Thursday 1 November 2012

What I wore in October

Every day (ok well most days!) I post what I wear on Avenue57.  I love it as it makes me think about what I’m wearing each day and I can’t always just put on the scruffs (you’ll notice below there are not 31 photos and the reason is I don’t photograph myself in faux gym gear).

What I also love about posting my outfit is that I have an online diary of my looks – if I log and view ‘my posts’ it records all my looks in one place – this is BRILLIANT for days when you lack inspiration and you need a quick visual of what to wear.

I started the month supporting FrOctober and I tried REALLY hard and started off so well but then it took one off day where I just needed my comfort zone (jeans) and that was it .. epic fail but half a good effort in the first few weeks!

So here I am in all my October pictorial glory (with random hairstyles throughout the month!)

Have you uploaded to Avenue 57 yet?  The women on the site are so friendly and it really does make your day when you have people telling you how nice you look or helping you think about ways to wear the outfit on another day.



  1. That is a great gallery - I loved your comment x

  2. thank you @make do style :-)
    It's weird/funny looking back at all the pics side by side!!