Monday, 21 July 2014

Where I hide all my clothes

A lot of people ask me if I have a lot of clothes and where on earth do I store them all! So here is a very simple post showing you where my clothes are hiding.

I have:
2 x 3 drawer chest of drawers
1 draw in a chest of drawers
4 x under the bed pull out storage bays
2 double wardrobes (one is doubled up and one is single hanging)
2 x half hanging space in other rooms
1 x cupboard for shoes 
1 x bottom of wardrobe for boots 

Pic of under the bed drawers

Pic of shoes and some chest of drawers (I know the shoes are a mess but that's just how I store them)

Pic of wardrobes. If you look at the first image you will see horrible shirts of husband, so technically I only occupy a QUARTER of this wardrobe!

I don't think that's THAT much do you?

How much do you have?


Sunday, 20 July 2014

Wallis Style Adviser

I am always wary of online style advisers. I wonder how they could possibly know ME and what I like. I have been VERY impressed with Wallis and the online service they offer anyone for FREE. It took a few minutes to register and let them know about me - height, size, shape etc and then they present back to you ideas of what they have that would suit you based upon the information you give them. What's REALLY good is you get a chance to say 'dislike' so here I have some summaries of likes and dislikes:

The great thing is it remembers the kind of things you've said you like or dislike previously.

Each week I get an email from my style adviser to let me know of new items, new outfit ideas they have put together and it's really a very good service.

I was able to chose an item (gifted by Wallis) to try their service out and I thought sandals are a really good one to show and tell versatility. I chose the turquoise ones because they were so pretty. I have worn them lots of times already in the past 10 days.

The great news is, these sandals are now in the sale at just £22.40!

Have you tried the Wallis Style Adviser service out? If you are unsure of what to wear, how to wear it or what might suit you then I cannot encourage you enough to try it out.


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

7 days, 7 looks

I'm having a really busy time of late so blog posts are sporadic to say the least! I'm working 4 days a week now and play days are only Friday-Sun which is good as I have that FRIDAY feeling on a Thursday!

Have been busy buying stock for the shop and some bits have already sold out which is great!

Oh and the trainers went back, they were not fit for purpose (fashion not running) and now my spending ban is continuing way beyond the 9 month target I set myself. The reason being I have 3 breaks to save for next year (friends 40th in Portugal, friends 40th in Barcelona and I want to take Mr Blake and I away for a city break too). So it's all save save save for me. I still have EVERYTHING I need, I don't think there is one single item of clothing or footwear I REALLY need.

Here I am making what I own already work for me!

Going to: work
Top - TK Maxx
Trousers - Mint Velvet
Shoes - Shop in the USA

Going to: London to buy stock for the shop
Top - Avenue shop last year
Jeans - Matalan
Shoes - Jane Shilton 

Going to: work
Dress - AX Paris
Shoes - Converse

Going to: work
Dress - Next (current)
Shoes - Next

Going to: Work
Dress - Oasis via a charity shop years ago
Shoes - Tesco
Necklace - Avenue 57

Going to: pub
Dress - Avenue 57
Shoes - Next

Going to: pub
Vest top - Dorothy Perkins
Trousers - Avenue 57
Shoes - TK Maxx
Necklace - Avenue 57

I've also semi ditched Twitter in favour of Instagram. This platform makes so much more sense as it's all about the visual and to be honest, Twitter confused me!


Thursday, 10 July 2014

Wear to buy culottes

When I first eye spied Victoria cannot look bad in my eyes ever Beckham in her culottes the other month I swooned. She looked amazing.

My impression of the culotte is that it was put into the history books never to be brought out again. The rule of 'wore them the first time' is ever present in my mind with fashion right now.

But they can be worn so very well on the catwalk/model/actress/prof fash blogger

And then on a 'real' woman

Let me bring to you where to buy the culotte on the high street/online today. Looks like culottes (in my opinion) look best with a small heel instead of flat birk style sandals and the top part can be anything. Dress us as Frances has on the left image above or dress down with a jumper as per the Gucci image from Pinterest.

1 - Asos green culottes - £25

2 - Asos coral culottes - NOW £18 (was £35) all sizes still available

3 - Asos grey culottes - £35

1 - Boohoo floral culottes - £25

2 - Boohoo animal print - £20

3 - Boohoo pleated white culottes - £20 (IGNORE THE CROPPED LEATHER TOP)

For a classic navy pair try Whistles navy culottes - £125 (too pricey for me)!

Oh and here I was this morning running around like a blue arsed fly dithering about what to wear. Legs are patchy from crap false tan and hairy because I am a lazy cow. I put the outfit on and felt so mumsy so I simply added a belt and tucked the top in - makes all the difference don't you think?

Culottes are certainly a 'trend' I'm thinking about and by the time I make my decision they will be well and truly old fashioned, I am like that you see!