Thursday 2 January 2014

Kilts for grown ups

I have failed on the style challenge for 2 days now! First day was to wear something new. I was slobbed on the sofa in a fleece and tracksuit bottoms FOR THE WHOLE OF THE DAY nursing the mother of all hang overs. Today it was 'green' but I'd already chosen my outfit for today before I consulted the challenge sheet. Tomorrow it's a dress so I'm already thinking which one is suitable as I am working from home looking after 4 children!

I have wanted a kilt for a while and I couldn't find one that wasn't a bum skimmer on me until this one. It's from Tesco and I upped the size so it's falls down onto my hips and gives me a few extra inches of length.

Whilst looking at places I've stashed clothes over the past year I stumbled across this jumper. I have no idea why it wasn't in my main wardrobe but I love it. It's just a cheap Primark jumper but the colour is gorgeous. I could have played it safe with flat boots but what they heck, it's the first day back to work for me so heeled boots were called for. 

Other kilts available (there are lots, this took me 2 mins to find these beauts)

ASOS - £24.99 (in the sale). I LOVE the side zip detail

Tesco - £16.00. I might have to get this one as I love the colour

Tesco - £16

ASOS - £22 (in the sale)

And whilst looking I found this which is totally my style and I don't own a red skirt - would look amazing with a polo neck, round neck jumper. A white shirt tucked in, a denim shirt, stripy tshirt .. oooh yes I love you red skirt!

My #100happydays photo is a bucket of hot coffee

What has made you smile/be happy today - it can be anything!



  1. Hi Fiona! I love your outfit, the colour combination is fab and your kilt is a great cut and pattern too! Happy New Year to you and your family and those are such lovely photos of you and your hubby and your children, it sounds like you all had a great time this festive season! xxxx

    1. We had a blast! But now it's time to settle down to work and start moving more (I have slept so much!!!)

  2. This is a fab outfit and reminded me of a red kilt I used to own and now miss so much. I used to wear it with a black silk shirt and crew neck jumper. I may have to invest in a new one - loving that blue one.

    1. I used to have a red one too that I loved and then missed - I'm so pleased with this one!!
      I love that blue one too!

  3. kids and dogs make me smile, mine, other peoples, not fussy!

  4. I'm laughing at u failing both days already! I'm so crap as style challenges so never even attempt them. That red skirt is gorgeous, loving your styling ideas for it. U look lovely and cosy, love a tights and boots combo in the winter! X