Monday 20 August 2012

30 Day Shoe Challenge – week 2

Another week gone and another 7 pairs of shoes worn - that's 14 different pairs in 14 days so far - half way through my 30 day shoe challenge - if you missed the first week and a bit of 'why are you doing it' then check out my previous blog post.

It's not only me doing this, lots of other women are doing it on Avenue 57 too - hop over and check them out ...

So with a mixed bag of weather I'm able to wear flip flops, ballet pumps and even winter boots!  Don't you just love living in the UK in summer time?!  No, me neither.

Here are my latest shoes and the outfits I wore them with.  Favourite ones are the Purple Birks and the red and white ballet pumps:

I'll struggle next week and it's not because I don't have enough shoes - I do .. it's what to wear with them and the places I go .. whoever saw someone in high heels at Legoland for example?

I have also submitted my last outfit to a FANTASTIC blog I came across last week - it's all about red trousers and contains some swearing so do not click if easily offended - if you like a laugh and love red trousers then check out this very funny blog.


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