Wednesday 11 December 2013

Burgundy and Grey

I woke this morning not knowing what to wear. It was dark outside when I had to make my decision and it's the last day of work for me for 2 weeks. My boys also break up from school so it's jeans and boots all the way forward until January.

I knew I wanted to wear a dress but I was also freezing cold so I am pleased I found this DKNY dress lurking in the wardrobe. I love the distressed hem/seams, I love the fact it's DKNY (yet cost me £40) and I love it for the fact it hides EVERYTHING!

I normally wear with black tights/black boots but I felt it needed something more today so I grabbed some burgundy tights/boots/scarf and off I go.

Hope everyone has a good day, blogging may increase or decrease pending pre-Christmas rush. In THEORY I should have more time because the day job isn't dragging me to work for 3 days a week but then I have two boys here that may need some attention (who am I kidding, their babysitter is the TV, the wii, the X box and the DS)!

LOVE the biker jacket with the fake fur gilet over the top. This is THE BEST thing I've ever done and have Avenue 57 ladies to thank for the idea!

If you didn't know already, I have my pop up shop on Facebook now - hop on over to like the page and keep up to date with new stock and special offers. I have a MASSIVE sale happening very soon - ALL current stock MUST GO!

Work - here I come! Have a great day!



  1. Oh I want that dress! It's gorgeous - is it from the US trip? Also loving the gilet over biker jacket - such a rich combination. Have a great day lovely - got your cardigan on over on the blog today. It's fab - and such great service from your shop! x

    1. I bought it in TK Maxx (London) about 18 months ago - it's one of my best buys :-)
      Off to check your blog!

  2. Gorgeous - those boots are amazing - and I want that dress!! The boys break up today??? WOW that is early! I have another week in the office then 2 whole glorious weeks off:)

  3. Hi there!! A lovely, stylish and cosy outfit and I adore a leather biker jacket and faux fur gilet combo- perfect layering!! xxx

  4. Love the dress - very stylish. And isn't the scarf just fab? Very jealous that you've finished work now .. I still have 3 more days to do next week *sigh*

  5. Your dress is gorgeous Fiona. I love the burgundy and grey combo. Really gorgeous, Liz xxx

  6. Loving the grey and the burgundy, they go together perfectly. Enjoy your two weeks off xx

  7. I am so jealous your boys finished last week, Holly doesn't until this Friday! I love the grey and burgundy together, grey colour palette x