Thursday 9 August 2012

30 Day Shoe Challenge – week 1

Following on from a successful 30 day style challenge on Avenue 57 (some of us wore different outfits for 30 days straight) we thought we’d go for a 30 day shoe challenge.  Now I have lots of pairs of shoes but always fall back to the old favourites – not this month!

It’s actually REALLY hard to not only think of an outfit to wear but also the shoes.  Last night I spent a while thinking about what to wear and this morning I thought some more.  It’s sunny and warm here today and I’m off to the pub for lunch but I wanted to wear a pair of shoes I’ve not worn this year (and not worn often at all in the past – for no reason!).

Here are my past 7 days of shoes and the outfits I wore them with.  My favourite are the orange L.K. Bennett ones … which are yours?

How many pairs of shoes do you own and could you do a 30 day shoe challenge?



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