Wednesday 20 August 2014

Outfit of the day

Today I had a meeting at 9am with my boss in the local area. We were meeting a potential new client. I always struggle with how to look smart but not stuffy. I was going to wear a dress but three things stopped me:

1: White legs
2: Hairy legs

3: It's freezing

I know I could have put on some tights to help with the three points above but I didn't fancy wearing tights. I actually really hate wearing tights and they make my bum cheeks itch when I sit on my chair in the office.

I have had these trousers for a very long time. I actually think they are 12 or 13 years old from Zara. Zara is good for me because the cut works (low waist and long lines) and I never have an issue with length. I know lots do but I struggle in most other high street stores. I have an inside leg measurement of 34" so bog standard cut jeans and trousers don't work for me sadly.

I adore this shirt from TM Lewin. I didn't know how 'soft' a shirt could feel when normally I feel really stuffy and 'stiff' in them.

Necklace is from my shop but has sold out now. Shoes from Deichmann.

What's your smart outfit for a meeting if you have to have one? This was day job work work so I couldn't get away with my staple jeans/heels/blazer look I'd wear for a more relaxed meeting I might have for Avenue 57.



  1. I think you've pitched your meeting outfit perfectly! Love the shirt with the statement necklace, it adds the perfect pop of colour! I don't need to dress up for work but I love to see what others wear!! Hope the meeting went well! xx

  2. Looks like you did the meeting in style honey! The outfit is just right, smart and not at all stuffy x

  3. Really fab, those trousers have stood the test of time! I too have a long leg, 33", but I can't wear low-waists because I have sticky-out hip bones. That's why the vintage high-waist styles work for me, they skim over and aren't uncomfortable. But I do have to lose the turn-ups to get the length!! Aren't trousers a minefield? I have to admit that a dress and heels are what I wear to meetings, requires no co-ordination of top and bottom halves! P x