Monday 29 April 2013

Where to buy Floral Jeans/Trousers

I noticed the floral leggings/jeans/trouser trend last year and I did buy some leggings from Matalan but having taken a photo and posted on Avenue 57 I was told NO NO NO but also some said YES YES YES.

Here's my look from last June - what do you think? I should have kept them and changed the top half which is wrong I know.

I returned them and have kicked myself ever since. So I am over the moon that this floral trend is continuing this Spring. I headed to Matalan which is where I always go for on trend items you want to try but don't want to break the bank.

My two BBFs (blogger best friends) have already blogged about their floral jeans ( I know, I'm so behind the times) - Avril from School Gate Style and Joanna from Poppy's Style - I LOVE the muted colours of Avrils and Joanna looks heavenly in her tropical colours.

I bought these yesterday and I love them - they're ONLY £10 at the moment. They're in between light denim jeans and trousers, they're hard to describe but they are comfortable.

Click here to buy now

Here I am in them today - they are ridiculously easy to wear and I've already had 2 compliments on them this morning - ooh I love a good compliment!

Having had a good look around t'interweb I've found these gems, I'm sure I'll be buying some more as they can be dressed up with heels or down with sandals.

I love the colour of these and knowing Zara the quality will be good. These are trousers as opposed to jeans but that just makes them even nicer I reckon! £39.99

Click here to view in details and buy now

Again, Zara, £35.99

Mango - £34.99 - I love these - total statement trousers if ever you did see a pair.

Mango Floral Jeans - £39.99
I love these - so fresh and so versatile

As with Matalan, if I want to try a trend without spending too much I head on over to Tesco Clothing - these are just £16

A bit more subtle in flower pattern and a good one for all year round wearing
Dorothy Perkins - £25 (£17.50 if you buy today as they have 30% off EVERYTHING online)
Click here to view in detail and buy now

No blog post is complete without a mention for ASOS - I LOVE that site so much - have used them since they started out over a decade ago!

Black and white floral - £35
Click here to view in detail and buy now

So, do you own floral jeans/trousers? Where from? Would love to see, please upload your photo on Avenue 57


Thursday 25 April 2013

7 Days, 7 Looks

Have had a great week with lots of positive things happening and it's always good to take stock and remember the good times when they roll .... taking that moment .. bare with, bare with.....

The sun has made an appearance here in Berkshire and it has totally lifted my mood and I'm THRILLED to be able to wear tshirts without a layer, heels, etc - it makes ALL the difference to me when the sun shines.

Here is what I've worn over the past week - mostly old stuff I have but still workable if you mix and match and get creative. I love doing that - ie making my wardrobe work harder for me rather than buying lots of new things. Don't get me wrong, I would love to spend money on clothes and jewellery all day every day but finances dictate otherwise right now.

Sunday Lunch out with family
Mango Top (recent but in the sale)
Mango Jacket (recent but in the sale)
Wallis Necklace (recent but in the sale)
M&S Raspberry shoes - (ancient)


A children's reptile party on the sunniest/warmest day of the year - love my jeans rolled up and wearing with shoes

House of Fraser Tshirt (last year)
Zara pearls - current and can buy now
TK Maxx Shoes (ancient & amazing hey?!)

A working from home day, seeing no-one other than doing the school run
H&M Grey tshirt
The White Company skirt
New Look stripey jumper
Sainsbury's jeans
Peacocks grey boots - similar to be bought here

A day of posing with reluctant photographer (husband) but for him being in a hurry and washing his motorbike at the same time, I think they came out ok?

