Friday 27 July 2012

I can't decide what to wear

Ok, so it's Father in Law's birthday tomorrow - he's 80! We're off to a fab restaurant in Devon.  We live 2.5 hrs away so I need an outfit I can travel in, and then have a big boozy lunch and then on to my FIL’s house for champagne and cake.  We have a photographer with us all day to record the event in pictures so I’m not sure if any dress with a pattern will work?

I posted this as a Help Me Choose on Avenue 57 and it seems the striped dress is a winner so far … but it’s ever so tight and I’m not in the right time of the month (TMI?!) for a tight dress … BUT I’ve never worn it before and I do love it.

The plain light blue dress is a TK Maxx bargain.  It’s Calvin Klein and you can tell it’s designer by the feel and cut – This is my favourite outfit but the shoes aren’t that high .. I do have animal fur high heels that might give a funky edge to the plain dress?

Honestly, am I the only one that thinks this much about what to wear???  Do you always plan what you are wearing in advance to a special occasion?

Which one do you like out of them all?


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