Friday 6 July 2012

£20 Matalan Style Challenge

When Sera from The Agoraphobic Fashionista asked if anyone wanted to join her in a blogger style challenge I replied immediately with two hands in the air like an over keen 7 yr old in a classroom. So did Avril from School Gate Style and Gem from Bookworm Mummy

The brief was to spend £20 in Matalan on ONE outfit. You could add ONE item of your own to complete/compliment the look.

So last Friday I cleared some time from my day and headed off to our local store, it's been a whilst since I'd been to Matalan so I had no idea what to expect .. I just know that a lot of women shop there - proof here

I was positive they had a sale on as do most stores at the moment but when I arrived I saw NO red sale boards in the window .. Now Matalan is renowned for low prices but even £20 for 1 outfit was starting to look doubtful at first glance.

However ... 1 hr later, lots of items picked up and I couldn't carry any more things - seriously this shop is amazing and they have SO MANY brilliant items - pencil skirts, capri pants, boyfriend jeans, maxi dresses - seriously, every item you want or need and every look you're trying to achieve can be done - VERY VERY easily ...

So in true Fiona style, I couldn't pick just one outfit .. I had to make up a few! All outfits are within the £20 budget and for the most part it's the shoes I've added that are my own.

Which one is your favourite? The jury is out on the leggings - patterned leggings on a 38 year old?!

My favourite outfit is the middle one:
Lemon skinny jeans - £13
White Vest top - £3
Feather necklace - £3.50
Shoes - New Look and my own (£14.99)

So how did everyone else style their outfit for £20?

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Thanks again to Sera for a great challenge!


  1. the white maxi looks fab on you!!really summery!

  2. it was pretty but very heavy and actually I felt a bit tent like in it!

  3. I love the lemon jeans from the middle outfit and the black lacy top from the bottom one. Great choices, I always forget about Matalan!