Monday 27 January 2014

Wardrobe Weeding

I have decided to start a wardrobe weeding service on myself! I have too many clothes that I do not wear so it's out with the old and make room for the new!

I currently have clothes/shoes stashed in:
2 x double wardrobe - both full to bursting 
3 x chest of drawers 
4 x underbed drawers 
2 x partial use of wardrobe (boys bedrooms!)

1 x linen cupboard with shelves


The last picture on the right is the male coats in the house - there are 3 boys/men living here and so there are 3 coats!

I have now rid myself (going on ebay once I figure out how to do it - seriously, I thought I'd put the things live but apparently not and now I am totally stumped!):

1 x waterproof mum jacket
2 x trench coat (one in grey, one in orange)
1 x parka (I now have my waxed parka so don't need 2)
1 x green duffle coat - I don't need it

I am left with, never to be parted:

Waxed Parka
Navy long coat
Camel knee length coat
Black trench coat
4 x blazers
Denim Jacket
Biker jacket
Fur gilet
Puffa gilet
Beige light weight jacket

Is that a lot? I don't think so and I can't reduce this anymore - I have a need for them all and I do wear them too.

Tomorrow I'll do dresses and put the ones I don't wear on ebay. Once I've worked out how to link to ebay (once listings are live) I will update you!

Here I am today in my comfy wardrobe weeding outfit and wearing a gorgeous scarf from School Gate Style (sorry for crap photo - I HATE MY PHONE when it's dark)



  1. Your heading says Wardrobe Wedding, I was hoping you had found me a dress for June! I sorted my coats out a few months ago but I miss some of them and know I am lacking in certain areas but it will have to wait till next year now x

    1. I just noticed that - OOPS!!!!!
      I am sad that I know in 6 months I'll wonder where my orange mac is and then realise I sold it!!!!!

  2. Wow Fiona good luck with the clear out....I won't even tell you how many blazers I own!!! Jane xx

    1. PLEASE count and let me know - I'm going to guess ... 12

  3. Hi there! Well done indeed for your wardrobe weedout, I am a self confessed lover of jackets and coats so am not overkeen to cull any of mine yet! Love your new scarf from Avril too xx

  4. Well done ... and when you figure out how to use ebay, please let me know! I need to do a bit of a cull myself. Great oufit by the way. Perfect for a miserable day like today x

  5. But just think, the money you get from your Ebay sales, you can spend......on more coats x

    1. I'll probably make £2 knowing my luck! Because I'm a new seller ebay is taking FOREVER to get my listings live!

  6. My goodness Fiona, that IS a lot of clothes. Lol about 3 males= 3 coats!!
    You'll be so pleased though once you make a bit from Ebay and think of all the new season goodies..I love your outfit, a hint of spring. Love Liz xxx

  7. Well done you, good sorting, must feel so satisfying. I soo need to do the same the problem is fashion is coming round and round so fast I think I may need everything again in 5 years! Love the scarf from Avrils shop looks fabulous with your outfit x

  8. I so need to do a spot of wardrobe weeding!! I do it in fits and starts but I really need to get the whole lot out....think you've given me the kick up the bum I needed lol!! Who knows...I may unearth some hidden gems!! xx

  9. Mama Mia!!! I would love to come & help you sort through that lot! LOVL @ the 3 'boys coats! Go Girl! Ax