Tuesday 7 August 2012

Part 1 - What to wear to a wedding on a budget

I feel sad I won’t be going to a wedding this year.  I’ve not been to one for a while.  I love weddings!  I cry at the ceremony, I eat lots of lunch and I (very often) drink too much and am the last one to bed – I love them! Sadly, all my friends are married now - I can't foresee a wedding for a long time. Unless:

1.       I make some new friends who aren't married
2.       Those people I know that are married get divorced and then get married again
3.       I gate-crash a wedding of someone I don’t know.. Not advisable!

So let’s just pretend for now … imagine I have been invited to a wedding next month.  It’s a nice wedding (Ey?  What weddings aren’t nice?!!!) and I need a WHOLE outfit!  Where to start and what to wear?

BUDGET – what budget do you have?  For the purpose of imagination I’m going to do a small budget, a medium sized budget and a MASSIVE BIG FAT HUGE IMAGINATION budget!

Firstly, THE DRESS 
You want to wear something that does not (repeat does not) upstage the bride.

Secondly, THE SHOES
Style is key but equally so is comfort, so wear heels for arrival, lunch and then have a pair of flat ballet pumps for dancing later.

Thirdly, THE BAG
If you are going to a wedding alone you will need a small suitcase to fit makeup, spare pair of shoes and all that girlie stuff in .. if you are going with a man then he can take charge of the camera and some of your other bits so you’re only left with ballet pumps/flip flops and some lip gloss!

Fourthly, TO HAT OR NOT TO HAT (I am not a hat person – take or leave any of them!)
I never wear a hat to weddings .. who wants hat hair?  Not me!  I think it’s a sign of the times and I rarely see a hat at a wedding on someone under 50 .. that said, it if it’s a society wedding (like I’ve been to so many!!) then I would (guess) that hats are worn by all ages?

I have a rule .. if a dress screams out for a necklace then do not wear massive earrings and a bracelet too – you’ll look like a Christmas tree.  If you do opt for necklace then SIMPLE (if any) earrings are ok .. if your dress won’t lend itself to a necklace then go all out for statement earrings and a big bracelet.  If you are wearing a necklace then a bling dress ring would be a nice touch for the hands.

For this post I’ll start with small budget.  I’ll follow up over the next few days with the other sized budgets.

There is only one place to go (have picked online places as I live in a small town and not a ‘high street’ so it’s online shopping all the way for me!)

Total outfit cost - £51.50

I’ve created a montage via PicMonkey but not sure about the quality so I’ll link directly through to Tesco website to help guide you



What do you think?


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