Thursday 26 February 2015

Day 4 - My Children Chose My #OOTD

We're back on track with both the 7 and the 10 year choosing the outfit. My 10 yr old's favourite colour is orange - BRIGHT ORANGE - so there is no surprise that the top was the first thing he grabbed. He was concerned (rightly so) that the top has big gaping bat wing sleeves and a top would be needed underneath. I guided him by saying just a vest top or long sleeved tshirt would be highly recomended and I showed him all that I have. He chose simple white - good lad!

He picked the first pair of jeans from the bulging jean drawer and so that's why we have the skinny combats.

My 7 yr old was in charge of shoes and jewellery - I cannot believe he chose so well.

When the outfit was all straightened and on the bed it was a vision of amazingness (made up word?).

Here I am in all my orange glory!

Wednesday 25 February 2015

Day 3 - My Children Chose My #OOTD

I knew they wouldn't both last the whole week. Son one (aged 10) already passed the challenge off to his brother (aged 7) with 'you can choose the whole outfit for tomorrow' whilst he scuttled off to play FIFA again on the X Box! Fortunately youngest was more than happy to choose it all.

Inspired by the jumper (he's animal obsessed) the rest of it was (in his eyes) carefully selected. The tshirt was for warmth because he said you can't just wear a jumper. The jeans were the first pair he picked out of my drawer, the boots he (apparently) thought about too. He's been trying to get me to wear this stupid belt all week so when he had free reign on his own it was the first thing he selected. I have NO idea why I have this belt - it's minging! It's too wide to sit in any belt loop and so it rides up and down and never stays in place.

They neatly laid out outfit the night before:

Tuesday 24 February 2015

Day 2 - My Children Chose My #OOTD

It was all going so well when Oliver (7) picked out one of my new favourite dresses from Wolf & Whistle last night in preparation for today's #ootd.

I then told him that in just a dress I'd be cold so he went to choose a couple of (random) layers to keep me warm.

Monday 23 February 2015

Day 1 - My Children Chose My #OOTD

Last week on the Avenue 57 group on Facebook, someone posted a link to a blogger who had allowed her toddler to dress her for a week - with very funny results (love the mis-match shoes outfit).

I'm always up for a laugh and a bit of attention seeking so I thought I would give this a go. At first I said a week but I've changed it to the 5 working days of the week. Next weekend I am meeting some good blogging friends in London for our annual meet up and there is NO WAY I am allowing my children to dress me for that!

It started off with some serious discussion about what to start with. I have 2 wardrobes and a shoe cupboard ...

Sunday 15 February 2015

Denim boilersuits for women

Yesterday I was all inspired by Kate Moss and how good she looked in a grey denim jumpsuit. I blogged about it here. So I quickly went online via ASOS to order all that I could. I placed my order at 3pm and it arrived at noon today (Sunday). Now that's what I call good service!

I ordered:
  1. ASOS Soft Denim Jumpsuit with Utility Styling - Blue / UK 10 - £50
  2. Daisy Street Denim Boilersuit - Blue / M - £34.99
  3. Pull&Bear Denim Boiler Suit - Blue / S - £40

First show and tell on me: ASOS Soft Denim Jumpsuit with Utility Styling - Blue / UK 10 - £50
It's more of a soft corduary than denim. It felt too big but I think that's the style.
Verdict: Return (only because I don't think I'm a plumber  boilersuit kind of girl.

Second show and tell: Daisy Street Denim Boilersuit - Blue / M - £34.99
I had high hopes for this at it was a soft light denim and I loved the colour but it was WAY too small. I had to take 10000 photographs to hide the camel toe - no matter what angle I stood at it looked like I was hiding a couple of willies down there! Don't even talk to me about the fat ass - how unflattering is this style?!
Verdict: Return

Third & final (and losing the will to live at this point): Pull&Bear Denim Boiler Suit - Blue / S - £40
This one is heavy proper denim so it fits really nicely but again, it's too small in body length for me. . I loved the heavier more structured feel to it and I think this could be a winner in a slightly bigger size. HOWEVER .... feeling confident that I might just be able to pull it off I went downstairs to show my family. Their reactions:
James - laughed so hard I thought he was doing to die
Alex (10) - thought a denim onesie was weird
Oliver (7) - thought my onesie was cool
Verdict: Return

I feel sad that this last one got THAT reaction .. what do you think? BE HONEST. I can take it :-)!


Saturday 14 February 2015

Denim Jumpsuits

Flicking through my daily guilty pleasure they call The Daily Fail Mail online, I spotted Kate Moss (swoon) and realised that I think she could probably wear ANYTHING.

