Wednesday 28 November 2012

7 days, 7 looks & WTF?

I really do need to get more active with the blog, it’s just life gets in the way!  Currently working my rear end off with ‘the day job’ and on top of that I have the family to run, house, clean, cook and keep an eye on ‘the baby’ Avenue 57 – phew, a woman’s work is never done right?!  I feel that if the circus came to town I’d be instantly snapped up by them as the world’s most amazing juggler!  Do you ever feel like that?

So, on to the past week and what I wore – a mix up of outfits and styles. 

Tuesday                   Wednesday                   Thursday

Friday                    Saturday                   Monday

And I’m carrying on with my WTF Wednesday feature.  I have not made up these clothes!  

They are online currently today to buy!  Don't all rush at once now!!!

ASOS                                      Everything 5 Pounds  

 H&M                                             Topshop 

Have you spotted any truly hideous WTF items on the high street recently?


Thursday 22 November 2012

Sports Direct – really?

My only experience of Sports Direct is the painful task of buying trainers and rugby/football boots for my children at the end of each school holiday.  Our local store is horrible but it’s the only choice for reasonably priced sports footwear for my fast growing children.  The stock is never organised neatly, the staff are never to be found and when you do find a member they are by and large rude and grumpy – that’s my experience!

So on Twitter yesterday a friend said I should look at their online store as there were some amazing brands and bargains to be found.  I politely said I’d have a look and then didn't do much about it.  But then I thought I could do away with the stress of actually going to the local store for the children each term and order online – result.  I then actually did look at the bargains and brands for women and was amazed that my friend was right – there are some great things online but with all discount stores, you have to LOOK for the gems hidden in with the not so gem like items!

Here, in no particular order are my top finds of the day:

What I would want to feel with the knitwear in particular is how tight the knit is – a bargain isn't a bargain if it falls apart (shape) in the wash or just looks cheap and nasty from the start.

However they charge for delivery and you have to pay to return ... I won't be ordering online in a hurry yet but perhaps £4.99 is worth it to save me stressing at the beginning of next term!

And to balance out here are my top WTF finds of the day:

Actually some of the above would make great bargains for a fancy dress outfit!
Have you spied some discount bargain buys lately?  Where?  Also what are you top WTF items that you've seen recently?  Perhaps that can be a WHOLE new weekly feature?!!!


Wednesday 21 November 2012

Where to buy faux fur gilets?

I have always wanted one but have never bought one.  I can’t see where I would wear one in my daily life  - It’s a bit much for the school run but perhaps I could squeeze wearing one in when I see my girlfriends for lunch or out shopping for the day with my Mum?  Instead of ‘thinking’ about it perhaps I should just go and buy one and wear it with the attitude of ‘nothing is for best’ – I use 90% of my wardrobe with this attitude (the other 10% is truly full of strictly going out clothes and evening dresses.  Sorry that made me laugh writing that because you’re now all thinking I have a wardrobe full of evening gowns?!!!  I have 2 little black dresses, a jade green wrap silk evening dress and a cerise pink dress I wore for a wedding reception!)

I was recently inspired by JackieS on Avenue 57 because she looked amazing in her H&M one last month – don’t you think?  I also think that Jackie looks better than Lana Del Ray (who I love by the way!)

So after searching on the internet I've found these beauties – seems they’re ‘in’ this season (or have then never been out or in?).  If I am a good girl, do you think Father Christmas will bring me one?

So do you own one?  Go on, make me jealous and post your look on Avenue 57 today .. actually don't because I might cry!


Tuesday 20 November 2012

What do you wear every day?

I love Avenue 57, it means I get to see what other women are wearing every day from all over the world.

The past few weeks have seen some great outfits, from every day staying at home, going to work, out for dinner and travelling.

Here, in all their glory, are some of the women from Avenue 57 over the past week or so showing what they wear.

Nicj                      SammyK                      Iolanthe

 Lenny1                            Katy                    Schoolgatestyle

Zoe                           Gem                             Sueg

Lisab                          My fashion life...                   Jackies

Some ladies also want a helping hand/second opinion on what to wear to a special occasion and here on Help me Choose are two examples of big events coming up that they don't know which outfit to wear or what to wear with the dresses chosen - hop on over and see if you can help.

Kooky has a wedding reception to go to in Switzerland and has a dress (she thinks!) but doesn't know what to wear with it - can you help?  Click here to see her pictures.

Helen has both a wedding and christening to go to and the same guests are attending both events so a different outfit IS required!!  Click here to view all of her dress choices, which one would you choose?

It's really easy to upload a photo - either via the PC or by email - if you have any questions you can always ask me, I'm here 24x7 literally -

Finally there is a shape-wear question on the Avenue 57 Facebook Official Page that needs answering - where do you buy yours?

