Wednesday 29 January 2014

What to wear for LFW

Sat idly twiddling my thumbs in my day wondering what to blog about seriously lacking blog mojo right now and in drops an email from Next with a competition on creating an outfit for LFW from their online catalog. The prize is £200 to spend (in Next) and an overnight stay in a hotel. I hate competitions, I never win if I do enter and so I was about to delete the email when boredom really set in .. so here I am .. looking at the Next online catalog and submitting my entry! This actually goes to show that often with emails/reaching out to your audience it's all about timing. Had this email dropped into my inbox this morning then it would be in the deleted items folder for sure!

I couldn't decide on one outfit either - so here I give you my 6 looks:

Outfit 1 - To view the look online please click HERE
Black Raffia Jacket - £60
Woven Cami - £12-£14
Ultimate Capri Trousers With Vent Hem - £38
High Back Sandals - £28-£38 

Outfit 2 - To view the look online please click HERE
Open Back Midi Dress - £48
High Back Sandals - £28-£38

 Outfit 3 -  To view the look online please click HERE
Tie Back Top - £28
Baroque Jacquard Capri Trousers - £35
Two Part Ankle Strap Point Shoes - £32
Bespoke Gold And Crystal Effect Necklace - £35

Outfit 4 - To view the look online please click HERE
Textured Sweater - £26
Black Skirt - £35
Black Mesh Watch - £26
Sunglasses - £17.50

Outfit 5 - To view the look online please click HERE
Perfect Shirt - £35
Black Check Mesh Skirt - £48
Glam High Front Shoe Boot - £36
Soft Cuff Clutch Bag - £32

Outfit 6 - To view the look online please click HERE
Tweed Waterfall Coat - £75
Spot Shirt Layer Knit Top - £35
Vintage Relaxed Skinny Jeans - £26
Leather Strap Sandals - £48

Which one would you choose for me to wear if I were going?! I think I'm favouring my comfort zone in outfit 6!




  1. I like look 5, I have been eyeing that skirt as it has featured in a few magazines. Love it styled with the white shirt and it would look fab with a leather jacket over it for LFW..... good luck xx

  2. Are you going for it Fiona??? My choice would definitely be outfit number 2!! What a gorgeous dress!! Love the colour and style!! Fingers crossed for you xx

  3. I was gonna say 1, then 5 then 6! Now swaying between 5 & 6! I love the skirt x

  4. I like outfit 6 but I also really like 3. The little ankle strap Liz x

  5. Outfit 6 for me too..I love the colours together, although I do like the shoeboots in outfit no.5...xx

  6. I think outfit 5 looks the best ( although I really like Outfit 1 as well!) - its stylish, edgy and different - the over skirt looks wonderful

  7. 1 & 6 are my favs but 6 appeals more! Ax


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