Friday 31 January 2014

Losing your blogging mojo

I KNOW I am not alone at the moment in that 'I've lost my blogging mojo' feeling. I am going to blame the very long very hard wet winter we've had STILL BLOODY HAVING here in the UK. There is NOTHING inspirational about waking up in darkness, feeling cold and then having to get dressed for the day ahead which involves more cold, more grey skies and more wetness. 

So how do I give myself a kick up the arse? How do I find what to write about next? Who can I turn to for help/inspiration. I truly believe you should blog when you want to blog, when you have something to say. You cannot force yourself as it will come across as forced and not natural but I do also think that if you let it go on for too long you're in danger of losing it forever.

I just read a great article on how to get it back and instead of regurgitating here, it's easier to link to it.

I love this image so much

Source: Greatfun4kids

Here I am today in my too tight clothes, with my hair freshly washed and dried (don't know why I bothered as it's going under a hat for the school run and then it'll be all frizzy and static and ruined) ready for the school run, home to make chilli for nachos (girls coming over later) and then I am going to sink a lot of wine!



Have you lost your blogging mojo? What's your top tip for getting it back?

Have a great w/end!


Wednesday 29 January 2014

What to wear for LFW

Sat idly twiddling my thumbs in my day wondering what to blog about seriously lacking blog mojo right now and in drops an email from Next with a competition on creating an outfit for LFW from their online catalog. The prize is £200 to spend (in Next) and an overnight stay in a hotel. I hate competitions, I never win if I do enter and so I was about to delete the email when boredom really set in .. so here I am .. looking at the Next online catalog and submitting my entry! This actually goes to show that often with emails/reaching out to your audience it's all about timing. Had this email dropped into my inbox this morning then it would be in the deleted items folder for sure!

I couldn't decide on one outfit either - so here I give you my 6 looks:

Outfit 1 - To view the look online please click HERE
Black Raffia Jacket - £60
Woven Cami - £12-£14
Ultimate Capri Trousers With Vent Hem - £38
High Back Sandals - £28-£38 

Outfit 2 - To view the look online please click HERE
Open Back Midi Dress - £48
High Back Sandals - £28-£38

 Outfit 3 -  To view the look online please click HERE
Tie Back Top - £28
Baroque Jacquard Capri Trousers - £35
Two Part Ankle Strap Point Shoes - £32
Bespoke Gold And Crystal Effect Necklace - £35

Outfit 4 - To view the look online please click HERE
Textured Sweater - £26
Black Skirt - £35
Black Mesh Watch - £26
Sunglasses - £17.50

Outfit 5 - To view the look online please click HERE
Perfect Shirt - £35
Black Check Mesh Skirt - £48
Glam High Front Shoe Boot - £36
Soft Cuff Clutch Bag - £32

Outfit 6 - To view the look online please click HERE
Tweed Waterfall Coat - £75
Spot Shirt Layer Knit Top - £35
Vintage Relaxed Skinny Jeans - £26
Leather Strap Sandals - £48

Which one would you choose for me to wear if I were going?! I think I'm favouring my comfort zone in outfit 6!



Monday 27 January 2014

Wardrobe Weeding

I have decided to start a wardrobe weeding service on myself! I have too many clothes that I do not wear so it's out with the old and make room for the new!

I currently have clothes/shoes stashed in:
2 x double wardrobe - both full to bursting 
3 x chest of drawers 
4 x underbed drawers 
2 x partial use of wardrobe (boys bedrooms!)

1 x linen cupboard with shelves


The last picture on the right is the male coats in the house - there are 3 boys/men living here and so there are 3 coats!

I have now rid myself (going on ebay once I figure out how to do it - seriously, I thought I'd put the things live but apparently not and now I am totally stumped!):

1 x waterproof mum jacket
2 x trench coat (one in grey, one in orange)
1 x parka (I now have my waxed parka so don't need 2)
1 x green duffle coat - I don't need it

I am left with, never to be parted:

Waxed Parka
Navy long coat
Camel knee length coat
Black trench coat
4 x blazers
Denim Jacket
Biker jacket
Fur gilet
Puffa gilet
Beige light weight jacket

Is that a lot? I don't think so and I can't reduce this anymore - I have a need for them all and I do wear them too.

Tomorrow I'll do dresses and put the ones I don't wear on ebay. Once I've worked out how to link to ebay (once listings are live) I will update you!

Here I am today in my comfy wardrobe weeding outfit and wearing a gorgeous scarf from School Gate Style (sorry for crap photo - I HATE MY PHONE when it's dark)


Friday 24 January 2014

Denim Dress

Prompted by a lovely lady posting on Avenue 57 this morning I am on the hunt for a denim dress. I have one and I love it but surely there is room for another in my wardrobe? Talking of which I am going to sort out my wardrobes once and for all today - I can no longer shut them and they are FULL of stuff I don't wear/have forgotten about - watch this space.

Lovely pic from this morning from Fashion Passion

Me in mine

Here are others you might want to buy

Marks & Spencer - £39.50

Mango - £34.99

Mango - £69.99

I think my favourite is the ASOS smock denim dress - I love the shape and style and the two colours of denim make it look good.

Do you own a denim dress? I'd love to see yours on Avenue 57


Wednesday 22 January 2014

Pink Jumper

My guilty pleasure is a 10 minute skim read of the Daily Mail (AKA as The Daily Fail). I love it! Not only do I get a bit of gossip but I also get an insight as to how my mothers brain works - she's an avid reader and has been for decades. LOVE THE SENSATIONAL HEADLINES!

