Thursday 7 November 2013

In October I spent on clothes £???

I am totally going to ignore the fact that I have not blogged for 3 weeks (2 weeks planned leave and 1 week because I am lazy struggling to get back into real life after LA).

This post is going to be an update on the thread I started in October where I was going to list everything I bought each month. It started so well - just one denim shirt from H&M at £19.99. And then the trip to LA happened.

I had around $1200 in cash from family and friends so I knew I could buy some great things. I wanted things I could keep forever but the reality is I ran out of things to buy! And so I have put all their money towards the whole experience and some clothes and shoes too!

Here is what I bought in its entirety leaving nothing out:

Michael Kors Bag - $220
Michael Kors Watch - $250
Bracelet - $100
Ring - $250 (down from $1000!)
3 pairs of earrings - $100
Wax Coated Parka (Bebe) - $60
Socks - $10
Slippers - $25
Cream Jumper - $16
Navy Jumper (Michael Kors) - $34
Khaki Jeans (DKNY) - $20
Grey Jeans - $15
Boyfriend Jeans (Gap) - $30
Black boots - $34
Grey boots - $34
Tan pumps - $10
Black heels - $20
Red heels (Nine West) - $34
Blouse/Top - $20
Blouse/Top - $25
Cream skirt - $20
Sunglasses - $15 (Guess)
Sunglasses - $20 (Tommy Hilfiger)
Gloves - $20 (Ralph Lauren)

TOTAL SPEND = $1,384
LESS money = $1,200
Sub total ($184) converted to GBP = £122
Plus £19.99 for the H&M Shirt
GRAND TOTAL - £142.65

I bought everything from the outlet malls/bargain stores such as TJ Maxx and Marshalls. I am so desperate to go back and trying to think of ways to take the family there to live permanently! Seriously, the sun shines every day and the place my sister lives is fab - 1 hr north of LAX in a town called Camarillo.

Some photos of the trip, I have had THE best time ever in CA and I can't wait to return again as soon as I can fund it. However, next time I think James and the boys want to come with me ... 

How much did you spend in October? I'm going to carry this on for the next few months report back at the end. I imagine November will be very quiet but then again, perhaps not! I just bought lots of amazing things for the shop and already 2 cheeky little numbers have found their way into my wardrobe. How very dare they.



  1. What a great post Fiona. Being fundamentally nosey I love looking at what other people have been up to. Your holiday looks absolutely amazing, especially the vineyard. I can't believe how many fab things you got too. Each time you wear/use them you'll get so many happy memories, love Liz x

    1. The vineyard was so much fun! We visited 4 in one day. I'm so lucky that my sister doesn't drink so she was able to drive us around all day!!

  2. Welcome back, lucky you, it looks AMAZING, hopefully you have many more sunshine pics to brighten up our drizzly november!

    1. I didn't take too many photos as I didn't take my phone out (data roaming in the US is so expensive) - it's all in my head - they will never go!


  3. You did so well! That is such a fab haul & you've made some great investments but also nabbed a few great bargains too! Your hols look amazing & I'm so glad you had a wonderful time! I've just had my birthday & had a great spend up with Birthday money! It feels good doesn't it?! Great to have you back! <3 Ax

    1. Turning 40 is special and magical - I hope you had an amazing time too!


  4. Good to have u back! Your did some serious shopping, and so u should! Last time we were in America we had to buy two new suitcases to bring all home. Love the ring in particular, and what a bargain!!!

    1. I should have taken two bags - BA allow that and then I wouldn't have been charged! I'm in love with the ring too :-)

  5. Replies
    1. It was the best week of my life - shopping in outlet malls every day!

  6. Wow some amazing purchases & keepsakes Fiona & your whole trip sounds perfect. Isn't it wonderful when you can flash the cash but know it's been funded by wonderful family & friends xx

  7. You didn't bring the sun home with you :( I seriously understand your need to go back, we all so would love to move to where the sun shines most of the time. It makes such a difference. And the shops, oh the shops. Just look at that long list you got for your money. I LOVE shopping in the US. Glad you had a fab time x