House of Fraser Tshirt - last year
Mint Velvet Trousers - can be bought now
New Look Wedges - old
Room 31 Midi Dress - can be bought now - use AVENUE25 for 25% off your order
Beauty & The Boutique oversized clutch - old

And this is what I'm wearing today for a day in a clients office
House of Fraser Tshirt - I PROMISE I have washed this!
Zara Blazer - old
Sainsbury's wax coated skinny jeans - old
Deichmann Tan Heels - old (if you're looking for cheap shoes then you have to check them out)

Here are what other gorgeous ladies have been wearing every day over the past week

                                             Fashion Passion                 My Midlife Fashion

                                                    Spidie                     The Agoraphobic Fashionista

                                                  CathyP                        Cous Cous & Cork Wedges 

Hope you've had a good week and if you've worn something rather nice this week then pop on over to Avenue 57 and post your look - the ladies there are super friendly and WILL boost your day with nice compliments!


Wednesday 24 April 2013

Can anyone wear a midi dress?

I have a BIG thing about seeing clothes on women - not models - and that is why I set up Avenue 57. We can all be lured into loving an item online/instore but what does it REALLY look like on a human body?

I've seen this style of dress gradually make a strong appearance in stores and online and I've always dismissed it as a style of dress that wouldn't suit me. I've loved the maxi dress trend and I have loved wearing a mini. Nowadays I don't wear skirts and dresses that are too short, I know age is only a number but there is a hem line debate when you slide towards 40 and I now go for just above the knee when buying a shorter style dress.

I was included in a twitter conversation last week involving, Nicola Payne, School Gate Style and Room 31. Nicola was showing off her new dress from Room 31 and she looked stunning in it (pic here).  I was actually jealous of how good she looked. So it got me thinking .. could I wear one? Would I just look like I was trying too hard? Would it show off all the lumps and bumps that come after having had children? Ruth at Room 31 is one of the kindest people ever and she sent me a dress to try. I chose the Poppy Snake Print Midi Dress (£17), this is what it looks like online

And here I am in as many ways as I can think to wear with items I currently own - to say I'm in love with it is an understatement and I cannot tell you how it makes me feel to wear it - I feel womanly, not frumpy and it certainly raised the eyebrows of my husband when he saw me in it too!

Check me out with the pigeon toe pretending to be cute look that I swore I'd never do!

Not so good but almost ok, would be better with a good patent court shoe

And as with all outfits, there are ways NOT to wear it!

My absolute favourite way is this way

My very good blogging friend Avril from School Gate Style also had a dress sent to her. This goes to show that it is a dress that suits two people with different body shapes and styles.  Check out more of Avril's looks and styling of the dress here.

What do we look like side by side? Shows off the dress beautifully I reckon

So the theory is, never dismiss anything until you have tried it on! The dress is still available to buy today from Room 31 - be quick, this is going to sell out soon.

The dress comes in 3 different patterns, the one I was wearing, the one Avril was wearing and this one.  At £14 can you really pass this one by? I think I'm going to have to get the black and white tie dye one as well.

So, are you tempted by the midi?


Tuesday 23 April 2013

My Favourite Shoes & Storage Issues

I have quite a few pairs of shoes and boots and I never know where to store them. In our old house, storage was a HUGE issue and I used to have to store shoes away when not in use ie summer shoes in the loft for winter and winter shoes in the loft for summer - but this is tricky because all of our seasons blend into one now. Last summer I wore knee high boots, I also wear ankle boots in the summer. One thing I don't do is wear flip flops in December (unless I'm abroad of course!). We then moved and I was/am in heaven.

In the new house there is this closet .. the previous owners used it as a linen cupboard but we have no need for that so check out what I use it for - can I hear a WHOOP WHOOP genius idea Fiona!

Oh now on to the sad storage situation for my boots - I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW I should have shoe trees and boxes and all that but really .. ?  This is ok yes?

Now onto my favourite shoes :-)  I've only started wearing heels in the past few years and even more so now. I am 5ft 9 and to wear heels means I am nearly 6 ft tall. My husband is 5ft 9 and so if I wear heels I look like the giant he married and I've never been comfortable .. until now - sod it! I am tall, I want to wear heels and moving forward I WILL! I still have to be a bit careful with heel height but with all that I have and all that I have rarely worn I'm going to start wearing daily and sod that 'keep them for best' motto I've always used.

