Thursday 28 March 2013

Sunglasses Obsession

My name is Fiona, I'm 39 and I have a major minor obsession with sunglasses. There said it, where do I go for rehab?

I love TKMaxx for sunglasses, it's the only place I shop for them. I would love to spend £100+ on designer sunglasses but I always always always end up breaking/ruining them so I can't justify that price on a single pair when I need lots. Why do I need lots? I have very bright blue eyes and they are very sensitive to the sun so I wear sunglasses at the smallest hint of bright light - not in a fashionista rock star kind of way but in a needs must kind of way!

I currently own and wear 10 pairs of sunglasses- (not at the same time you silly billy)! I have a few in the car, a couple in handbags, some around the house and then some in a drawer. I never take care of my sunglasses (hence why I buy cheap and lots of!)

Just remembered there are 2 more pairs of mine in my husband's car which is not here at home at the moment - so that's 12 pairs for me!

My brand new favourites. I did want Ray Ban Aviators but at over £100 that wasn't going to happen so I fell in love with these Andrew Marc ones - £12.99, thank you very much!

These Kenneth Cole ones were around £15 2 years ago and I love the style of them - very Bono don't you think?

Supersized Kenneth Cole ones again - I can't remember how much but £14.99 springs to mind. These are really good in the sunshine (not been tested this year obviously!)

Vera Wang - years old and I think I bought in America - they were cheap as chips and my first dipping of toe into aviator water

 LOVE these Oscar De La Renta sunglasses - they are so comfortable to wear

 More Kenneth Cole!

Stone is the brand and price unknown - don't wear much as not 'big' enough but a good spare pair in the car.

Now I know they all look pretty much the same but to me they are very different! I URGE you to check out sunglasses in TK Maxx if you want quality sunglasses - please ensure you walk past the crap blingy ones and pick out the subtle nice designer ones!

How many pairs of sunglasses do you own? Do you wear them all? How do you 'store' and take care of them - I bet you're not as bad as I am - here's how mine are stored after that little show and tell ......


Wednesday 27 March 2013

WTF Wednesday

I spend a lot of time looking online at clothes.  I come across so many items that really do beggar belief that they are for sale in normal shops, normal shops that you and I go to ...

Sometimes the item is not only a WTF question you ask yourself but WTF AND HOW MUCH?

In no particular order, here are my WTF items that I've found recently


Leather Jumpsuit - £239



Brave Soul Americana Sleeveless Denim Jacket - £25

Miss Selfridge


T-Shirt with V Neck and PU Panel - £22

MangoLeather clogs - £34.99
River Island

Have you spotted any WTF items lately?


Tuesday 26 March 2013

Can grown women wear dungarees?

I've been chatting with some of my fellow fashion bloggers about dungarees. It all started last week when we were discussing them and how they are EVERYWHERE in the stores right now ... I thought it might be fun to do a blogger challenge (you know the sort of style collaboration where you each take 1 item and 'make it your own'). But then life got in the way and I didn't have the time to focus on this. However, one of us did - Poppy's Style - she hasn't yet put anything on her blog (yet) but we were very privileged to see a photo of her in her dungarees behind closed doors and man alive it split the camp. Some totally loathed the look (dungarees on a grown woman) and some liked the look .. some even went as far as to say they loved it! We created a virtual bench for us all to sit on and one by one we're filling up that bench with a 'no, I don't like them' opinion. I admire Joanna for continuing with her love of them despite a split camp!

I can JUST about look at Tiffany Wendel in her dungarees but if you look at why it might work it's because she's covered up half of the dungarees with a blazer - so really she just looks cool in her boyfriend style jeans. I actually think she could make anything look good though.

My personal belief is that denim dungarees look cute on small children. Grown women can step and walk away from the trend (however, I do reserve all rights to eat my words, when in, 1 year I am raving about them!)

With all of that said, here is how I could do the dungaree look and I think it's all down to the fact that they are not denim

ASOS Tailored Dungarees - £45

And over to the lady who started this - Abby Clancy (source Daily Mail)

So if you really want denim dungarees then here are my top 3 places to buy

Where do you stand on the marmite item that is dungarees? How is it possible for a grown woman to make them look good?


Monday 25 March 2013

I'll tell you what I want ..

what I really really want ..


River Island


River Island
Black/Grey Western Ankle Boots - £90 (when these go into the sale I WILL buy) (Thank you Kat for showing them off first)


Warehouse at ASOS

So please, if anyone finds £230.99 down the back of the sofa can they send it to me please?

What's on your wish list right now?


