Thursday 28 November 2013

Dirty Rotten Mongrel

Let me explain the title! Firstly, I have had a shower. Secondly I am learning that I don't need to wash and dry my hair every day. In fact, the more I leave it the better (thicker) it becomes. Thirdly, I am so mixed up in styles today I can't decide if I look like a bag lady or it works totally? What do you think?

Shirt - TK Maxx
Studded Belt - Barcelona
Pleather Jacket - Tesco
Faux Fir Gilet - Next (current but not online)
Necklace - Next (ancient)
Boots - Marshalls (USA)

So is this heaven or hell in terms of an oufit?


Wednesday 27 November 2013

Outfit Inspiration

Yesterday on Avenue 57, Jane from My Midlife Fashion posted an outfit with the title "50 Shades of Grey". The title alone will always make me sit up and listen because I LOVED the trilogy. Well ok, book 3 was boring but 1 and 2 were steamy hot and I thoroughly enjoyed them!

Here's Jane from yesterday - doesn't she look amazing?

And here I am stealing her look. I am looking for inspiration for tomorrow because getting ready this morning was SO easy!

Shirt - Zara
Jeans - Gap
Boots - Deichmann
Jacket - Matalan
Scarf - Avenue 57

Have you mixed up patterns before? I do like a good mash up!


Tuesday 26 November 2013

Inspired by Jenna Coleman (Dr Who)

Living in a house with 3 males there was no question what we were going to watch on Saturday night - Dr Who! The boys (big and small) were very excited. I, in the meantime, was engrossed on my phone checking Facebook. I think I am the only person in the world that has never watched Dr Who!

I did glance up once to see the effortlessly stunning Jenna Coleman in a red dress, leather jacket and booties and I thought 'I have all of those items'.

So today I bring you my version of what she wore here

I absolutely LOVE the new idea (for me) of layering a gilet over another jacket and my Mum kindly bought me this black one from Next yesterday.

What do you think?


Shop the look

Wednesday 20 November 2013

Fairisle Jumper

Last year I wanted to totally embrace the novelty jumper - you know the kind that once graced the screens via Bridget Jones years ago. I also thought that this year I would take on the novelty jumper market and buy for the whole family for Christmas Day but ..... every man and his dog seem to be on this theme this year and so I'm bowing out!

Instead, I'm thinking of getting me a little fairisle jumper - I have always loved them and it's a more subtle twist on a Christmas theme don't you think?

Here are my top picks for subtle fairisle items available to buy today

I thought I sneak a quick novelty jumper pic of me in a foxy foxy jumper - what do you think?


Monday 18 November 2013

A Winter Cape

Ever since I saw Avril in her cape last week I have been wanting one, needing one, lusting after one.

I have just done a quick search on capes (not ponchos) and they all seem to be navy - why is that?

Here is my round up of capes that I found (in no particular order).

I appreciate the brown one from Gap is  not actually a cape but it's lovely don't you think?

Here's a round of my outfits over the past couple of days. My sister flew in with her friend from LA and we have been/done:

The Pig (stopped for a cup of tea but somehow managed to sink a bottle of delicious red!)
Dinner out (not even going to talk about how crap it was)

Lunch at The Boathouse in Christchurch

Coffee at Cafe Shore in Sandbanks
Lunch at The Cliff in Sandbanks for my father's 70th birthday
Check out my funky mum with her gilet over her leather jacket, skinny jeans and knee high boots!

And that my friends is how I rolled this weekend - was amazing. If you are ever in The New Forest, you HAVE TO go to The Pig - it's amazing


Tuesday 12 November 2013

Where to buy a faux fur gilet?

EDITED: I started this blog post on 14th October and then left it in draft form. I've been SO inspired by ladies on Avenue 57 this week so I'm getting it out of the drafts bin and carrying on from where I was before!

Here are the pics that have me lusting after one with an unhealthy desire.

Joanna from Poppy's Style is wearing the JonnieB Faux Fur Gilet which comes in at just £35.10 (they have 22% off until Thursday so hurry!). It's from their teenage range but I reckon it's good to go for us grown ups too!

This is look is just gorgeous - a gilet over a denim jacket - INSPIRING!

All started because this amazing lady posted this look the other day!

Diving right into what is available online today

White Stuff - £75
I have seen this one on real life - it's STUNNING.

JonnieB - £35.10 (this is with the 22% off already)

Boohoo - £30

Matalan - £30

Next Children's Section - £32 (if JonnieB fits a grown up then I don't see why this won't!)

Next - £55 (this is navy, I LOVE IT)

Tesco - £30

M&S - £65

ASOS - £60

And to end with the mother of all gilet's - I LOVE THIS!

River Island - £150

Suffice to say, the faux fur gilet is 'in' this season! I cannot wait to get mine and wear over my denim jacket ... baa baa baa


Monday 11 November 2013

What to wear in your 30s/40s

If I told you that 3 years ago I was wearing big baggy bootcut jeans, flat ankle boots (comfy ones from Clarks) and a polo neck jumper as my standard Mum outfit would you believe me? Well it's true!

This is why I LOVE Avenue 57.  We are a collection of women who are are of a 'certain age'. We get together online to share what we're wearing every day and hopefully inspire others who may be stuck in a style rut, have lost their way as they come out the other side of babysville and/or both of these reasons.
I have to say that I love looking at what other women wear and seeing if I have those items in my wardrobe. It's because I'm ultimately lazy you see, I don't have any style flair of my own so the best way is to copy!
Here are some of my favourite looks over the past month.
Fashion40ish (click here to see all her looks). I am so in love with this lady I can't tell you in words how much! She has EFFORTLESS style and I am inspired always with whatever she wears.

