Monday 12 November 2012

7 days 7 looks

I am feeling totally 'meh' at the moment with regards to clothes and I don't really know why.  Perhaps it's the time of the year?  But I love Autumn so it can't be that.  Perhaps it's because the clocks have gone back and the nights are dark really early now.  But I love drawing the curtains at 5pm, lighting a fire and cuddling on the sofa with a glass of red in hand.  Perhaps it's because around September/October I was SOOOO excited about wearing winter clothes and being reunited with my 'winter' wardrobe that now we're 6 weeks in and have continual cold weather I'm BORED of what I own.  Do you ever just look at your wardrobe and shout to yourself "BORING, I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR"!

This is why I love Avenue 57 - if I'm ever totally stumped as to what to wear tomorrow/next week then I either look back at my own posts OR even better I look at what others are wearing.  Today I did that.  On Sunday, a gorgeous new member posted her outfit (pic on the left) - she didn't think much about the outfit (they were her words not mine!) but I did - I loved it and it gave me inspiration to wear my version of her look today - here we are -  style twins:

My Fashion Life                        Fionab

So what else have I been wearing over the past week?

Pic 1                         Pic 2                         Pic 3

 Pic 3                         Pic 4

Pic 5                          Pic 6

Finally, if you see me in khaki skinny jeans again in November you may remind me that I've worn them to death in the first half of November and it's all very boring to see now! 

Looking forward to being inspired by you when you upload your look to Avenue 57



  1. Such a simple outfit but looks so good. I'm inspired too ... don't tell me I need to go out and get some khaki jeans now ;o(

  2. LOL @sue - you do need khaki jeans in your life - you know you do!!! Mint Velvet has some for sale and they are gorgeous -


  3. Love the khaki jeans! Must check out Mint Velvet.

  4. Oooh Debenhams have some for sale at £14 at the moment (down from £24) - lots of sizes too (sorry for long links!)

    Asos have an Oasis pair on sale too but much more money

    Oh and River Island

    ONLY the Mint Velvet ones are what I call a skinny combat jean .. the others (as nice as they are) are just skinny jeans

    Let me know if I can help anymore - I was born to search!


  5. A great outfit to be inspired by! I might even wear my denim shirt tomorrow!

  6. oooh inspiration being offered to all and by everyone - love it!


  7. Hi Fiona,

    I'm new to your blog and feeling very inspired.

    Love your tan boots in picture 3 in the second row of pictures (think you are wearing the same ones in picture 6). May I ask where they are from?


  8. Hi Clare
    Thanks for lovely comments - I love to be inpsired by others and inpsire so that's great!

    I have short tan ankle boots from Next - their current version are here but they are more brown than tan -

    There are also some fantastic knee high boots here

    Ask away if you need more help on locating some items!