Saturday 14 February 2015

Denim Jumpsuits

Flicking through my daily guilty pleasure they call The Daily Fail Mail online, I spotted Kate Moss (swoon) and realised that I think she could probably wear ANYTHING.

Take this denim jumpsuit .. I am not sure everyone could get away with it and yet she pulls off this look with ease. She doesn't look like she's dressing up for a fancy dress party, or that is is the 5th member of ABBA or that she is Bob the Builder's new assistant. She just looks cool, funky, ace .. I'm jealous!

Photo: Daily Mail

I will order some and do a show and tell very soon. I am laughing already though!

Pull & Bear (via ASOS) - £40

Forget the price tag - this is amazing - G-Star - LYNN - Jumpsuit (via Zalando) - £180.  Next also have this brand but still daft price tag.

ASOS - £50 (not so keen on the bottom of these but seems KM has nailed it)

Whistles - £160 (as featured in Grazia 3 days ago)

s.Oliver Denim Jumpsuit (via Zalando) - £85

Topshop Boilersuit - £50 - this has to be the strongest candidate for trying for sure

Daisy Stree Denim Boiler Suit via ASOS - £34.99

Topshop Denim Boiler Suit - £62

Right, I've placed my order for some ... I'll report back.



  1. Looking forward to the show and tell, great choice so it will be interesting to see which you like.
    Sue x

  2. I just love a jumpsuit as it always looks a bit edgy!! Love your selection

  3. I just love a jumpsuit as it always looks a bit edgy!! Love your selection

  4. As ever, my favourite is the stupid price tag. Life would be so much simpler if I loved the cheap stuff :-) I reckon you could pull one of these off with a pair of killer heels for a night out - looking forward to the show and tell!

    Becky x

  5. I like to see these on others but I know I'd look like a complete tool in one!! Looking forward to seeing your selection :) x

  6. I did dabble with a boilersuit last Summer.....can't wait to see your show and tell! I love the ASOS Daisy Stree one xx

  7. Oh I wish! Love them on every one else but just not sure if I could pull one off! Can't wait to see how you do! x