Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Tips on how to pack for a holiday

Tomorrow we're going on holiday - YAY! First hols abroad as a family for a couple of years. This year we're off to Soller (Majorca)with my father in law, sister and brother in law and my 2 nephews. It's the first time we've holidayed with others before and I'm nervous!

I have had to swap my usual wonder bra bikini for a more 'suitable for the older family members' tankini.  I did try on lots of costumes via M&S last week but I don't want a costume, I want a tankini. All of the costumes and 2 tankinis I tried from M&S didn't work out. I have a long body and they were all too small/tight for me - even though I loved the look of the halterneck black one. 

I returned them all last weekend and bought the turquoise one from my local store. It was £20 with a 30% discount - result! The grey one is Elle Sport from Debenhams and was £30 all in in the sale.

Here is what I'm travelling in:
Harem pants - Next (similar here)
Vest Top

Scarf - Hobbs
Denim jacket - TK Maxx
Flip flops - UGG

I've been told it's a casual place and heels not welcome due to small narrow cobbled streets. Here is what I plan on taking and all can be mixed and matched for the 7 days I'm there.

Off to lie down, that was seriously HARD to do but equally good because now I' have photographs to remind me of the outfits! I forgot to photograph the strapless floral sundress for around the pool and my black maxi dress - I'll show you all when I'm wearing them when I get there.

Pack for HALF the amount of time you are going. You can repeat your outfits.

PLAN your outfits and take photographs so you have a reminder of what to mix with what

That's it - that's my only 2 tips!

I'll not be blogging, I'm taking a WHOLE WEEK OFF from the world. Urm perhaps I'll be on Instagram and Facebook though!


Sunday, 27 July 2014

How to wear ...

A simple white shirt.

TM Lewin have been on my radar for a long time. My husband buys all his shirts from them and has done for years. If I worked in an office then I too would buy from them too. When they got in touch to ask me if I wanted to style a white shirt for them I thought it would be good to see how you can wear one without looking office bound.

First up, inspiration from Pinterest

I chose the Fitted White Piqué Shirt £29.95. It was packed and wrapped beautifully and when I tried it on it was like pure silk (it's not, it's 100% cotton). Soft and very easy to slip on.

Here's how I styled the white shirt I received.

See how versatile it is when you put your mind to it? I could have done more with skirts and next time I will. This shirt is my new love to be worn many times again.

Check out how Avril from School Gate Style has worn hers - different shirt but still top quality and so easy to dress down.

Do you wear white shirts? I have always stayed clear due to 'stuffy' look and feel but this shirt was so soft and easy to wear.


Monday, 21 July 2014

Where I hide all my clothes

A lot of people ask me if I have a lot of clothes and where on earth do I store them all! So here is a very simple post showing you where my clothes are hiding.

I have:
2 x 3 drawer chest of drawers
1 draw in a chest of drawers
4 x under the bed pull out storage bays
2 double wardrobes (one is doubled up and one is single hanging)
2 x half hanging space in other rooms
1 x cupboard for shoes 
1 x bottom of wardrobe for boots 

Pic of under the bed drawers

Pic of shoes and some chest of drawers (I know the shoes are a mess but that's just how I store them)

Pic of wardrobes. If you look at the first image you will see horrible shirts of husband, so technically I only occupy a QUARTER of this wardrobe!

I don't think that's THAT much do you?

How much do you have?


Sunday, 20 July 2014

Wallis Style Adviser

I am always wary of online style advisers. I wonder how they could possibly know ME and what I like. I have been VERY impressed with Wallis and the online service they offer anyone for FREE. It took a few minutes to register and let them know about me - height, size, shape etc and then they present back to you ideas of what they have that would suit you based upon the information you give them. What's REALLY good is you get a chance to say 'dislike' so here I have some summaries of likes and dislikes:

The great thing is it remembers the kind of things you've said you like or dislike previously.

Each week I get an email from my style adviser to let me know of new items, new outfit ideas they have put together and it's really a very good service.

I was able to chose an item (gifted by Wallis) to try their service out and I thought sandals are a really good one to show and tell versatility. I chose the turquoise ones because they were so pretty. I have worn them lots of times already in the past 10 days.

The great news is, these sandals are now in the sale at just £22.40!

Have you tried the Wallis Style Adviser service out? If you are unsure of what to wear, how to wear it or what might suit you then I cannot encourage you enough to try it out.