Don't forget to tweet/share/like Avenue 57 on the relevant channels

Until next time


Monday 12 November 2012

7 days 7 looks

I am feeling totally 'meh' at the moment with regards to clothes and I don't really know why.  Perhaps it's the time of the year?  But I love Autumn so it can't be that.  Perhaps it's because the clocks have gone back and the nights are dark really early now.  But I love drawing the curtains at 5pm, lighting a fire and cuddling on the sofa with a glass of red in hand.  Perhaps it's because around September/October I was SOOOO excited about wearing winter clothes and being reunited with my 'winter' wardrobe that now we're 6 weeks in and have continual cold weather I'm BORED of what I own.  Do you ever just look at your wardrobe and shout to yourself "BORING, I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR"!

This is why I love Avenue 57 - if I'm ever totally stumped as to what to wear tomorrow/next week then I either look back at my own posts OR even better I look at what others are wearing.  Today I did that.  On Sunday, a gorgeous new member posted her outfit (pic on the left) - she didn't think much about the outfit (they were her words not mine!) but I did - I loved it and it gave me inspiration to wear my version of her look today - here we are -  style twins:

My Fashion Life                        Fionab

So what else have I been wearing over the past week?

Pic 1                         Pic 2                         Pic 3

 Pic 3                         Pic 4

Pic 5                          Pic 6

Finally, if you see me in khaki skinny jeans again in November you may remind me that I've worn them to death in the first half of November and it's all very boring to see now! 

Looking forward to being inspired by you when you upload your look to Avenue 57


Friday 9 November 2012

A love letter to my favourite tshirt

Dear favourite stripy t-shirt,

I wanted to write to you as I’ve been missing you this week and I've also been wondering about our future.  It got me thinking about the beginning so I thought I’d write and tell you all the wonderful things that are in my head right now.

Do you remember when we first met?  I do, I always will.  It was Spring in 2010.  It's very often said that when you're not looking for something you find it. There you were, just hanging around without any life ... and when I saw you, I wanted you ... it was love at first sight for me.

We've been together for nearly 3 years now and you're never far from my mind.  I think of you daily and want you all day and every day but sadly I can only be with you a couple of times a month.  If I had my way we would be together every day as I know we’re so good for each other.

I thought it might be nice to show off some pictures together, to remind you of our love … I have this sad feeling that you’re slipping away from me .. the more we’re together the more I fear you’ll leave me soon – this makes me want to cry.  What will I do without you?  I won’t lie, I have looked around at others but nothing compares to you.  I’ve even been back to where we first met to see if there were any others, just in case we part ways soon, but nothing stood out for me, there were some others but they were different.

So here we are, my love for you is so intense it frightens me.  Looking back at all these photos is making me smile and I cannot wait for a day very soon when we can be together again.

Do you remember when we went to work together?

Or how about when we went to the park, that was such a good day wasn’t it?

The day you met my family really stands out as a memorable day.

I’m still thinking of our time together in Portugal, I’m so pleased you came with me.

I've included some more of photos together - you make me look so good when I'm with you - I will always love you.

So until the next time, I will think of you often you are my most wonderful, most treasured and certainly most loved stripy t-shirt.

If you had to write a love letter to an item in your wardrobe, what item would it be?



Monday 5 November 2012

Top 10 Looks - October

There are some amazing posts on Avenue 57 every day – I was aiming to pick them out each week but time just runs away with me as I’m not a blogger full time and I run Avenue 57  part time too – I actually have another job (and a family and a life) that keeps me busy so my posts are a bit ad hoc but I have fun writing and sharing so who says it has to be every day?  Not I sir!

So here, in no particular order, are my favourite outfits on Avenue 57 from the past few weeks.

View all of Nickib's looks HERE
Tunic heaven - great colour and coupled with leggings it's a good look

View all of SueG's looks HERE
I love the colour and shape of this top, with the slim trousers and brown boots it's a winning look for me

View all of Poppy's-Style looks HERE
I'm in scarf heaven with this one - totally gorgeous

School Gate Style
View all of School Gate Styles looks HERE
What a dress, what FABULOUS legs

Fashion Mommy
View all of Fashion Mommy's looks HERE
What I love about this (well 2 things) is the dress.  Red is an amazing colour and the shoes (second love) totally make the complete outfit

View all of Fiona's looks HERE
I love this dress down slouchy look.  I've never done the whole masculine look before but I will try again.  Top tip - buy men's jumpers for the over sized look

View all of Hippychick's looks HERE
Absolutely love this top with the jeans and boots - it nips in at the waist and the colour combo is epic

My Fashion Life has Just Begun
View all of My Fashion Life has Just begun's looks HERE
This is something I would wear every day if I could.  Jumper, colour of jumper, amazing scarf, skinny jeans and fantastic versatile tan ankle boots - seriously, what's not to love?


View all of NicJ's looks HERE
Totally jealous of the warm climat Nicj lives in - the whole outfit is inspiring from fit, to colour to just simply how she wears it - swoon

View all of Outnumbered's looks HERE
This is so cute and I'm jealous at how good Outnumbered looks here.  On the site she mentioned she wasn't going to leave the house but if I looked half this good I'd be dancing in the streets!

Which one do you love?  Have you uploaded your look to the site yet?