Thursday 26 February 2015

Day 4 - My Children Chose My #OOTD

We're back on track with both the 7 and the 10 year choosing the outfit. My 10 yr old's favourite colour is orange - BRIGHT ORANGE - so there is no surprise that the top was the first thing he grabbed. He was concerned (rightly so) that the top has big gaping bat wing sleeves and a top would be needed underneath. I guided him by saying just a vest top or long sleeved tshirt would be highly recomended and I showed him all that I have. He chose simple white - good lad!

He picked the first pair of jeans from the bulging jean drawer and so that's why we have the skinny combats.

My 7 yr old was in charge of shoes and jewellery - I cannot believe he chose so well.

When the outfit was all straightened and on the bed it was a vision of amazingness (made up word?).

Here I am in all my orange glory!

I've had them make a video because I didn't think anyone would believe that my 2 boys could put something together that totally and utterly works a treat - I shall be wearing this combo again (haven't ever put it together in the 3 yrs I've been taking my own photo)!

Last day tomorrow!



  1. Haha brilliant! You already know I'm disappointed in them. They got you soooo right and I really wanted them to get it soooooo wrong. Well done boys, you did good x

  2. Oooh, didn't they do well? Great outfit lads! xx

  3. I have loved coming back here every day to see what the boys have put together, and they have done a great job. Well done boys x

  4. Your boys have done you proud Fiona....they have done a great job!! Would I let my 8 year old daughter dress me...possibly after seeing your experiment! She is pretty vocal about what she doesn't like it would be interesting to see what she does actually like!! xx

  5. We have two new little Gok's in the making! They obviously have great dress sense like their mum!
    Laurie x

  6. I like this one!!! Fab look. Lynne xx