Take this denim jumpsuit .. I am not sure everyone could get away with it and yet she pulls off this look with ease. She doesn't look like she's dressing up for a fancy dress party, or that is is the 5th member of ABBA or that she is Bob the Builder's new assistant. She just looks cool, funky, ace .. I'm jealous!

Photo: Daily Mail

I will order some and do a show and tell very soon. I am laughing already though!

Pull & Bear (via ASOS) - £40

Forget the price tag - this is amazing - G-Star - LYNN - Jumpsuit (via Zalando) - £180.  Next also have this brand but still daft price tag.

ASOS - £50 (not so keen on the bottom of these but seems KM has nailed it)

Whistles - £160 (as featured in Grazia 3 days ago)

s.Oliver Denim Jumpsuit (via Zalando) - £85

Topshop Boilersuit - £50 - this has to be the strongest candidate for trying for sure

Daisy Stree Denim Boiler Suit via ASOS - £34.99

Topshop Denim Boiler Suit - £62

Right, I've placed my order for some ... I'll report back.


Friday 13 February 2015

Breton Top

I have lots, probably 6 at the last count. A breton stripe makes even the most dullest of outfits stand out.

Here's how I wear it (I have about 25 other photos where I'm wearing stripes, I can't get enough)!

Where to buy online today

Joules - £24.95

Joules - £24.95

H&M - £7.99

Next - £8.50

Tesco - £8

Boden - £25

Dorothy Perkins - £14

Here's me again wearing it with my new favourite camel coat (coat has been in the cupboard for 18 months and I keep forgetting I have it)! Turn up on one because I couldn't decide but then the cold ankles made me wear the jeans down.

How many breton stiped items do you own?


Tuesday 10 February 2015

FREE champagne and 40% off at Wallis

When I say I'm gutted that my son is 8 on March 26th I mean gutted. Not because he's growing up fast but because I can't make a Wallis event in London on that day!

Instead, I am offering (via Wallis) 3 lucky readers the chance to go in my place and drink as much champagne as I would and generally have a good time.

There are LOTS of reasons why you might want to go to their Marble Arch (flagship store) re-launch (fab location, large store, newly renovated, gorgeous clothes etc etc) but how about this as well?

A champagne reception with nibbles
A £100 Wallis shopping spree in the newly refurbished Wallis Marble Arch flagship store
And finally you will also receive an exclusive VIP card entitling you to a 40% off year round discount on any future purchase with Wallis online and in store.

You now understand why I'm gutted right?!

If you would like to 'win' then please email me or comment below and I'll choose the first 3 to send details over to Wallis for your invitation.

Here's my choice of what I'd be spending that £100 on!

For a 50th birthday next month (I am so in love with this I can't tell you)
Orange lace dress - £27 (with 40% off discount as featured above) or FREE if you go to the event.

School Run
Black and White Jumper - £19.80 (with 40% off discount as featured above) or FREE if you go to the event.

Day in the office
Black Tapered Trousers - £18  (with 40% off discount as featured above) or FREE if you go to the event.

Don't forget to comment here or email me. If you know of anyone in London that loves Wallis and is free Thursday 26th March then feel free to send them a link to this blog.

The finer details: Wallis Flagship Store Re-Launch - March 26th 2015 - Marble Arch store in London.



Tuesday 3 February 2015

Hair growth update and WIWTPW

New acronym - WIWTPW - What I Wore This Past Week!

On Saturday I had family and friends over for a lunch. I had so many comments about how shiny my hair was - like REALLY shiny. I can only put it down to using no styling products at all. The only thing I use is a heat protecting spray and (just in the roots) my new 'growth' serum from Boots. I wash my hair with Mane and Tail shampoo/conditioner. Seriously, it was for horses, it still is for horses but it's making my hair amazing shiny and healthy looking.

Hair loss tonic (which adds amazing volume) from Boots - £19.99

Mane & Tail from Amazon - £8.34

A round up of what I've been wearing. It's not great I admit but it's SO hard to dress around this cold weather/children off school etc etc blah blah excuses excuses.

Oh and I am selling these New Balance trainers if anyone is interested. They say UK 7 but they are more like a UK 6. I'm selling for £50 and they are brand new, never been worn and in the original box.

EDITED UPDATE: Someone on the Facebook group suggest I take the insole out and replace with a thinner one. IT WORKS!!!!!! These are not for sale anymore!

I wish I could do stylish and warm but I can't. I can only do comfy!