Friday 9 November 2012

A love letter to my favourite tshirt

Dear favourite stripy t-shirt,

I wanted to write to you as I’ve been missing you this week and I've also been wondering about our future.  It got me thinking about the beginning so I thought I’d write and tell you all the wonderful things that are in my head right now.

Do you remember when we first met?  I do, I always will.  It was Spring in 2010.  It's very often said that when you're not looking for something you find it. There you were, just hanging around without any life ... and when I saw you, I wanted you ... it was love at first sight for me.

We've been together for nearly 3 years now and you're never far from my mind.  I think of you daily and want you all day and every day but sadly I can only be with you a couple of times a month.  If I had my way we would be together every day as I know we’re so good for each other.

I thought it might be nice to show off some pictures together, to remind you of our love … I have this sad feeling that you’re slipping away from me .. the more we’re together the more I fear you’ll leave me soon – this makes me want to cry.  What will I do without you?  I won’t lie, I have looked around at others but nothing compares to you.  I’ve even been back to where we first met to see if there were any others, just in case we part ways soon, but nothing stood out for me, there were some others but they were different.

So here we are, my love for you is so intense it frightens me.  Looking back at all these photos is making me smile and I cannot wait for a day very soon when we can be together again.

Do you remember when we went to work together?

Or how about when we went to the park, that was such a good day wasn’t it?

The day you met my family really stands out as a memorable day.

I’m still thinking of our time together in Portugal, I’m so pleased you came with me.

I've included some more of photos together - you make me look so good when I'm with you - I will always love you.

So until the next time, I will think of you often you are my most wonderful, most treasured and certainly most loved stripy t-shirt.

If you had to write a love letter to an item in your wardrobe, what item would it be?




  1. Great post! I have a stripey t-shirt and it's one of my favourite and most worn items too - I'd probably write to my dark blue skinny jeans. They go with anything and are pretty failsafe :) x

  2. I have a new rule. If you buy something and you love it instantly, go back and by another. I've done this with some skinny jeans from TK Maxx - I have 4 pairs now (they keep stocking them and they're £14.99)


  3. I like the rule but it doesn't work very well for me as I wear one thing to the point of extinction and then I buy a replacement as a backup just incase and then I find a new favourite and the first two items don't ever get worn out! I have a pair of New Look blue straight leg jeans which look in danger of ripping across the knee any day soon. They are washed to that lovely softness which is achieved by continuous relentless wear. And now I have to start again with another pair. Boooo - that sucks.

  4. Wow! That stripe shirt can be worn in many ways. Thumbs up for the creativity and the styles. Work it out girl.
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  5. Where is that t-shirt from? Love it!

  6. TShirt is from H&M - they do have similar but NOT the same!

    @sue - hard one as I have a pair of jeans that are like yours - just about to totally break and then I will cry!

    @devlin - thank you!!

  7. Love all your different ways with your stripey t-shirt! I think my item would be a long camel coloured merino wool cardigan that I got from Gap a couple of years ago. I'm a bit of a sucker for big cosy cardigans anyway but this one is really versatile, can be dressed up and down and makes me feel good each time I wear it. I can see the most minute of bobbling appearing in a couple of areas, I'm just hoping it doesnt go downhill too fast. I haven't seen anything similar at Gap to replace it with.

  8. @mummyzen - oooh I love a good cardigan too and isn't it sad to see them declining in quality when you KNOW you can't find a replacement!!!

    Have you ever used a bobble shaver thing - my mum bought me one for Christmas once - as you do!!!