Tuesday 10 February 2015

FREE champagne and 40% off at Wallis

When I say I'm gutted that my son is 8 on March 26th I mean gutted. Not because he's growing up fast but because I can't make a Wallis event in London on that day!

Instead, I am offering (via Wallis) 3 lucky readers the chance to go in my place and drink as much champagne as I would and generally have a good time.

There are LOTS of reasons why you might want to go to their Marble Arch (flagship store) re-launch (fab location, large store, newly renovated, gorgeous clothes etc etc) but how about this as well?

A champagne reception with nibbles
A £100 Wallis shopping spree in the newly refurbished Wallis Marble Arch flagship store
And finally you will also receive an exclusive VIP card entitling you to a 40% off year round discount on any future purchase with Wallis online and in store.

You now understand why I'm gutted right?!

If you would like to 'win' then please email me or comment below and I'll choose the first 3 to send details over to Wallis for your invitation.

Here's my choice of what I'd be spending that £100 on!

For a 50th birthday next month (I am so in love with this I can't tell you)
Orange lace dress - £27 (with 40% off discount as featured above) or FREE if you go to the event.

School Run
Black and White Jumper - £19.80 (with 40% off discount as featured above) or FREE if you go to the event.

Day in the office
Black Tapered Trousers - £18  (with 40% off discount as featured above) or FREE if you go to the event.

Don't forget to comment here or email me. If you know of anyone in London that loves Wallis and is free Thursday 26th March then feel free to send them a link to this blog.

The finer details: Wallis Flagship Store Re-Launch - March 26th 2015 - Marble Arch store in London.




  1. Wow thanks for the opportunity, I love Wallis and would promise to complete a full report on the new collection !

  2. Oh no I think my post got eaten! I'd love to go, I'm desperate for new work clothes now I'm out of uniform at last!

    1. Oh Pootle what a shame - I had 5 emails as soon as I hit publish on this blog post. There is A LOT of love for Wallis and free champagne! Keep an eye out because I'm going to see if there is anything else I can work my magic on - ie more places!

  3. Aw next time! I love Wallis, just the right cut for me.

  4. Hi Fiona I am beyond thrilled, I also sent you a message via Facebook, cannot quite believe I'm going to this event ! Thanks so much x x I assume you have my email address ! Look forward to hearing from you Iona x x

  5. Wow, that's so generous of both you & Wallis & well done to those who are going in your place! I understand why you're so gutted! X

  6. Good on you for sharing Fiona, hope the lucky ladies who get to go have a fabulous time (and share their experience on A57, of course!!)

    Becky x

  7. That is such a shame Fiona, but very kind and generous of you to give someone the chance to go.
    Sue xx

  8. Mama Mia! What a fab event & you are so lovely for passing it on! x

  9. What a fab prize. Can fully understand why you're gutted!