Wednesday 30 April 2014

A Day At The Races With Kaleidoscope

What's Newbury famous for? A racecourse! I've been to Ladies Day many times and each and every time I have a laugh. I never gamble by the way, I just go with girls and gossip all day about the people we see and drink champagne!

Kaleidoscope got in touch this week to ask me if I'd like to blog about my perfect race day. I can't tell you how effortless this post was to write ... well, I say that - it was easy to describe what I'd do (it's basically a diary entry of what the girls and I do anyway) but when I looked at their site I had to really focus and concentrate. I could have created around 50 outfits from the lovely things they have online. I've actually never known a site to have so many good staple items - statement dress, handbag and shoes and mix and match and match and mix - voila a ton of race day outfits (see below).

Now back to what we do on Ladies Day at Newbury Racecourse.

We always start the day at one of the girls houses with smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and bagels - mmm

We swiftly move on to the only thing you can drink at 9am. I AM LYING. We START with champagne and then move on to food!

A quick weather check to see if brolly/pashmina/flat shoes are required (I would definitely take flat shoes anyway because walking in heels all day can hurt and walking on grass in heels (regardless of the weather) is hard!

After salmon and bubbles we taxi to the venue and away we go to the champagne tent. Do you see a theme here?!

Here are the outfits I would happily wear if I were going this year and if I had Kaleidoscope to dress me.

Dress - £39
Hat - £119
Bag - £19
Shoes - £59.95

Dress - £39
Sunglasses - £19
Bag - £45.95
Shoes - £35

Dress - £39
Hat - £38
Bag - £19
Shoes - £39

Dress - £69
Hat - £38
Shoes - £39
Bag - £19

Dress - £69
Shoes - £85
Bag - £60

Dress - £69
Bag - £25
Shoes - £79
Fascinator - £14 

We then move on after the last race into the town centre and scoff some food - our favourite is a good sharing meal - Chinese.

And then for the hard core among us we party as if we were 18 all over again!!!

Do you like the races?


Tuesday 29 April 2014

Is Kate Moss's collection for Topshop any good?

Psst Kate Moss has launched her new collection at Topshop. It's called Kate Moss X Topshop and it will be available to buy online tomorrow (Wednesday 30th April) and I'll add links to all that I like when they're live.

I am such a ditsy blogger, I had NO idea she was doing this (thank you Frances from School Run Style for letting me know and showing me your favourite bits), I have a vague recollection of her having done something before (4 years ago apparently) and I as I write this I do wonder if I'll like anything? She's beautiful, she's my age but she looks 15 years younger.

The collection has been split into 4 sections:
Tailoring Noir
Balearic Dressing
Cocktail Hour
Pyjama Dressing

Right, I'm going in ... what do I love?

Simples - nothing more than a fancy cami - love it

Stunning metalic vest top that can be dressed up or down

I love this but then I have a thing for this print this year. Wear on the beach, wear with gladiator sandals on a stinking hot day - this is one cool item (did I really just write that)?

My favourite dress colour ever in the world - EVER. I reckon the style would be flattering too

Cuteness and simplicity at its best

I like this - I know it's not 'me' and I have no reason to ever wear an evening playsuit but it's cute!

What do I not love?

Really, I do think these are pajamas and not a silk top .. or is it a silk blouse? I don't know!

 "living in the 80's" - I had a 'cut on the bias' dress decades ago. It's the most unflattering thing ever if you have a bump of any description anywhere on your body!

Go go go - Joseph and his amazing coat - bleck

What do you like? Check out the Kate Moss Collection 2014 for Topshop HERE


Monday 28 April 2014

Denim Shirt ...

I love my denim shirt so much. It was from H&M and cost £19.99. I must remember to wear it more often. I just looked back at my posts on Avenue 57 and it seems I have only worn it 6 times in the past 12 months - that's not a lot! I promise to wear my denim shirt more as I've been really inspired by these looks from Pinterest ...

Here's me wearing mine those 6 times!

Thursday 24 April 2014

Breast Enhancing Bikinis

Here I go again, the quest for a bust enhancing bikini for the summer ahead. I posted almost a year ago to the day about needing one last year and I did find a couple that were amazing but you know what it's like after a holiday, the salt and/or chlorine bleach your bikini and you end up with a faded version of the one you bought from the shops 6 weeks before.

5 years ago when I ordered my first PLUNGE (love that word don't you?!!) it was from Max Cleavage and it was expensive (£65). I can't believe that there are so many available now and easily under the £30 price point.

Wednesday 23 April 2014

What I've Been Wearing ..

THANK GOODNESS .. the school holidays are OVER ... as I sit here at 20.36pm on Wednesday 23rd April I can say that I am relieved and happy! We are all bored of each other, I'm 'done' with juggling being a mother (badly), working (part time), a wife (even worse), running a house (don't even go there) ....

So what have I been wearing?

Monday 21 April 2014

White Dresses For Summer ...

With the sun out I now have a new desire - the white dress. I have one but it's too big and the wrong shape/size on me but I LOVE how simple they are.

I'm talking specifically about the floaty white dress that you would wear with ease during the summer ahead. I am going to be wearing LOTS of dresses in the summer becayse there is nothing more cooling that a simple floaty dress and sandals.

