Monday 27 April 2015

Nano Link Hair Extensions

It's been well documented that I have hated my hair for years. I've over dyed it, cut it short, cried when it won't grow, the frizz, the thinness and all that goes with getting old.

When a good friend said she was having hair extensions I didn't consider it at first because firstly I thought it was too expensive for me and then I wondered about what it would do to my hair.

But the thought of instantly long hair was too alluring. My friend was using someone who came HIGHLY recommended - Ellie from Rapunzel Hair Extensions. She's a mobile hairdresser who believes every woman should be able to afford amazing hair.

PRICE: £200
Maintenance: £45 ever 6-8 weeks
Hair dye: £25

SUMMARY: Bargain!




How versatile is the hair?

I thought it would be hard to maintain them but they're super easy. You just have to wear your hair up at nighttime to stop the tangles. I use a tangle teaser brush as recommended by Ellie and a Pantene protective spray. That's it!

To say I'm in love is an understatement - I'm finally starting to feel happier about how I look.

What do you think? Was I right to have the extensions?


Friday 24 April 2015

Things I want to buy

99.9% of the time I buy online. Why? It's easy. I work part time, I do everything else (blogging, running the shop, being a wife, cleaner, ironer, taxi, gardener, laundrette manager etc etc) around this part time role (15 hrs a week for a web development company) and I have a husband who is out of the house 14-16hrs a day. I don't have the luxury of being able to mooch around the shops and our local town has some shops I like but they are small.

Ordering online is easy - you purchase, it arrives, you try, you keep or you return - simples!

Someone on Avenue 57 the other day was talking about Esprit and I suddenly remembered " I LOVE THOSE GUYS" but had somehow forgotten about them. Naughty Fiona.

I've just spent 45 mins on the site drooling over their stuff. Here's a quick run down of my needs/wants/lusts/desires. With free delivery and returns (think this is new because when I looked last year I'm sure you had to pay) what's not to love?

Navy blue cotton top - £15 (bargain and comes in orange, green, black and white)
Can already picture me in white jeans and tan wedge heels.

Padded stripey swimsuit - £30 (love the detachable neck tie)
I always need padding due to the fact I have two backs/no boobs.

Silver trainers - £45 (NEED THESE). Remind me of some that were in Jigsaw a couple of years ago at twice the price.

Mid rise slim fit white jeans - £45 (love the subtle distress)
You can NEVER have too many pairs of white jeans.

They have an amazing sale on right now. Here's what's available in my size (make sure you use the size filter whenever you are on any website)!

Jersey wrap dress - £32.99

Grey sweatshirt - £19.99
LOVE this

Long down filled parka - £79.99
At nearly half price it would be one to buy for next winter for sure

I had NO IDEA they did homeware either .. check this beauty out? I have a boring cream sofa and I reckon this would look fabulous. I like the idea of a couple of couples that DON'T match.

I want to jump right into their website and have my whole house decorated in their stuff whilst swishing around in their clothes.

Don't forget to sign up to their newsletter for 10% off (I just did because now I can be reminded about them instead of forgetting)!

Esprit - fan or not?


Monday 20 April 2015

Tan Wedges and WIWTW

There seems to be a new must have item for the season ahead - tan wedges. I've seen a few posts via Avenue 57 of women showing off their shoes. They look good with any outfit.

Take Nic - she looks fabulous here in hers.

Thursday 16 April 2015

What did I buy in H&M?

It's rare I actually go proper real life shopping in shops. I love online shopping but even that has taken a downturn over the last 18 months.

Husband got back from a 10 day overseas trip and was not feeling up to coffee in town with me so off I went alone. HOORAH!

Did a couple of dull chores (returning HIS clothes he bought that didn't fit at home) and then slowly walked by H&M talking to myself "I'm not going in, I'm not going in, I'm not going in. Why buy high street when you have your own shop and can steal". I went in.

Monday 13 April 2015

Closet London Clothing

When Closet London got in touch last month asking if I'd like to review something from their online store I skipped off quickly to have a look. Yes, very nice, very me and where to start? I cannot tell you how long it took me to decide on an item. I wanted something I don't have, would wear day or night for work or play.

Here is what attracted me first of all and this goes to show how hard (and how long) my decision was.
All can be found very easily online here.

Tuesday 7 April 2015

Wolf and Whistle

I think Wolf & Whistle have to be one of my favourite brands (as well as having a cool name)! I have an amazing skirt from them (blogged about it here), a stunning dress (blogged about it here) and now another dress to add to the collection. Their dresses are made for my shape. I have no real waist and yet these make me look like I have one - I LOVE THEM! The quality is fantastic and right now they have a sale on so check them out for some fabulous bargains.

The pink dress is currently in the sale - £15 - I cannot urge you to go and buy, it's gorgeous.
The floral skirt is currently in the sale - £10 - see note above!

Here's my latest swoon item to hit my wardrobe. It's another dress that fits to perfection and is so comfortable to wear. Click here to buy.

Wednesday 1 April 2015

Cream Lace Dresses

Over on Avenue 57 I have a style crush. Her name is Natalie and she ALWAYS looks amazing. It was no surprise that she was going to look gorgeous in a cream lace dress (shoes from Dunnes)

Natalie doesn't like the fit and thinks it's too big - I think she looks stunning in it. The dress if from Next.

Inspiration from Pinterest (you have to be a bit careful not to look too bridal in them though).

Here's my alternatives for her to order and try.

Topshop - £34

River Island - £35

New Look - £40

Miss Selfridge - £49

Mango - £59.99



ASOS (again!) - £60

Superdry (via HOF) - £54.99

Are you a fan of the cream lace dress or should it best be worn by those getting married? I'm in the former camp - total fan. Let me know if you have seen any along the way.