Tuesday 17 December 2013

Thank you!

This is it - the finale for 2013 and I am so busy I can't even do a proper post!

Thank you to everyone who has read/browsed/commented in 2013 - I look forward to 2104

Happy Christmas and a very MERRY New year!


Wednesday 11 December 2013

Burgundy and Grey

I woke this morning not knowing what to wear. It was dark outside when I had to make my decision and it's the last day of work for me for 2 weeks. My boys also break up from school so it's jeans and boots all the way forward until January.

I knew I wanted to wear a dress but I was also freezing cold so I am pleased I found this DKNY dress lurking in the wardrobe. I love the distressed hem/seams, I love the fact it's DKNY (yet cost me £40) and I love it for the fact it hides EVERYTHING!

I normally wear with black tights/black boots but I felt it needed something more today so I grabbed some burgundy tights/boots/scarf and off I go.

Hope everyone has a good day, blogging may increase or decrease pending pre-Christmas rush. In THEORY I should have more time because the day job isn't dragging me to work for 3 days a week but then I have two boys here that may need some attention (who am I kidding, their babysitter is the TV, the wii, the X box and the DS)!

LOVE the biker jacket with the fake fur gilet over the top. This is THE BEST thing I've ever done and have Avenue 57 ladies to thank for the idea!

If you didn't know already, I have my pop up shop on Facebook now - hop on over to like the page and keep up to date with new stock and special offers. I have a MASSIVE sale happening very soon - ALL current stock MUST GO!

Work - here I come! Have a great day!


Monday 9 December 2013

White jeans in winter

I love white jeans - I love them  more in the winter than in the summer. There is just 'something' about white jeans that I LOVE LOVE LOVE.

We've had such good weather lately that I've worn mine a few times since it turned colder.

Recently I wore them with an all cream look - I wasn't sure but the lovely ladies on Avenue 57 told me I looked ok, so I believed them and I shall wear this again.

I went into H&M on Saturday - our local store is no bigger than a postage stamp and I literally had 5 minutes. But I still managed to find 3 pairs of coloured jeans for £17 in total - BARGAIN!!

My final love of the day is my new scarf from School Gate Style. I need a new scarf like a whole in the head, I sell them for Pete's sake and I have whisked so many out of the shop into my wardrobe it's embarrassing but even still, I could not pass this one by - it's amazing. Currently sold out but contact Avril, she'll be getting more in I'm sure.

So, do you embrace white jeans in the winter or does the idea fill you with dread?


Tuesday 3 December 2013

Wallis - LBD

Last week I received an email from Wallis to say they had some Christmas party dresses in the sale. I'm a sucker for an online order that includes:
Money Off
Free Deliver
Free Returns

So off I went and spent £380 on dresses and shoes. I have a New Year's Eve party to go to and whilst it's only at a friends house (with 5 other couples). we've decided to 'dress up' this year.

I do have one old faithful dress from Zara that I have worn on nights out and to a Winter Wedding but I think I want something new ... the Zara one has been in my wardrobe for 9 years.

Khaki Green Side Zip Dress - £15
I loved this dress - it had a gold side zip detail which my 9 yr old photographer did not capture (bless him he lost the will to live by the end!). I found it was a bit static with my tights on and I would need 'a slip' but as I am only just 40 I'm wondering if I am too young for said 'slip'?

Black Lace Midi Dress - £55
STEP AWAY FROM THE MIDI .. blimey, this did NOTHING for me - move on.

Black Zip Waist Dress - £28
I fell in love with this and I wanted to keep it so badly but I just KNOW it's similar to other black dresses I own and rarely wear. It skimmed beautifully and the zip detail on either side was to die for.

Black Stud Shoulder Dress - £35
I am kicking myself again having seen this on and it's now in the sale - I might re-order it - it's ONLY £35 (I bought it last week when it was £60)

Enough .. the midi is not me and so I'm just moving on to the next

Pretty shoulder detail though! (Dress is £50)

Black Long Sleeve Maxi Dress - £40
This promised to be so much but trust me, it was 10 x worse in real life! I wanted it to be the cheaper alternative the ME+EM dress I have but it's not, not at all. I'm 5 ft 9 and I had heels on too - check out the length!

And so the search goes on!

Here's me on one of my better dressed days this week - shocking quality photo but that's because I was up and out the house for 8am and the light is so bad

Dazzle me with your plans for NYE and what you're planning on  wearing.