Monday 9 November 2015

A brand we're loving right now - Fat Face

Avenue 57 grows strong on Facebook and we are all very much in love with a high street staple - Fat Face.

(Contact me if you want 'in'. It's a secret group so you won't find us by searching. This is because this summer we were plagued by some trolls. Can you believe that they were all females, mostly mothers too! It's unbelievable what makes these people tick. Anyway, we are 900+ women posting daily looks, getting inspiration and asking questions about health/beauty/clothes etc. My email is 

My husband and children wear a lot of Fat Face stuff. I've never really looked if I'm honest. We go in, we go to the back where the mens section is, we pick up, we buy, we walk out. That's the entire experience of a man shopping.

I was thrilled to be sent these amazing jeans and hoody by Fat Face so I can now join in with the family favourite brand! I'm not alone either .. check out myself and other woman who love Fat Face

Sorry about photos, I got back from LA and I've been floored ever since.

Opal Blue Super Skinny Jeans £45
I am wearing a size 10 (they are true to size). The jeans are really good, they're pricey at £45 but once on you won't want to take them off. They are stretchy and a nice weight of denim - neither too thin or too thick if you know what I mean. The colour is a perfect replacement for the Tommy Hilfiger ones that got ruined this Summer and I couldn't be happier. I wore them twice last week and just saw they're in the ironing pile that I will attempt to tackle later so I can wear again. And again. And again!

Oh and they don't go baggy or wrinkly - proper skinny jeans that fit well, look good and are comfortable.

I also received their best selling Alicia Popover Hoody but I don't have a photo of me in it as it's my new house coat. Would you call me skanky if I told you I've worn it everyday since I received it? It's the softest, comfiest, warmest 'house coat' I own - it's fab. I get in from work and shove it on. Every day I tell you, EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Here are some other ladies wearing Fat Face and looking amazing.

Donna wears the black denim jeans so well saying they don't fade when you wash and they're VERY comfortable (I said the same about mine. Comfy jeans are so hard to find).

Emma looks totally funky in her denim shorts. Worn with opaques and an oversized sweater I LOVE this look.

Sarah with her new Paignton Parka (and back end of her boxer dog!). I love a parka. This one looks great with the adjustable waist to accentuate a figure. It also comes in other colours. See here for details.

Sandra showing off with an amazing back drop. The trousers look like the perfect pair for a summers day.

Donna from I Won't Wear Sludge Brown looking great in her Fat Face clothes.

A quote from another lady on 'the avenue' - "I don't buy it myself as not my style but the kids clothes are fab- just thought I'd share as had no idea til my little girl was bought a gorgeous hoodie"

Fat Face yes or no?



  1. Yes!!!! I love Fat Face!! I particularly like the fact that a lot of their knitwear doesn't contain wool (which makes me itch). You look fab Fiona xxx Liz, xxx

    1. Oh I never think of things like that as I can wear anything. Some of their seasonal jumpers are so cute.

  2. Absolutely love their check shirts which fit so well (and wash well too). You look great Fiona. Love to see you looking skank (lol) x

    1. Trust me you do not want to see skank! Maybe London next year?!!

  3. Fat Face are great for good quality / value pieces. I have some of their clothes that go back quite a few yrs and still look like new! The jeans look fab on you ( as do most clothes!).

    1. You are too kind. I promise you I do not look good in anything!!!!
      I agree that the quality is amazing. The kids clothes have worn SO well. I have high hopes for these jeans!

  4. I used to love Fat Face it was a bit quirky and different, but then it went a bit off and not so different but I may have to re-visit, I loved their jeans though. There's sone great looks here, I love Emmas quirky individual style xx

    1. Jeans are amazing - seriously converted now. It's not a price I would pay usually but I bet I'm still wearing these in 5+ years time!

  5. I do like some Fat Face things though I haven't really liked for a while now, so maybe I should! Lynne xx

  6. Looooove Fat Face! I have so many things on my xmas list from there already! Their boyfriend check shirt in navy looks gorgeous. Jane x