Thursday, 18 September 2014

Denim dress

I will never tire of loving this dress. Picked up in a charity shop for £8 a few years ago. Weird weather we're having at the moment. It's cold first thing, boiling during the day (not for me though as I work in an air conditioned office) and cold at night.

Legs out, false tan on (I use Cocoa Brown 1 hr instant tan which is AMAZING because it's quick to dry, even colour (if you apply correctly) and the best part is - IT DOESN'T SMELL OF RICH TEA BISCUITS)!

Here is what I wore yesterday. I asked if it was mutton, mmm or meh - I got mmmm from most who replied on my Facebook Page - thank you!

Oooh Dorothy Perkins are selling a 'tall' range denim dress for only £17.60 - it's gorgeous don't you think? If you're not tall then they're selling in standard height size too (also £17.60)

My grey cashmere cardigan was a TK Maxx bargain. £300 down to £80. This isn't a bad one from Mint Velvet at £79.

My boots were CHEAP £10 ones from Deichmann I think or Peacocks. I love these ones from Next - £60

Are you a fan of the dress and ankle boot? Denim shift dress?


Monday, 15 September 2014

OOTD round up

Week days go slow, weekends go faster - FACT. I am trying to blog most days but struggling. I sometimes aim to write more at the weekend but that always goes out of the window as we often have a lot going on (socialising). This Saturday we had NOTHING planned and it was a totally lazy day of doing a big bag of nothing. I managed 13 minutes in my new home gym (one day I will show you and you will laugh). 5 mins rowing and 8 mins on the power plates.

Friday night we had dinner here with our good friends. My husband is an amazing cook. I wish I wish I wish I'd taken photos because his skills at presenting amazing food are 'up there' for an amateur. We started with roasted butternut squash soup, then had steak on a bed of polenta with a salsa verde topping, thrice cooked YES THRICE COOKED) chunky chips and spinach. To finish I made a very simple, really easy to make in advance Creme Brulee. A fantastic night was had by all. If you haven't ever played this game then I can't tell you how much fun you will have. If you like totally ridiculous and totally inappropriate games then you have to buy this - Cards Against Humanity (link here). If you do not laugh your arse off at some point whilst playing then contact me. I need to know if you are alive if so because only the dead would not laugh.
I want to prove a big point here about why I always take my own photograph. I felt really nice on Friday night and I wore a top from my shop, new skinny jeans and super high sexy heels - everything was great but the lighting in my bedroom not so good so I asked James to take a photograph. He clicked 3 times and I swear this is the best of the 3

And so here I am back to Sunday and taking my own photo! This top is Primark and was something silly like £8 - I love the breton front and chambray back.

FYI I have new stock in the shop - some of my favourite items are

I always put items on Facebook first, so be sure to hop on over and give my shop page a like!

OH and I've started selling little homeware stuff. Focusing on Christmas things for now!

End of epic long blog post!


Friday, 12 September 2014

How to wear chelsea boots

I remember wearing these when I was about 17. I didn't think I would want to wear them again but the more I see them the more I'm going to be a sheep about them.

Firstly, Queen VB rocks in hers

Other gorgeous ladies rock in theirs (source Pinterest)

Where to buy?

ASOS - £40 (comes in tan as well).

Gap - £79.95

Topshop - £55

Clarks - £79.99 (also in tan)

Mango - £69.99

Marks and Spencer - £185 (coughing at price)

Oh and check out this tartan scarf which I love. Inspired by this amazing ensemble via Pinterest. I'll do a style steal on this look very soon - I think she looks amazing.

Are Chelsea Boots for you? I'm thinking they are for me now (discounted this trend earlier on the year so now I am eating my words)!


Thursday, 11 September 2014

Daily outfit

It seems I'm stuck in a casual rut. I have an informal meeting at work today that I COULD dress up for but I just don't want to. Maybe it's the weather (it's cold here today) or maybe it's that I prefer casual to smart?

Simply does it with a favourite breton top, skinny jeans, Adidas trainers, scarf and denim jacket.

What's your fall back comfort zone style?