I adore Ellie Goulding with all my heart - I love her music, her style and everything else about her. Today she was in the paper in a super cute outfit:

(Source: Daily Mail)

I am on the hunt for a pink jumper! I  have one that I have worn here and here and here and it was £2 from H&M. I love wearing pink, I feel very feminine but I don't have enough of it in my wardrobe. I have also been inspired by Frances who runs the blog School Run Style. She totally rocks in pink.

A quick scout around t'internet and here are my pink pickings for the day (also pale pink is 'in' for S/S14 don't you know)?!

1 - Topshop Pink Ribbed Jumper - £40
2 - Topshop Fluffy Pink Jumper - £42
3 - Topshop Pink Chunky Knit - £36
4 - Topshop Pink Cable Knit Jumper - £42

5 - River Island Pale Pink Vneck Jumper - £35
6 - River Island Light Pink Ribbed Jumper - £50
7 - River Island Angora Jumper - £50
8 - River Island Pink Patch (elbow) Jumper - £25

9 - Warehouse (via John Lewis) - £32
10 - Ted Baker (via John Lewis) - £129
11 - Marks and Spencer Fluffy Pink Jumper - £45
12 - New Look (via ASOS) Textured Pink Jumper - £22.99

Are you on board with the pastel pink trend or not? If you do have something pink then pop over to Avenue 57 and upload your photo today!


Tuesday 21 January 2014

Checked Shirt

It seems there has been a big movement in the past 9 months towards the preppy look (or if it was 'around' before then I had my eyes shut) - cue checked shirt and jumper over the top. I first became aware of 'this look' via Michelle from My Fashionable 40s who posted on Avenue 57 (pic of her look).

Here I am today in that 'uniform' - I love the ease and comfort of this outfit, it's not going to win any style awards but I am happy!

Here is my shortlist of checked shirts and chunky knit navy jumpers available today

1) Matalan - £12
2) ASOS - £25
3) Mango - £34.99 - LOVE THIS
4) River Island - £25

5) Mango - £29.99
6) Topshop - £45.00
7) ASOS - £35
8) Whistles - £65 - HEAVENLY

Have you embraced 'the uniform' of many this season? I would love to see you post on Avenue 57 if have.


Monday 20 January 2014

Stylish Snow Boots

This morning it was cold - I mean like FREEZING cold and the school playground is just a muddy field so I refuse to put suede boots on for them to get ruined. So I put on my fugly boots that I bought from Lands's End last year (in the sale). I know they are fugly, you don't have to tell me but they keep me warm and dry and I don't care if they get covered in crap - which all footwear does every day of the sodding week. Perhaps our year end gift could be a lorry load of tarmac?

Here is a pic of me doing the school run in said awful snow boots: 

I came back home, glugged a bucket of coffee and headed out for a friendly chat/meeting with Toni from Reasons To Be Cheerful and then on to a friends house for more coffee.

Back home now and I'm in search of some nicer boots for the snow that is going to drop in the next month (I am not a weatherman but we've not had snow, we will have snow, so my prediction is within the month it will fall - so I am giving you plenty of chance to buy suitable footwear!)!

Lands End (USA but ship to the UK) have got an amazing pair that I wish they'd stocked last year when I was looking. They are in the sale - £45 (reduced from £120)

Sorel do the best snow boots EVER but I don't like their prices (average price is £160)

Sports Direct have an amazing sale on Ladies Snow Boots right now - prices from £42

John Lewis have a small (but very good) selection too - again, the prices are high for a casual snow boot wearer like me (who never goes skiing!) - prices from £140

Do you own snow boots? Are they ALL really ugly and really expensive? Do they 'do the job'? I've yet to try mine out but here's hoping the snow falls soon and I can use them for real!


Wednesday 15 January 2014

Now that's what I call a bargain

As you have all come to know I love a bargain am super tight. I have been in love with ASOS since 2000 when they first started out. Their website is one of the first places I turn to if I need something. I know some people are put off with the sheer enormity of the site but if you use the filters well you can quickly find what you want.

Oversized Shift Dress - £10.50 (sizes available - 4, 6, 8 10 or 12)
(EDITED: I KNEW this dress was seen on someone stylish lately and it's Joanna from Poppy's Style - check her out in the black here).

Animal Print Dress - £11 (sizes available 6-16)

Batwing Mini Dress (great over leggings/skinny jeans) - £12.50 (all sizes available)

Faux Fur Collar - £16.50

Neon Snood - £7.50

Red Tie Dye Jeans - £10

Orange Croc Print Purse - £7

Grey Bag - £17.50

Burgundy Bag - £19.50

Do you buy from ASOS? Love or loathe it? I am most definitely in the love love love camp!


Tuesday 14 January 2014

Cream Polo Neck Jumper

Yesterday I had some time on my hands so I went through all the blogs I follow and read them all - it took a long time! I absolutely love Marlene from Chocolate Cookies & Candies - she OOZES style and her photography is award winning.  Yesterday she posted a rare photo of her street style but she should post more because she is so freaking cool!

I had similar items to the ones she was wearing (mine are cheap high street versions!) but I think I've copied her well enough to be called a sheep but also (as Simon Cowell might say) I've made it my own! I cannot tell you how much I love a good chunky knit but I've never thought about putting a blazer over the top - I think it works?

Here is the ever so cool and stylish Marlene

And here I am with my take on her look

So where can you get a simple but effective cream polo neck jumper? I bring you all that I have found on the internet today:

Marks & Spencer - Cream Cashmere Polo Neck - £75

Woolovers - Cream Chunky Polo Neck - £39

Jigsaw (via John Lewis) - in the sale - £69

Next - £35

BHS - £15

Esprit - £39

Esprit Chunky Knit - £39

Mango - £4.99 (in the sale and only M available but they come up small)

Do you have a cream polo neck? There are SOOOOOO many ways to style one - perhaps in a blog post coming to you soon I shall see how many ways I can wear the simple cream polo neck.