Thursday 22 November 2012

Sports Direct – really?

My only experience of Sports Direct is the painful task of buying trainers and rugby/football boots for my children at the end of each school holiday.  Our local store is horrible but it’s the only choice for reasonably priced sports footwear for my fast growing children.  The stock is never organised neatly, the staff are never to be found and when you do find a member they are by and large rude and grumpy – that’s my experience!

So on Twitter yesterday a friend said I should look at their online store as there were some amazing brands and bargains to be found.  I politely said I’d have a look and then didn't do much about it.  But then I thought I could do away with the stress of actually going to the local store for the children each term and order online – result.  I then actually did look at the bargains and brands for women and was amazed that my friend was right – there are some great things online but with all discount stores, you have to LOOK for the gems hidden in with the not so gem like items!

Here, in no particular order are my top finds of the day:

What I would want to feel with the knitwear in particular is how tight the knit is – a bargain isn't a bargain if it falls apart (shape) in the wash or just looks cheap and nasty from the start.

However they charge for delivery and you have to pay to return ... I won't be ordering online in a hurry yet but perhaps £4.99 is worth it to save me stressing at the beginning of next term!

And to balance out here are my top WTF finds of the day:

Actually some of the above would make great bargains for a fancy dress outfit!
Have you spied some discount bargain buys lately?  Where?  Also what are you top WTF items that you've seen recently?  Perhaps that can be a WHOLE new weekly feature?!!!



  1. I go in Sports Direct when I really have to, that is, new trainers are required for Ben. I don't buying online for these as I really need to see what they are like but I have picked up some lovely Nike trainers for him in the past so it's been worth the trawl. I like the WTF finds. Or rather I agree on the WTF finds, rather than I like them.

  2. A couple of daughters buy stuff online from Sports Direct for the gym and your WTF finds really made me laugh! Has someone been holding on to them since the 70's?

  3. I loved the WTF items - it's inspired me to do a regular weekly post I'm calling WTF Wednesday!!!! Watch this space!

    I shall be checking out Sports Direct again as there are some really great things if you look hard.