - at only £39.99 that's what I call a bargain.

Also, what do you think about these faux fur coats  (can be bought online)? They were SO SOFT and I liked them, they were only £24.99 but when I sent this pic to my friend and she replied saying she was unsure. I was already questioning me in a fur jacket and so her indecision made me put them back on the shelf.

Friday - coffee with friends and a lazy day doing nothing
Saturday - coffee with family and lazy day doing nothing
Sunday - lunch with family and lazy afternoon doing nothing
Monday - ready for work

Should I buy a hat? Should I go back for those furry shoes? Should I buy tan loafers? HELP ME!


Thursday, 18 September 2014

Denim dress

I will never tire of loving this dress. Picked up in a charity shop for £8 a few years ago. Weird weather we're having at the moment. It's cold first thing, boiling during the day (not for me though as I work in an air conditioned office) and cold at night.

Legs out, false tan on (I use Cocoa Brown 1 hr instant tan which is AMAZING because it's quick to dry, even colour (if you apply correctly) and the best part is - IT DOESN'T SMELL OF RICH TEA BISCUITS)!

Here is what I wore yesterday. I asked if it was mutton, mmm or meh - I got mmmm from most who replied on my Facebook Page - thank you!

Oooh Dorothy Perkins are selling a 'tall' range denim dress for only £17.60 - it's gorgeous don't you think? If you're not tall then they're selling in standard height size too (also £17.60)

My grey cashmere cardigan was a TK Maxx bargain. £300 down to £80. This isn't a bad one from Mint Velvet at £79.

My boots were CHEAP £10 ones from Deichmann I think or Peacocks. I love these ones from Next - £60

Are you a fan of the dress and ankle boot? Denim shift dress?