Friday 27 July 2012

I can't decide what to wear

Ok, so it's Father in Law's birthday tomorrow - he's 80! We're off to a fab restaurant in Devon.  We live 2.5 hrs away so I need an outfit I can travel in, and then have a big boozy lunch and then on to my FIL’s house for champagne and cake.  We have a photographer with us all day to record the event in pictures so I’m not sure if any dress with a pattern will work?

I posted this as a Help Me Choose on Avenue 57 and it seems the striped dress is a winner so far … but it’s ever so tight and I’m not in the right time of the month (TMI?!) for a tight dress … BUT I’ve never worn it before and I do love it.

The plain light blue dress is a TK Maxx bargain.  It’s Calvin Klein and you can tell it’s designer by the feel and cut – This is my favourite outfit but the shoes aren’t that high .. I do have animal fur high heels that might give a funky edge to the plain dress?

Honestly, am I the only one that thinks this much about what to wear???  Do you always plan what you are wearing in advance to a special occasion?

Which one do you like out of them all?


Tuesday 24 July 2012

30 day style challenge - what did I wear?

Last month I said to myself "I have a lot of clothes and instead of buying new ones why not work with what you have for 30 days" .. sounded easy in theory and to be honest it was TOO easy in practise!  The UK weather was cold, warm and hot so I used ALL of my wardrobe (plus went on hols so was able to really use the summer stuff too!)

Here in pictures is what I wore for 30 days.  My next challenge will be to work 30 days around shoes!  EEK!

Have you got a wardrobe full of stuff you don't wear?  Try the challenge and let me know how you get on!!  I posted my outfits daily on Avenue 57

Having looked at all these like this, side by side, it's made me realise that I have many looks for each day - I don't seem to have pigeon holed myself into anyone genre of fashion .. or have I?  I don't really get creative or ambitious with what I wear and my age I don't *really* follow fashion as such - I just wear what I like and what is comfortable whilst working from home, running a business, a home and looking after 2 children!

Friday 6 July 2012

£20 Matalan Style Challenge

When Sera from The Agoraphobic Fashionista asked if anyone wanted to join her in a blogger style challenge I replied immediately with two hands in the air like an over keen 7 yr old in a classroom. So did Avril from School Gate Style and Gem from Bookworm Mummy

The brief was to spend £20 in Matalan on ONE outfit. You could add ONE item of your own to complete/compliment the look.

So last Friday I cleared some time from my day and headed off to our local store, it's been a whilst since I'd been to Matalan so I had no idea what to expect .. I just know that a lot of women shop there - proof here

I was positive they had a sale on as do most stores at the moment but when I arrived I saw NO red sale boards in the window .. Now Matalan is renowned for low prices but even £20 for 1 outfit was starting to look doubtful at first glance.

However ... 1 hr later, lots of items picked up and I couldn't carry any more things - seriously this shop is amazing and they have SO MANY brilliant items - pencil skirts, capri pants, boyfriend jeans, maxi dresses - seriously, every item you want or need and every look you're trying to achieve can be done - VERY VERY easily ...

So in true Fiona style, I couldn't pick just one outfit .. I had to make up a few! All outfits are within the £20 budget and for the most part it's the shoes I've added that are my own.

Which one is your favourite? The jury is out on the leggings - patterned leggings on a 38 year old?!

My favourite outfit is the middle one:
Lemon skinny jeans - £13
White Vest top - £3
Feather necklace - £3.50
Shoes - New Look and my own (£14.99)

So how did everyone else style their outfit for £20?

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Thanks again to Sera for a great challenge!