Sunday 24 March 2013

7 Days, 7 Looks

What a week! Have had to 'dress up' for a few days which takes me out of my comfort zone. I have slipped into a skinny jean/knee high boots rut over the past 18 months and so to dress for a meeting or event has me shivering because it means no jeans - but I threw that rule book out the window and wore smart dark blue jeans and a blazer on Thursday.

I am envious of those that can pull off smart casual chic - I just don't ever feel that comfortable in it. That said, I did feel good on Thursday with the cream blazer, dark jeans look. However, it was not warm and I was outside for hours (not even my thermal vest could protect me from the SPRING elements).

Here are some looks from the past week and also some gorgeous women from Avenue 57

 My comfort zone ... I do love a good chunky knit!

Have never worn leather trousers in the day before but Kat from Does My Bum Look 40 showed me the light earlier in the week, so I just copied her blatantly!

My lovely outfit for a styling event I was helping out at locally. Shoes were bloody uncomfortable after running around so changed mid afternoon for flats.

Sometimes simple is best. I took my inspiration for this from My Fashion Life Has Just Begun 

 Who doesn't love a good poncho? I have a few and this is by far my favourite one

 A touch of the Sue Perkins for this - a black blazer always makes me feel like her!

And onto the stars of the show - looks on Avenue57 that have inspired me this week

Looking stunning in her new Dorothy Perkins lace dress

No-one I know ... NO-ONE pulls off the denim shirt look in such style. I have a little girl crush on this gorgeous lady and I want her whole wardrobe.

So jealous of her being able to pull the brogue look off to perfection

So in love with this coat, what a colour

What takes you out of your comfort zone ... or don't you ever leave it?


Wednesday 20 March 2013

Parents Evening

So I'm off to parents evening (should be called afternoon seeing as it's a 4.40pm appointment) shortly and I always look forward to these .. especially as my little one is only 5. I love it when the teacher matches his character to how we know him. So what to wear to sit opposite his YOUNG, GORGEOUSLY BEAUTIFUL teacher who is such an inspiration to the class?

UPDATE: ran out of time to post this prior to parents evening so it's now 2 hrs later - one proud mummy who is having a glass of wine to celebrate her sons achievements in Yr 1 - wahoo, go Oliver.

Back to post written 2 hrs before .....

I had to also factor in a working from home day and a meet and greet with some shops I am working with tomorrow at a styling event (more on that tomorrow). Oh and a cheeky little nail pamper session with the lovely Zoe.

It was hard to photograph this dark outfit due to crap lighting in my room, even crapper little people around to take photos and crap mirror - all in all a bit of a crap one today in terms of the visual.  That is, until, you see my new purchases - check me out with the last one to jump on the statement necklace band wagon but totally worth the wait IMHO...

New Mango Jeans, very long and I super love them - only £11.99 in their sale RIGHT NOW!
Tunic/Top is ASOS last year
Boots are from New Look about 3 years ago (helpful not)

Was going to wear these heels (TK Maxx last year) but it was just too cold so kept boots on all day. I promise you that's a weird crease and NOT my camel toe.

Added poncho for parents evening because it was cold

Whilst in town it would have been rude NOT to purchase these right?

AND HELLO BEST THING I'VE BOUGHT THIS WEEK! The statement necklace has arrived

What about my nails? I love the colour I've chosen this time and here's hoping they last as long - 1 month last time wahoo!

So, do you have a favourite statement necklace? Would love to see how you wear yours on Avenue 57 - I'm wondering how to wear this beast now I actually have it!


Sunday 17 March 2013

Mango Sale - EPIC

Last week I was just minding my own business when I was reminded by a friend about the Mango sale. Reluctantly I went over to the website and I was then trapped for a long time deciding what to buy! I've been so good for the past 9 months to not buy everything I see .. so it was a dedicated purchasing decision when I added things into my shopping basket. I could have added 1 million more items but as I say, I am trying to be careful about how I shop. I've become incredibly tight too so if it's not on offer/sale or just a complete bargain anyway I won't buy it. One day I'm sure I'll fall into that pot of money I was born to fall into but until then I'm going to be a tight shopper.

Here is the haul - £70 in total which I think is bloody brilliant for a jacket, jeans, top, 2 bracelets and 2 necklaces.

Here is me layering it up! (the jeans are not the ones you see in the photo above, these are my TK Maxx bargains bought last year)

Jacket - £29.99
Tshirt - £8.99
Gold Bracelet - £3.99
Teal Necklace - £3.99

Question though .. what to wear on your feet when you have low boots like I have on? Am I going to have to get some of those silly sockettes? Is that even how you spell it? I have bare feet but as it's snowing outside I feel a bit daft!