Sunday 9 March 2014

Hush SO in love

There I was idly minding my own business with 5 mins to spare so I just flicked through the Hush catalog that dropped on the mat yesterday. I have never ever visited their website or received a catalog before.

INSERT BIG KLAXON SOUND like a comedy moment. WOW!

Now tell me, don't you just LOVE all of these. Don't even get me started on the hair envy I have. This model is gorgeous. I love the clothes, the prices aren't too bad and I know the quality is amazing (friends have said). What I ABSOLUTELY love is the styling of items. I have the majority already in my wardrobe so I'm totally sold on stealing all of these looks for the Spring/Summer ahead.

Oh and they have free delivery and free returns at the moment - code = HSP4

Fluro V Tee - £30
Love the simplicity of this - I have all items already so just need to slap on the false tan and get it together.

White skinny cords - £50
White on white - LOVE this look. Again I have all these items so will steal this look

Grey Star Jumper - £69.50
Love how this is tucked in, rolled up jeans and sandals

Slim leg joggers - £39.50
Not a look I'd go for but somehow looks so cool on this girl

Sloppy Joe Jumper - £40

Strapless Maxi - £50
Bargain for a dress that can easily be dressed up or down

Harem Trousers -£49.50
I have to embrace this trend this summer - they are so comfortable and I just need to get over my 'they look like I'm wearing pajamas's)

Striped Scoop Hem Dress - £45
Perfect for every day/beach/holiday

Here is what I wore yesterday for lunch with the family and a lovely photo of my mum and I. Sadly lunch wasn't as good as we hoped (even though we have had good meals there before).

Have you been to Hush lately? Isn't their styling amazing? Which is your favourite look?



  1. I love all the looks Fiona - especially the star sweatshirt with the red pants - off to investigate if they ship to the US!! x

    1. The jumper is gorgeous, the joggers are and I REALLY want that outfit. I want the hair too - do you think they sell that?

  2. Hi there! Great styling from Hush with some fab pieces! That's such a lovely photo of you and your mum xx

  3. Love all these outfits Fiona, lots of gorgeous pieces & lovely photo of your mum & you too.
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  4. Oh I love it all..... the best catalogue/ book so far I have received... I want it all. I have a post drafted of my favourite looks and a cheeky purchase I've made. Gorgeous pic of you & your mum, Fiona. xx

    1. I agree, it's one of the best catalog's - love love love it all!

  5. It's all gorgeous isn't it. As you said above, the styling is spot on.
    I live the photo of you and your mum. She's very stylish xxx love Liz xxx

    1. Mum does dress very well indeed for her age, always looks very good

  6. I can't believe you have not come across them before? Lovely stuff. I have quite a haul and have posted outfits before. It is good quality and arrives in lovely boxes. Give them a go. H x Lovely pic of you and your' Mum.

  7. Guess what, my Mother in Law introduced me to Hush!!! I've not ordered from them before but have heard great reviews since. They have some really great staples and some with a quirky twist, I love that star top x

  8. Love the harems & the slim leg joggers look so fab! Ax