So here in no particular are some of my favourite shoes:

Marks & Spencer (2 years old)
Comfiest shoes - EVER

Jane Shilton (2 years old)
Worn here with khaki combats

Brand new Next flip flops, cannot wait to wear these with my slouchy boyfriend jeans and a simple white tshirt. Can be purchased online today!

TK Maxx - I knew I'd love these even if last year I still wasn't really into wearing heels

TK Maxx again - They are a bit on the small side and sometimes a rogue toe slips out and the ankle straps untie but I totally and utterly love these - they are very different to anything else I own and the colour of tan is  just superb

LK Bennett - The only pair of shoes I have paid a lot of money for and they were actually in the sale at £80 so a bargain but still, for me, a lot of money. I need to wear these more this year as I think in the past 18 months I've worn them twice - I am NOT keeping these for best any more!

Faith (are they even still going?!) I bought these so many years ago I can't remember. At the time I thought they were 'very out there' height wise for me. They're very uncomfortable but I love love love them. I shall be wearing more and more as I embrace the heel during the day look this summer

I couldn't not post about my best buy bargain boots could I?!

Similar here - £25

How do you store your shoes/boots? What are your favourite pairs? If you get 2 mins you can upload your shoe pics on Avenue 57 - we love seeing people, bags, shoes, jewellery .. don't be shy now!


Monday 22 April 2013

Why I love Mint Velvet

About 18 months ago, one end of our high street got a revamp with a new mini shopping mall and some new stores either side. One of those stores was Mint Velvet. I'd never heard of them before but I went in as the front of the store was light, bright and inviting. The staff were very friendly (not that overly fake friendly) and I was impressed. I was in love with pretty much everything in the store. The colours are amazing, the lines of their clothes, the styles etc. Now they are on the pricier end of my budget but that doesn't stop me dreaming that I owned ALL of their stock - every single piece!

I was recently involved in some local styling event and I spent a bit of time in the Newbury Mint Velvet shop (mainly because the staff were SO friend - hello Sarah (manager) but it was so warm and cosy in there (it was FREEZING outside).

I spotted some khaki trousers on one of the (very neatly) organised racks and I tried them on - IN LOVE, it was instant. They are so soft to touch and very very very easy to wear. I know I can wear them dressed up or down and I URGE you to try them on, or at the very least, stroke them! I also spotted an amazing necklace and the kind lady at Mint Velvet gave them to me for free - how nice is that? In return I said I would write a review but not because I got these items for free but because I blooming love Mint Velvet!  (FYI for past, present and future posts - I NEVER EVER EVER review anything I don't genuinely love myself - fact).

Now, I know they have the potenital to look like a pair of trousers an old man might wear but the pleats are very flattering on actually. The cropped peg leg is perfect for the Spring/Summer ahead of us and they can be work with heels/ballet pumps or flip flops.

Here they are on me!

I also chose an amazing necklace to wear and I have already worn it 3 times - it goes with EVERYTHING!

Stone & Crystal Necklace

Here I am wearing it

Mint Velvet have just launched a whole new occasion dress collection and if I had to pick out one dress that will never date and is a timeless classic it would be this. So if you have a special occasion to go to this summer, now is the time to buy THAT dress

Silver Embroidered Organza Dress - £159.00

They also have a great sale on right now so if you fancy grabbing yourself a bargain, click here to find out more about what savings you can make today.

Here are some professional models wearing Mint Velvet Spring/Summer - these are the gorgeous ladies I worked with when I was freezing cold and warming up in my local MV Store! I love love love the first two looks - what do you think?

Do you have a local Mint Velvet? I URGE you go in store to feel the clothes, they are amazing. Also they are on Facebook/Twitter and Pinterest.

I'm due to go back to our local store again for a more detailed show and tell session with other items/outfits - I couldn't fit everything I wanted to say in this one post!