Tuesday 3 December 2013

Wallis - LBD

Last week I received an email from Wallis to say they had some Christmas party dresses in the sale. I'm a sucker for an online order that includes:
Money Off
Free Deliver
Free Returns

So off I went and spent £380 on dresses and shoes. I have a New Year's Eve party to go to and whilst it's only at a friends house (with 5 other couples). we've decided to 'dress up' this year.

I do have one old faithful dress from Zara that I have worn on nights out and to a Winter Wedding but I think I want something new ... the Zara one has been in my wardrobe for 9 years.

Khaki Green Side Zip Dress - £15
I loved this dress - it had a gold side zip detail which my 9 yr old photographer did not capture (bless him he lost the will to live by the end!). I found it was a bit static with my tights on and I would need 'a slip' but as I am only just 40 I'm wondering if I am too young for said 'slip'?

Black Lace Midi Dress - £55
STEP AWAY FROM THE MIDI .. blimey, this did NOTHING for me - move on.

Black Zip Waist Dress - £28
I fell in love with this and I wanted to keep it so badly but I just KNOW it's similar to other black dresses I own and rarely wear. It skimmed beautifully and the zip detail on either side was to die for.

Black Stud Shoulder Dress - £35
I am kicking myself again having seen this on and it's now in the sale - I might re-order it - it's ONLY £35 (I bought it last week when it was £60)

Enough .. the midi is not me and so I'm just moving on to the next

Pretty shoulder detail though! (Dress is £50)

Black Long Sleeve Maxi Dress - £40
This promised to be so much but trust me, it was 10 x worse in real life! I wanted it to be the cheaper alternative the ME+EM dress I have but it's not, not at all. I'm 5 ft 9 and I had heels on too - check out the length!

And so the search goes on!

Here's me on one of my better dressed days this week - shocking quality photo but that's because I was up and out the house for 8am and the light is so bad

Dazzle me with your plans for NYE and what you're planning on  wearing.



  1. Stud shoulder & zip waist dresses look fab. I'm the same, midi is so not for me. No NYE plans, no sitter again, although a movie in bed is my idea of bliss at the moment! x

    1. I have spent too many years in of late on NYE and I hate it - so out we go and fortunately the children are coming with us! Othewise I have NOOO idea what I'd do with them!

  2. Our NYE will also be a quiet one. Dinner at my m-i-l's with the family. But, I'll still wear something dressy, but I haven't yet decided what. I love the black zip waist dress and your figure looks amazing in the black stud shoulder dress, love Liz xxx

    1. I need to buy back that gold zip one ... damn that I returned it!

  3. Loving the black zip waist dress and very, very envious of your figure :) Haven't thought as far as NYE yet!

    1. I've only thought about it because I was so pig sick of staying in each year!

  4. Love the zip waist dress! Its looks fab on you! Get rid of the other similar dresses you have & never wear & keep this one! No NYE plans yet! But Xmas is coming together nicely! Ax

  5. Oh definitely re-order that studded one!! And the zip one too - you feeling the pressure yet to re-buy??!
    Also haven't thought even about Christmas yet...SO disorganised. Would love a party to go to on NYE actually - can I come along?! x

  6. I do have one old faithful dress from Zara that I have worn on nights out and to a Winter Wedding but I think I want something new ... the Zara one has been in my wardrobe for 9 years. sourcing fabric for clothing line , sourcing in textile industry ,