Wednesday, 29 October 2014

I would like via House of Fraser ..

It's rare I blog daily, let alone blog TWICE a day but I cannot not show you the BARGAINS to be had via House of Fraser brand event sale.

James Lakeland Sleeveless Pleat Detail Dress - Was £69 - NOW £22.40
I have ordered this!

The Department Pinstripe Jacket - Was £100 - NOW £15
I have ordered this, too good to miss out on!

Yumi Casual Military Coat - Was £75 - NOW £30

Head Over Heels Lexie Skater Style Trainer - Was £35 - NOW £17

True Decadence Heritage Patch Jumper - Was £26 - NOW £12

I can't even spend any longer bringing you the bargains - GET ONLINE and sort by budget and size to narrow down your bargain hunting! I always sort price low to high too!


Fluffy Jumpers

I had this jumper in my shop but no-one wanted it (I didn't give them long TO want it if I'm honest)! So I stole it! I first wore it on a night out with the girls to the pub the other week and then again today I decided that it didn't need to be a 'night out' type of item - it's an everyday one now!

Topshop - £42

River Island - £30

MissGuided - £19.99 (LOVE how they have styled this)

New Look - £22.99 (I'd wear with a long top underneath as this looks cropped)

Topshop - £30 (in the sale)

To fluff or not to fluff? That is the question!


Monday, 27 October 2014

How to wear a kilt

Or not, as I am about to show you!

I wish I'd written this before I got dressed this morning! I have a kilt, I've had it for a while now but I'm TOTALLY out of love with it today. I posted on the Facebook group about what is wrong with it and some said nothing, others said it's the shirt and others said it was the boots.

So I went over to Pinterest to see if I could get some inspiration

I was immediately drawn to this image which is EXACTLY how I can make my look work better

Or so I thought!

INSERT 4 hrs and I'm tired, losing the will to live and have just half heartedly tried a couple of other options. I'm not sold .. in fact, I now HATE THIS SKIRT! I think I'd be better with a brighter and shorter one like the MissGuided ones below.

Photos are all blurred, my hair is a mess and quite frankly this blogger don't give a damn! The skirt is never going to work!

I look like Jimmy Krankie - ie an adult in a school uniform

Whatev .. bra on show, false smile

Trying my hardest to squeeze a smile out when all I wanted to do at this point is stick my tongue out!

If I haven't put you off then where to buy a kilt:

ASOS - £30

Topshop - £40

MissGuided - £17.99

MissGuided - £19.99

Shall I just bin the skirt?! How do you wear skirts like this? Come and show me and the others on Facebook (closed group)


Sunday, 26 October 2014

Dresses for Christmas Day

Do you dress up for Christmas Day? I always used to (think Sunday best) as a child but as the years went on my main focus was comfort over style! In the past few years I've aimed to do both 'dress up' and 'comfort'. I think it also depends on where you spend Christmas Day. I've been at home on our own (major comfort outfit) and we've been to my folks (mix of dressing up and comfort) and this year we're at friends for the big day so I want to make more of an effort than I have in recent years.

There is not a week that goes by that a 25%+ off code/offer lands in my inbox. At the moment it seems to be mainly Wallis and Mango that dominate with offers. My love for Wallis has been renewed recently as I tried out their online style app and I loved it.

Wallis have some of the widest selection of party dresses going. Apart from M&S I can't think of anyone else online that has this kind of selection.

I chose 3 (I could have chosen 53) to see which one will suit me most for the big day and beyond. I have a 50th birthday party to go to in early December and I'm thinking one dress for both events.

Wallis have 25% for today only - be quick (equally wait a week and I'm sure there will be another code)!

Red Party Dress - Was £65.00 Now £48.75
A gorgeous dress but man alive I was sucking in! I did have support underwear on but even still, this is not a comfort dress when you're conscious of your wine belly like I am. I was also unsure of the mesh top half and showing off your bra strap. I had a purple bra on (don't own red) and I don't like that. I don't own a good strapless.

Navy Polo Neck Dress - Was £60.00 Now £45.00
I was drawn to this when I first started looking, It ticked all the boxes. It fits well but I don't think the high neck sits correctly. It kind of shunts down without standing proud and I wanted a proud polo neck! I am totally torn between keeping this and the one below.

Zebra Print Dress - Was £40.00 Now £30.00
I only added this at the last minute but I think it's the winner. The style is nice and loose, I can dress it up or dress is down with boots for everyday (chuck on a chunky knit and biker boots). I love the shoulder detail too.

So ladies, help me decide! Red, navy or zebra?