Tuesday 14 August 2012

If I could I would ... week 1

I thought it might be nice to share with you my favourite items in the shops right now .. I'm on a shopping freeze at the moment so this is all virtual but they are items I'll be adding to my birthday present wish list next month!

Firstly I cannot carry on without getting this item out of the way - it's so cute and it's one that will be perfect for all year round wear (I would have worn it many times this 'summer'!)

Debenhams Flamingo Jumper - £24
It looks light weight enough to wear on its own or with a vest top underneath for winter warmth.  I can already 'see' me in my dark blue straight leg jeans, grey converse and an oversized tan bag.  A necklace or scarf would just get in the way of the birds!
(and I have serious hair and face envy on the model - I'm having a girl crush on her right now)

Great Plains - Blue Paisley Dress - £61
To me, this is not only about the dress, which is so versatile (couple with tights and blazer for the winter), it's about the red shoes - what a genius mix - I love it so much.

Matalan - Yellow bird print dress - £16
Seriously, Matalan have grown up so much in the past 12 months.  The quality of their clothes has increased so much that it's now one of the first places I look if I want something!  I fell in love with this dress last week whilst I was having a look for a wedding outfit on a budget and if you team this heels and a clutch you'd rock the wedding guest look I'm sure - here are the shoes and bag I'd team it with also

How cool is this?  Check out the price!!  There are a million ways I'd wear this - skinny jeans (black, blue, white) with heels, ballet pumps, flip flops and of course it would look epic under a blazer for a swishy day do or an evening out with the girls.

How elegant is this?  I love how they have styled it with a black shirt tucked in .. totally what I would wear for a night out (if I ever had them!).  Can see this with a simple white vest top, denim jacket, scarf and flip flops for Spring/Autumn or team with chunky black polo neck and biker boots for the winter - totally love this .. I wonder if I should thaw that shopping freeze?......

I'm not sure how much I can go on but I'd like to do this as a regular weekly feature - perhaps my Top 5 MUST HAVE buys of the week

What do you think?  What have you seen in the shops that you are loving right now?



  1. Ooh I like this post, definately make it a weekly thing please :)

    I love the flamingo jumper from debenhams, George at asda have a gorgeous white cardigan with flamingoes on.

  2. Oh yes I have seen that cardigan and featured here before - http://www.avenue57.com/a57/ilovethis/383/flamingo-cardigan.aspx

    Right, I shall make this a weekly thing! Thanks for your comment

  3. Yes, please do!! :) Im always on the hunt you know :p

  4. Oh no! I didn't need to see that...still on my shopping ban so you've depressed me a bit! Loving the orange skirt...stunning! Avril x

  5. Thank you all, I shall continue with my shopping lusts next week too!
    @schoolgatestyle - gorgeous isn't it?