In truth I fell in love with the DOC (Duchess of Cambridge) and her broderie anglaise white dress the other day

I'm kicking myself because last summer Sainsbury's had one identical to this and I didn't buy it.  HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS.

Friday 18 April 2014

F&F Playsuit - How I wear it ...

When F&F (Tesco) got in touch asking if I'd like to take part in their "How you wear it" blogger challenge I jumped at the chance. The brief was shorts or midi skirts with a print. I skipped off to the website to choose my item but suddenly realised that what was on offer was not for this 40 year mum of 2. No-one needs to see me in hot pants and the midi skirt does nothing for me. So I asked to bend the rules slightly and opt for a playsuit instead. These are PERFECT for the summer. If you are a busy mum like I am and you're forever on the go then I like the comfort of a playsuit (think bending over in short skirt - this problem is vanished when you're wearing a playsuit).

This is what I chose - South Beach Tie Dye Playsuit £22

Here's how I wore it

Tuesday 15 April 2014


As you may or may not know I am on a spending ban for 6 months. I can be gifted items and I can be bought things (thanks Mum) but I will not buy myself anything from the money I have in my bank. I'm saving :-) I am kind of regretting the whole '6' month thing but I guess it's a really good challenge to set. Some people run marathon's - I simply do not buy!!

HOWEVER ... last week I was browsing online (as you do when you're on a spending ban) and noticed that Mango have changed their website - you should check it out. I defy you to walk away without drooling! The clothes/styling/looks are amazing. I bring to you a few of my 'NEED THIS' looks below. I would buy all of these in a heartbeat if I could - totally my style.

Floral Dress - £34.99

White Linen Blazer - £59.99

White Sweatshirt - £26.99

White Penny Loafers - £79.99

Red Chiffon Dress - £44.99

Scarf Print Skirt - £29.99

White Dress - £44.99

Oversized White Shirt - £29.99

Did you notice they'd changed their website? Are you a fan? What's your favourite item?


Friday 11 April 2014

What to wear every day

I am far more casual when the children are off school and my only destination is the home office or the park.

I struggle to be all styled and ready for the day when I am surrounded by 5-10 year olds. I look after my friends 2 children and in return she looks after mine a few days a week during the holidays. This is so we can both continue to work on our part time day jobs without horrendous childcare fees/club prices. So far so good, the Easter hols has worked out well.

Here is a round up of what I've been wearing over the past week/10 days.

Here are a few of my favourite looks

And here I am today - totally dress down Friday today (in the office away from annoying children) - HOORAH!

Do you make an effort EVERY DAY? 


Tuesday 8 April 2014

How to style the Next bomber jacket

Yesterday we (that's myself and 5 other gorgeous 40+ fashion bloggers) bought you 1 jacket in two colours and styled in 6 different ways on 6 women.

Today I have styled the Next bomber jacket in a few different ways. I have to say I could probably add another 15 looks but time is short today as I have my children and 2 others to watch and they're screaming at me to go to the park.

Which is your favourite? I'm finding it hard to call because I think it actually goes with EVERYTHING!

First up, stealing the layering look that Frances used for our styling shoot - LOVE LOVE LOVE IT even if I do say so myself!

This was so easy to put together and wear and I cannot wait to wear this combo for real.
Necklace - Avenue 57
Skirt - Avenue 57 (last year)
Shoes - Converse

Close up of the layers

This worked better than I thought it was going to - the dress (AX Paris) is very easy to wear and with trainers and the jacket it makes it nice and casual

Necklace - Matalan (last year)
Dress - Ax Paris
Shoes - Converse

One of my default comfy looks, sloppy jeans, stripy tshirt and trainers
Tshirt - Gap (years ago)
Jeans - Zara (at least 10 years ago)!
Shoes - Converse

This is a bit FULL ON but I really like it! I am 'in your face' red and confident here (well confident in the confines of my bedroom)! Not sure I have real confidence to wear this out. The dress is short, the legs are white and the heels are high!

Dress - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - Nine West

I forgot just how much I loved this Me+Em dress (they have it in black for this year). I was inspired by Michelle to wear the bomber jacket with a maxi dress.

Dress - Me+Em
Necklace - Avenue 57 (on Facebook)
Shoes - Kurt Geiger via TK Maxx

The necklace works really well, I was surprised as I don't usually do long chain necklaces like this. You can buy from here - £12

This is my least favourite. I love the dress (again Me+Em) but I don't like it with the trainers. If I wasn't so lazy I might have grabbed some other heels but it was the last change of the morning and I had 4 children screaming 'when is it lunch time'?

Love the turquoise necklace, again it's an Avenue 57 special and it's really versatile - I love it! You can buy from here for £15.

Totally not me on the hanger but I was pleasantly surprised with this one. A jumpsuit from my shop, a necklace from the shop and the jacket from Next. It felt like I had my pj's on and I kind of liked it!

So do you believe me when I say this really is one of the most versatile jackets you would ever own! I didn't even start with the normal jeans, coloured jeans, patterned jeans ... I need a lie down.

Which is your favourite look?