Tuesday 24 July 2012

30 day style challenge - what did I wear?

Last month I said to myself "I have a lot of clothes and instead of buying new ones why not work with what you have for 30 days" .. sounded easy in theory and to be honest it was TOO easy in practise!  The UK weather was cold, warm and hot so I used ALL of my wardrobe (plus went on hols so was able to really use the summer stuff too!)

Here in pictures is what I wore for 30 days.  My next challenge will be to work 30 days around shoes!  EEK!

Have you got a wardrobe full of stuff you don't wear?  Try the challenge and let me know how you get on!!  I posted my outfits daily on Avenue 57

Having looked at all these like this, side by side, it's made me realise that I have many looks for each day - I don't seem to have pigeon holed myself into anyone genre of fashion .. or have I?  I don't really get creative or ambitious with what I wear and my age I don't *really* follow fashion as such - I just wear what I like and what is comfortable whilst working from home, running a business, a home and looking after 2 children!

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