Tuesday 21 August 2012

Are Maxi Dresses still fashionable?

I can’t believe I just wrote that title – I DON’T CARE is my honest answer.  I bought my first maxi dress from New Look 3 years ago and I bought my last one (earlier this ‘summer’) from Sainsbury’s.  I have never been a slave to fashion and as you get older it’s gets much harder to follow all trends ... I do follow what’s ‘in’ (you can't avoid it in most high street shops) and if it’s something I think I can wear then I wear it …. But I also wear a lot of the other items in my wardrobe and some of that is 10+ years ago … if you see me and I look like an 80s reject (this look is allowed if you’ve been to Rewind in Henley) then please tell me!!!!

So – this love of ours .. the simple maxi dress - how do different women wear a maxi dress?

At Avenue 57 we all love a maxi dress.  It’s a real trial and error to finding the right one for you (bit like finding the perfect pair of skinny jeans or knee high boots .. don’t get me started on those two).  If you’ve tried on a/several maxi dresses and still not found the right one DO NOT GIVE UP!  There is a maxi dress out there for you – I promise.

A lot of women think they can’t wear maxi dresses because they’re too short, have big boobs, or a thick set waist etc etc (our gripes about our own bodies is endless!) but the reality is if you pick the RIGHT ONE you can wear a maxi dress regardless of your shape or size.

I love to dress up a maxi dress by adding a necklace or dress it down with a denim jacket.  I’ve worn a maxi dress with a jumper over the top and biker boots and I’ve worn them totally on their own – sometimes the dress speaks for itself.  I used to think maxi dresses were only for ‘best’ or a special day occasion such as meeting friends or going out .. but now I find them the most comfortable thing to wear and chuck my favourite black one on for any occasion – mostly when I’m lounging at home.

Here is a collection of the maxi dresses I own and how I’ve styled them.
Below are some examples of the gorgeous women at Avenue 57 and how they wear theirs.

Here are my Top 5 maxi dresses I’m coveting right now – most of them could be worn all year round too:

I would love to see you in your maxi dress – how many do you own? I own 4, which isn’t a lot to be honest as I bought my first one in New Look a few years ago.

If you have a maxi dress you love, then head on over to Avenue 57 to post your look.




  1. I would say...YES!
    They are definitely still fashionable, and very versatile... wear them with flip flops daytime and dress them up with heels/ extra jewellery for the evenings...and i think they hide a multitude of sins also :)

    1. And i own three... A plain red, Plain purple (with beading around the neck strap which i don't use)and a fine lined stripey white and navy one.

    2. It's the hiding of sins that I love .. it's why I wear mine and will continue to do so through rain or shine!
      I REALLY want/ed a stripey one .. where did you buy yours?

    3. Mine was a bargain before all the autumn clothes came out in Primark :) £10!