Wednesday 12 November 2014

Dorothy Perkins discounts

Dorothy Perkins are one of those online retailers who frequently have offers running. Today they launch their 30% off site wide offer. They are also offering FREE delivery and returns:

 Free standard delivery on orders £30 - enter code STDEL30
 Free express delivery on orders  orders of £50 or more - enter code EXDEL50

I don't normally focus on just retailer but this is a FAB offer.

My top picks are:

Tan LEATHER knee high boots - £59.50

Oversized Tartan Scarf - £10.80

Red Lace Dress - £46.80

Grey Waterfall Coat - £58.50

Checked Shirt - £18

Cream Jumper - £25.20

Stag Jumper - £25.20

Seriously don't know how I am NOT going to buy all of the above. What are your tips and tricks to NOT spend when you WANT to spend but CAN'T spend due to finances?!



  1. A few bits there I would love Fiona, scarf, boots and coat please! x

    1. I've got the coat arriving on Friday - I am so excited!

  2. Another coat which is soooo blooming tempting.....can't wait to see it on you! xx

  3. I'm kind of loving the stag jumper, so not me but it's really cute. It's a proper mid season offer ins it Fiona, none of these 10% malarkeys. Can't wait to see the coat x

  4. Love the stag jumper too, and the grey waterfall coat. Those boots are such a great price too. Looking forward to seeing your buys! Lynne xx

  5. Love the waterfall coat, but have bought one coat too many this season......but never say never! xx

  6. So love that tartan scarf and waterfall coat similar to mine. just hopped over from a fellow bloggers page where I came across your comment. Sabina @Oceanblue Style