Fashion Lover (click here to see all her looks). If anyone knows how to accessorise with a scarf it's this mighty fine lady. She also wears great colours and I am inspired every time by the denim/khaki combo.
Fashion Passion (click here to see all her looks). Best hallway on A57 firstly and her style is amazing. This gorgeous lady owns a hair salon and I dream every day of hair like hers (plus her wardrobe!).
I Heart Fashion (click here to see all her looks). I love the shirt/jumper combo and it's a great look with the lighter shirt and cream jumper. I Heart Fashion has the most versatile hair EVER!
Is that Really From There? (click here to see all her looks). If there is one lady that stands out for me it's this gorgeous lady. I have been inspired on so many levels with the outfits she posts. She is the QUEEN of pencil skirts! 

Mrs W (click here to see all her looks). I am so in love with this coat. I was sold on this look from the very first time I saw it. Mrs W has style!
My Fashionable 40s (click here to see all her looks). I love the mash up of patterns (leopard print and stripes) and I also love the colour pallet here - as always, a super gorgeous relaxed stylish look.

Nicki B (click here to see all her looks) - I love the way Nicki dresses - she works in a bridal shop so glam is the name of the game and she pulls it off for work (and pleasure every time she posts)

Suzie 3 Cat (click here to see all her looks). I love how a simple casual outfit (jumper and jeans) as been added to with a fab necklace and amazing boots.
Do you naturally have a style flair or do you, like me, look at everyone around you and copy them? I'd love to see your latest look on Avenue 57 - click here to upload your photo now.

Friday 8 November 2013

7 days 7 looks

Here's a round up of what I've been wearing over the past week. I seem to be stuck in the skinny jean/boyfriend jean rut and also I'm posting my epic fail in the mustard jumper! I wanted to do Heritage but just look like an extra from the Lands End catalog! The advice on Avenue 57 was to team the trousers with a white blouse or the jumper with a kilt and biker boots. Next week I'll take this badly put together outfit and re-hash it to make it work .. watch this space.

Cardigan - Avenue 57 - click here to buy
Necklace - Avenue 57 - click here to buy
Skinny combats - Sainsbury's
Belt - Matalan
Boots - no idea but over 15 yrs old

Jumper - TK Maxx
Jeans - Gap
Boots - Old Navy
Scarf - Sainsbury's
Jumper - New Look
Jeans - TK Maxx
Boots - Lands End (In my defence they are comfy and it was LASHING IT DOWN with rain)

Stripy Tshirt - H&M
Shirt - H&M
Skinny Jeans - Sainsbury's

I really am not going to talk about this one. I will readdress the issue next week

Jumper - TK Maxx
Shirt - Zara
Jeans - TK Maxx
Boots - Tesco

Top - Target
Jeans - Marshalls
Boots - Marshalls

Hope you all have a great weekend. I have so much to be doing that I need to go .. NOW
What do you think of my mustard mistake? Would you bin the items or try and make them work in a different style?


Thursday 7 November 2013

In October I spent on clothes £???

I am totally going to ignore the fact that I have not blogged for 3 weeks (2 weeks planned leave and 1 week because I am lazy struggling to get back into real life after LA).

This post is going to be an update on the thread I started in October where I was going to list everything I bought each month. It started so well - just one denim shirt from H&M at £19.99. And then the trip to LA happened.

I had around $1200 in cash from family and friends so I knew I could buy some great things. I wanted things I could keep forever but the reality is I ran out of things to buy! And so I have put all their money towards the whole experience and some clothes and shoes too!

Here is what I bought in its entirety leaving nothing out:

Michael Kors Bag - $220
Michael Kors Watch - $250
Bracelet - $100
Ring - $250 (down from $1000!)
3 pairs of earrings - $100
Wax Coated Parka (Bebe) - $60
Socks - $10
Slippers - $25
Cream Jumper - $16
Navy Jumper (Michael Kors) - $34
Khaki Jeans (DKNY) - $20
Grey Jeans - $15
Boyfriend Jeans (Gap) - $30
Black boots - $34
Grey boots - $34
Tan pumps - $10
Black heels - $20
Red heels (Nine West) - $34
Blouse/Top - $20
Blouse/Top - $25
Cream skirt - $20
Sunglasses - $15 (Guess)
Sunglasses - $20 (Tommy Hilfiger)
Gloves - $20 (Ralph Lauren)

TOTAL SPEND = $1,384
LESS money = $1,200
Sub total ($184) converted to GBP = £122
Plus £19.99 for the H&M Shirt
GRAND TOTAL - £142.65

I bought everything from the outlet malls/bargain stores such as TJ Maxx and Marshalls. I am so desperate to go back and trying to think of ways to take the family there to live permanently! Seriously, the sun shines every day and the place my sister lives is fab - 1 hr north of LAX in a town called Camarillo.

Some photos of the trip, I have had THE best time ever in CA and I can't wait to return again as soon as I can fund it. However, next time I think James and the boys want to come with me ... 

How much did you spend in October? I'm going to carry this on for the next few months report back at the end. I imagine November will be very quiet but then again, perhaps not! I just bought lots of amazing things for the shop and already 2 cheeky little numbers have found their way into my wardrobe. How very dare they.